Hi, Fred and George here with a Halloween special. If enough people read and review, we'll actually get in gear and post more. But, if nobody (no pun intended) wants to see what happens next, here's a little explanation. Roxas is sent to Halloweentown on a mission, where he is bitten by a werewolf. Obviously, we won't tell you here what happens next. So read!

Disclaimer: Much as we've tried, they refuse to sell us any part of the rights except stock. And we're broke.

An eerie silence lingered in the foggy atmosphere. Low clouds drifted noiseless about the dead, shriveled plants sparsely covering the cracked, barren ground. A black forest void of any light stood ominously in the path of the lone figure in a dark cloak who wandered down the foreboding lane.

A howl resounded in the distance, echoed in the forest by the flapping of leathery wings. A swarm of screeching bats disrupted the serene disturbia the robed figure occupied. He ducked gracefully to avoid the onslaught of flying mammals, but the wind rushing by from their frenzied flight blew his hood down to reveal golden hair shining like a beacon in the black light.

He stood back up, looking at the full moon overhead with eyes of the clearest blue. "Great night for a mission to Halloweentown," he muttered. "Who knows what's out there on Halloween?"

As if in answer, he heard a rustle in the trees ahead. He stopped short. "Hello?" No response. As soon as he'd said it, the young man realized how stupid he was being. It was probably the wind, or some little animal. With any luck, it was just a harmless heartless.

He walked forward, determined to get the mission over with so he could go back home and sleep. He entered the forest, eyes adjusting to the utter void before him. Another howl rumbled through the trees, its haunting musical quality filling him with apprehension.

A snap to his left caught his attention. The blonde's head whipped to the side to see a tiny heartless scurry away. Suddenly, he felt a sharp clawing at his ankle.

Without thinking, he summoned his Keyblades. The brilliant flash momentarily lit up the forest, allowing him to see his enemy. Several dozen heartless were surrounding him, climbing nearby trees, and growing out of the ground. He estimated nearly forty-an easy workout.

Moments later, only wisps of vapor remained of the deceased enemy. He dismissed the Keyblades as soon as he was sure no more were about to emerge from the silent shadows. He sat on a nearby rock to assess the damage.

Cut ankle. Scratched arm. Gash in his pants with a small trickle of blood soaking through. Nothing too bad. He'd had worse, he'd certainly recover. He was about to get up and get on with his mission when another rustle of leaves caught his attention.

He shrugged it off, figuring it was just another heartless. He slowly stood, making his way cautiously through the forest. The sooner he found that stupid tree, the faster he could complete his mission. The rustling seemed to follow, so he quickened his pace.

A heavy weight suddenly tackled him to the ground. His face hit the ground roughly, roots and twigs scraping his skin. A leathery appendage batted at his neck and he could feel scraggly fur of sorts covering the creature.

A howl ripped from its jaws. Cold shivers flew down his spine as he realized what the creature pinning him was. He held as still as he could, trying not to provoke the wolf.

Its snout lowered and he felt sticky puffs of rancid breath caress his neck. Somehow, the wolf then flipped him over, jaws bared at him in a snarl. An oozing trail of spittle hung from its mouth, in danger of plopping onto his terrified face.

Its eyes, however, were worth observing. They were a sickly yellow, almost glowing in the darkness. Every now and then as they stared off, however, he could see a flicker of something deeper than savage blood thirst flit through the eyes, softening them until they looked almost…

Human. With a gasp, he realized this was a werewolf. A regular wolf was enough of a threat, but a werewolf was much likelier to snap and attack because of the instability in its mind.

He froze even more, tensing in an attempt not to so much as breathe the wrong way. The werewolf did not like this and raked its claws across his chest. He let out an involuntary silent scream, feeling pain flood through him as blood seeped from the multitudes of wounds. The creature suddenly lunged forward, clamping its jaws tightly on his neck. He screamed, feeling blood trickle from his mouth and gush from his throat.

"This is it," he thought as his vision grew foggy. He was going to die at the hands-well, jaws-of a massive monster.

A heavy weight lifted from his chest. The werewolf had stepped off him, running into the heart of the woods at the sound of more shaking bushes and trees. Gathering every ounce of his strength, he opened a portal with one hand while trying in vain to stem some of his excessive bleeding with the other.

It was futile. The portal opened, but he didn't have the strength to pull himself through. The pain blocked his vision, which quickly began to turn black.

"Maybe…Axel will notice…the portal," he whispered. He gasped for breath, praying to any deity or entity that would listen that someone would find him.

And then-his world went dark.