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The sky was darkened by thick storm clouds as we see a boy of about eight years of age running home from the park. He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt with black pants and red tennis shoes. His eyes were a chocolate brown along with his hair, which had a patch of orange on the top of his head. "Aw man. I really need a watch." He panted.

"Well, at least I finally won a duel." He said before stopping abruptly. He turned a sad face to the sky and said, "I sure hope yubel's alright." Then a deafening roar rang through the city. Of course this brought the young boy's attention back to earth (literally). The sources came from a nearby building, hovering just a little bit from the structure. There were three of them.

The first was a giant blue humanoid like creature with triangular shaped wings. The next one attracted the most attention from the boy, a red long serpentine body, massive bat-like wings, and two mouths. And the third resembled a mechanical griffin made of gold. "The god cards?" the boy said in awe. Then the boy noticed a girl about his age with light brown hair and an older boy of about 11 to 12 years of age also with light brown hair, but in a big mop top. The girl was pretty scared, for she was hiding behind the older boy. "It's okay kar. Their just holograms." Said the older boy.

"Well they seem real to me tai." She said with worry in her voice. "Don't worry kari." Said tai "even if they were real, your big brother wouldn't let them do anything to you." The girl identified as kari smiled at her brother, till a earsplitting boom brought the three children's attention back to the three Egyptian god cards.

A large swirling vortex hung above them, divided into three colors; red, blue, and yellow. Then the three divine beasts fired off their attacks at the vortex. After some time pasted a strange light radiated and shined out from the vortex's depts. But what happened next was defiantly a surprise. Rays of light hit the gods and seemed to create 'clones' of the Egyptian gods. Once the 'clones' were done materializing, they and the god cards turned their attention to the eight year olds. Then once again light radiated from the tri-colored maelstrom, but this time two rays came out aimed at and struck the eight year olds. "Kari!" Tai yelled as an unseen force blew him back.

Then the gods glowed their reprehensive colors and melded into the light that held kari and then absorbed into her. And the 'clones' did the same thing, but to the boy in the other ray of light. Both children fell into unconsciousness once the gods and the 'beasts' absorbed into their reprehensive hosts. "Kari!" Tai cried out when he got up. He began to shake her in hopes to wake her up. When she didn't Tai looked over to the younger boy. He was unconscious as well. "Tai!" someone yelled. Tai looked up and saw a redheaded girl his age with amber eyes. (A.N. sora eyes are amber right?) "Sora… come on we need to get these two to a hospital quickly!" he said while pointing to the young boy.

Sora nodded and ran over to the boy and carried him on her back running after tai who had kari on his. But unbeknownst to them the whole incident had been watched by a man in a black coat. He stood atop the building tai and sora pasted by. "Now all we do is wait for the prince and the curtain to fall on the child of light and the supreme king." He said before he vanished without a trace.


Tai and sora sat in the waiting area for tai's parents and the younger boy's foster parents the Devlins. After fifteen minutes the Yagamis arrived, shortly after the doctors' let in to see kari. She and the boy, who's name turned out to be judai but he preferred to called jaden were still asleep. Suddenly a man came into the room panting heavily. He had long black hair tied into a ponytail in the back and two braids dangling over the sides of his face. He had earrings that were nothing more than dice hanging from a thread. "Finally. Serenity he's in here!" he yelled out the door. When he did a woman came up behind him and walked with him to jaden's bedside. Serenity crested the young boy's cheek with her hand. Tears began to slowly well up in her light brown eyes.

Mrs. Yagami was doing the same with kari. At the same time a tear fell from the two women onto their own child's face. Both children slowly and steadily awoke from their comatose state. "Mom?" they asked in unison. "Kari/Jaden!" said the worried yagamis and devlins. Everybody in the room was too overjoyed that kari and jaden were awake to notice a shadowy figure looking into the 3rd floor hospital room from the outside widow. Sora thought she saw a shadow coming from said window, but when she turned her head to the window there was nothing there. Because the figure was now on the roof of a building ten miles away.

So what do you think? Oh and if your wandering serenity is the same serenity from yu-gi-oh you know joey's sister. And she's married to duke devlin in this story.