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"I still can't believe Zane lost to this Vlad guy!" ranted Davis, for the umpteenth time. Everyone sighed and/or face palmed at the Slifer's statement. "Well Davis, the reason is Vladimir Alucard was taught how duel by Seto Kaiba himself." Said Kari. "Not to mention he came in 2nd place at the World Cup." Said Alexis. "And an exhalant card designer for Industrial Illusions." Said Matt. "And he's a total hottie!" Mindy and jasmine said in unison. The gang continued their walk to their dorms. Davis didn't seem to care what the others had to say. Jaden was too wound up with the fact Vladimir got to duel Zane, when he had to go thought all that trouble to duel Zane himself only to lose, but was hoping to duel Vladimir. Davis had similar thoughts.

"Next thing you know, he'll try to steal Kari from me!" said davis. Everyone groaned even Jaden. "For the last time, I'm not your girl, Davis!" said Kari. "and besides I don't think Vladimir would even look at me that way." She finished. "Oh don't be too sure of that." Went a new voice. Everyone turn to see who it was. It was the 'fai' look-alike. He was dressed in a black coat with purple trimming, with the collar down, a pair of blue green pants, a blue shirt, black boots, and a gold pendant around his neck. "Hay you're one those three that were with Vladimir." Said Matt. "That's right. Name's Sai Ravencroft." He said then bowed respectfully.

"Well it's nice to meet you Sai. My name is Hikari Yagami, but everyone calls me Kari." said Kari, to start the introductions. Soon everyone was introduced, when Sai said he needed to drop some papers off at the nurse's office. "We'll tell you where it is, if I get to duel Vlad." said Davis. "Davis!" yelled the girls making Davis cringe at their yelling. "That is a very interesting offer. But, I'm afraid I must refuse." said Sai in a cool collected manner. Everyone gave Sai the "huh" look before Sai told them he'd reseved a map of the school grounds from Chancellor Shepard and used photographic memory on the map.

"Well, that's neat." Said Syrus. "Indeed." finished Baston. "So I'll be on my way then." Said Sai before walking off. "Oh, and don't worry Davis. You'll may just get your duel with Vladimir, you too Jaden. And as for what I said earlier, Kari, the only sure fire way to know what the future holds is to be in it." finished Sai, without looking back at the group.

"Okay, that was just plain weird." Said Tk. "What was?" asked Jaden. "The fact we were talking about Vladimir, and then out of nowhere one of his goons shows up." Answered Matt. "Yeah, whatever. Once I beat Vlad, it won't matter!" said Davis. Everyone sigh except Jaden, who was thinking over whether he wanted to duel Valdimir or not. "I see Davis is worked up so soon." said a familiar voice. The group turned to the direction of the voice and saw Zane with a duffle bag slung over his shoulder.

"Zane!" they exclaimed. "That was quite some duel. You almost had him Zane." said Izzy. "Thanks. But, I can't help but feel he held back some." said Zane. "What makes you say that?" asked Ken. "When ever he had to draw a card(s) from his deck, I saw fear in his eyes." answered Zane. "Now that you mention it, I felt something strange too." Said Kari. "What'd you mean Kar?" asked Tk. "You could feel them too?" asked Jaden. "Yeah, it felt like Vladimir's monsters were actually there and calling out to me. It was kind of scary." replied Kari trembling a bit. "Hmmm…. Okay, that's defiantly strange," said Matt. "Yeah, he's surety a person to look out for." said Zane as he adjusted his duffle bag. "By the way, Zane, what's up with the bag?" asked Alexis. "It's part of the deal Vladimir purposed in order to become a student here at Duel Academy." replied Zane. "Deal? What deal?" asked Davis. "If I won the duel, he'd be put in Obelisk Blue and would have to give up his connections to Kaiba corp. and Industrial Illusions. But if he won, which he did, he gets to keep those connections and I join his new dorm." Zane explained.

"What?!" everyone went. "Why do you have to move to another dorm and more importantly what new dorm?" asked Alexis. Zane merely shook it off and told them Chancellor Shepard would make an announcement about it tomorrow.

Later at the docks, Zane was showing the gang where he'll be roomed for the rest of the year, a large silver futuristic-looking yacht. "That's your new dorm, Zane?" asked Ken. Zane nodded. Ah, there you are, Zane." Came the voice of Sai. "Well, I'll see you guys tomorrow." said Zane, before going up the ramp onto the yacht.

The next day Chancellor Shepard called an assembly. Shepard stood up front with Professor Banner, Mrs. Fonte, and Dr. Crowler. "Students, as you are probably aware of our new student, so let's do a more formal introduction." Said Shepard, before stepping aside for Vladimir, applauding. "Thank you Chancellor. Now as most of you are aware, I'm your new classmate." He said.

"This guy thinks he's all that." Grumbled Davis. "Awww, quit complaining Davis. Sai said you'd get your chance to duel Vladimir." Said Jaden. "But what about you, Jaden, I'd think you would be challenge Vladimir by now." asked Syrus. "Well, I want to see him duel a little more before I do." Replied Jaden.

"Now, if you'd all so kind. Please welcome the supervisor of the new silver dorm, Mistress Yukko." Said Vladimir as said woman came to the stand. "Thank you Vladimir. Students of Duel Academy, I' am here to inform you of the new dormitory policy set up by Mr. Kaiba himself." She began.

Murmurs and whispers went out among the students. "And now, as the instructor of the Sliver Dorm, here are the students of said dorm excusing Vladimir, Sai Ravencroft, Haru Wolfsheim, (A.N. the kurogane look-alike) Zane Truesdale, and Sora Takenouchi." Listed Yuuko, as Vladimir bowed and Sai, Kuro, Zane, and Sora made their way to the stage. The digidestin and most of the upper classmen were amazed to see Sora. "And as for the Obelisk Blue students that passed their promotion exams, they will be given a chance to join the Sliver Dorm within three weeks." Finished Yuuko. "Now wait a moment, what gives you the right to go around an.." "What gives me the right to do this is Seto Kaiba's permission." Said Vladimir, cutting off Crowler's complaint.

"Alright if there are no more interruptions.." Yuuko stops to give Crowler a threading glare, which quickly changes to a pleased look when Crowler flinches at her glare, "let's star with the demonstration duel!" she finished. "A demonstration duel? So soon?" questioned Mrs. Fonte. "Just a little match to show what a Sliver Student can be capable of." Replied Sai. "Yeah and what's the point of coming to the most prostates Dueling Academy but not getting the chance to duel." finished Kuro. "He does make a good point Chancellor." Said Banner. "Sigh. Very well. So Vladimir, who do have in mind?" asked Shepard.

"I'm glad you asked. As a group, we six decided who should duel. And mutually decided on myself for the Sliver Dorm Vs. Red Dorm's Daisake Motomiya, or as I've been informed Davis." He said. Everyone was shocked to hear that Vladimir wanted to duel a simple Slifer Red. Davis, being the hot headed person he is, jumped up. "I except." He exclaimed. Vladimir smirked. "Zane and Sora weren't kidding. Oh well, this will be quick. Especially since I'm using the deck dad helped me build." Vladimir thought to himself.

And there you have it. The third chapter of PATRON GODS. Can anyone guess what will happen next chapter? Come on, guess what Vladimir has in his deck. Happy Memorial Day and go see X-MEN ORIGENS: WOLVERINE it freaking fantastic.