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Davis sweated nervously as Vladimir's three headed dragon started to pull itself out of the mirror. Once it was completely out the mirror vanished and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon let out a roar from all three heads. (BEUD: 4500:3800) "This is what he calls going easy?!" exclaimed Sora. "No, I believe Vladimiraid he wouldn't get too rough. That doesn't mean he'll go easy on Davis." replied Zane. "Now Davis, can you tell me what I'm going to do next?" asked Vladimir mockingly. "Uhmmm… you're going to end your turn." Davis answered in a mix of hope and fear. "So sorry, but no. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon blast his grandmaster into submission Neutron Blast!" said Vladimir as his dragon fired off explosive energy from each of its three mouths at Davis' grandmaster. Once the attack reached Grandmaster of the Six Samurai his armor began to break till he himself shattered into data shards and taking the rest of Davis' life points along with his balance. (DLP: 1600~0000)

The crowd was stunned, not only did Vladimir beat Davis, but he did it with a card that's said to be owned only by Seto Kaiba. Soon the holograms dematerialized and Vladimir took all of his cards and placed them back into the deck. "So this is how he felt." He said. Davis heard it and asked who felt what. Then Vladimir said it must be how his step-father, Seto Kaiba, felt when he put Joey wheeler his place when they dueled in Duelist Kingdom as an unofficial duel. Davis then asked about when Kaiba and Joey dueled in the Battle City finals. Vladimir said that Joey was hit by dumb luck to even get into the tournament at all and that Davis wouldn't ever get that lucky because he's a pathetic loser. That is where Davis got mad and charged at Vladimir fist ready. Vladimir easily side-stepped to avoid being hit, grabbed Davis' arm, and pulled it painfully behind Davis' back. Yukko told Vladimir not to do anything rash after the crowd gasped at Vladimir's quick movements. Vladimir let go of Davis' arm. But, before you could say ow, Vladimir delivered a round house kick to Davis' back, making him fly face first into the wall.

"Dr. Crowler please see that Mr. Motomiya gets to the nurse's office." Vladimir said to Crowler before leafing. "Yyy..yes Mr. Alu…Kaiba." Crowler stuttered. Yukko followed shortly after Vladimir.


"I can't believe Vladimir did that to Davis." Said Syrus. "What, beating him in a duel, insulting him, or kicking him into a wall?" asked Izzy. "All of the above." Replied Tk. Kari was ferrous that Vladimir would do that to Davis, well given that Davis did sort of had it coming for charging at Vladimir. But, Davis didn't deserve to be called "a pathetic loser". Jaden's fists were clenched to the point were his knuckles turned white. Sora told them she would talk to Vladimir about what just happened.


(Kari and Alexis' room)

"Well, thanks for trying Sora." said Kari as she finished her conversation with Sora on her PDA. "Any luck?" asked Alexis. Alexis was wearing a light blue night gown (big surprise) with blue laze trim while Kari was wearing pink pajama pants and a pink tank top, because she didn't want to "spend hours of the night looking for clothes that blend into the décor of the room". "sigh.. Nope. Vladimir keeps saying Davis had it coming. So Sora said I should talk to him tomorrow." replied Kari, after she put her PDA down on the night stand next to her bed. "Well, I'm shore you can get him to apologize to Davis tomorrow. But we might as well get some sleep." said Alexis, as she pulled up the cover on her bed to get in. Kari moved from a sitting position into a laying down position as Alexis turned off the lights.

(Jaden, Syrus, and Davis' room)

"Don't worry Davis, you'll get another chance at Vladimir." said Jaden. Davis just grumbled incoherently as he climbed up the ladder of the three bedded bunk-bed to the top one. Syrus was already in his, the middle, and Jaden got into the bottom bunk. The three of them were wearing Duel Academy issued sweats.

(Dream space)

Kari found herself in dark and empty space, till a red flash came next to her. She shaded her eyes with her hand till the flash died out. When her hand was removed she saw Jaden was standing there. "Jaden?" she asked. "What the... oh hay Kari, Whatcha doing in my dream?" asked Jaden. "Your dream? This is my dream." replied Kari. A second later the whole area was swallowed in a burst of light. Then Jaden and Kari found themselves standing in some town, still wearing their sleep wear. "What the!? Okay, this is weird." Kari said feeling a little exposed, being in the middle of a strange town full of people walking around while she was still wearing her pajamas. "I'll say. So where ar.. Kari, move!" exclaimed Jaden. Kari was too distracted to see a run away cart coming right at her. When she turned around to see what was going on, the cart just phased through her and then crash into a wooden fence. Kari turned to Jaden with a shocked face and saw someone phase through Jaden. "Okay, I'm really creeped out now." said Kari. "Well at least there's some good news. Apparently they can't see, hear, or feel us, so you don't have to feel embarrassed." answered Jaden, Kari had to agree with that. And then suddenly, "Lat me go! Let me go!" was heard come towards the scene. It was coming from a boy, about eight years old with dirty bold hair and wearing worn out clothing that looked like it could be torn of with a simple yank, being pulled by the arm by a merchant of some sort. "Not until you are handed over to the warden for this mess you made." answered the man. "What happened Samuel?" asked one of the town's folk. "I caught this little thief trying to steal some bread from my cart and he startled my horse, which kicked the cart to roll down the hill to there." answered Samuel, using his free hand to point the path of the cart that crashed.

"Is this true boy?" asked the man, who asked Samuel. "I needed food. But I don't have any money." answered the boy, still trying to slip out of Samuel's grip. "Fret not my dear Samuel." went a voice. Everyone turned to see a priest. "Aw, Father Cornelio. I take it you heard what was said." stated the man, who for reasons of simplicity shall be named Carol. "Indeed I have. Now let's get you fixed up child." said Father Cornelio. The boy was not too happy with that, so when Samuel let go of him he tried to run. Carol managed to grab the back of the boy's shirt, and like it looked the shirt tore completely off the boy, who fell forward. The boy's back was towards Samuel, Carol, Father Cornelio, some of the town's folk, and Jaden and Kari. Gasps came from everyone, but Jaden and Kari gasped that someone that young would have a tattoo on their back, while the town's people because of the tattoo's meaning. Carol and Samuel run up and grabbed the boy by his arms and dragged him to Father Cornelio, who made the sign of a cross with his hands for looking at the boy's dragon tattoo.

"Why do you carry that mark upon your back my child?" asked Father Cornelio. The boy stared struggling to get free from the hold on him. "I don't know! I just found it on my back one day! Now let me go!" exclaimed the boy, still trying to brake free of the two men's hold. Father Cornelio then took a golden crucifix from his coat and held it before the boy's face. Kari and Jaden looked extremely puzzled at the actions of the people. Father Cornelio was too focused on the boy's reaction he didn't notice sunlight was getting reflected off his crucifix and into the boy's eyes, which made the boy try to look away from the crucifix and say he was being blinded. The people did not respond to that very well. "What should we do Father Cornelio?" asked Carol. "Seeing how the sun is still out, he must not be a full vampire yet." replied Father Cornelio. The priest's comment surprised Jaden and Kari. "We need to remove Dracula's mark. Samuel, do have the whip you use to drive your horse?" "No, but it's right over there by what's left of the cart Father." answered Samuel. Cornelio then took out a container of salt from his robes. "Good, grab it after you and Carol restrain him over there." he said while pointing to a tree and two posts with ropes on them near by. Samuel and Carol did just that, they made the boy kneel Carol held the boy while Samuel tied the ropes from the posts to the boy's leg on that side, then both men took the boy's arms towards the tree and tied them to it, and pulled the ropes tight so that the child could not brake free before they could "save his soul" and also lifted him about a foot off the ground hanging in midair in a 'y' shape. After they finished Samuel went to get the whip as Cornelio requested. Jaden and Kari were horrified at this display, when Cornelio and Samuel took places near the boy. Samuel at the boy's feet, facing his bare back. Cornelio at the child's left side, prayer book the ready. Carol at the right side of the boy, holding the salt.

"Is this really the only way Father Cornelio?" asked Carol with most pity for the bound "devil's child" who was struggling against his bonds. "I'm afraid so. To save the immortal soul of this child, we must scare his form." answered Cornelio, who then nodded to Samuel. The other town's people began to crowd to where they could watch. Then Samuel swung the whip at the boy's back making him cut out in pain and leaving a nasty looking cut right over the tattoo. Cornelio started to read out loud from the prayer book in Latin as Samuel continued the whippings. Jaden's fists clenched just like at the stadium where Vladimir kicked Davis into the wall. Kari covered her mouth with her hands as the boy's torment and cries continued, which intensified when Carol literally put salt into the wounds. Suddenly, what was still visible of the tattoo began to glow. Samuel, Carol, and Cornelio stopped their actions and movements and gazed at the boy's back as the cuts were healing right before their eyes. In seconds all the cuts were gone and the dragon clearly visible to all, the boy was barely conscious. Then, the dragon's eyes flashed red along with some ancient looking runes and markings around the dragon. Finally, espiers resembling black smoke rose from the marks and morphed into freighting creatures all with red eyes and sharp claws and teeth. The town's people of course panicked and ran for their lives. The smoke monsters probably didn't like that, with blood-curdling cries they leapt and attacked the town and all in it. Cornelio was attacked by a creature that resembled a werewolf. Carol didn't far when a Cerberus made of that black smoke tore him to pieces. Samuel had fallen over and was getting up when he saw all the destruction and carnage being done to the town. In an act of anger, he drew a knife from his belt and cut the ropes holding the boy in place including the one holding his arms, rolled the now unconscious child over and prepared to stab the boy in the chest.

Kari, forgetting she couldn't physically interact, run at Samuel, till Jaden managed to grab her, held her back. As the knife came into a foot away from the boy's heart, all the black smoke came rushing back to the child and somehow blocked Samuel's knife and through him away. As the smoke swirled around his body it expanded into a dome and grew till it contained the whole town. The inside of the dome was very warm and kept getting hotter and hotter till every thing caught fire including the surviving people of the monster attacks, the only thing that could be seen or heard were the raging flames. Just like with the town's people the flames couldn't touch Kari or Jaden. Then as quickly as it came all the black smoke and flames vanished, leaving only charged remains of the town even the ground and bricks from buildings were black with soot. But what was really horrifying to Kari were the scorched bodies and smell of burnt flesh all around them.

As Jaden and Kari looked around them, Jaden saw the little boy's body, untouched by the fearsome flames that had consumed the landscape.

"Kari look! It's that kid!" yelled Jaden pointing towards the boy. "Oh my god!" was her reply before running to the child, Jaden following. When they get to there Kari kneeled down beside him. Out of sorrow from see the horrific scene she moved her hand over the boy's chest, but unlike the other people she actually touched him. "Jaden look. My hand isn't going through him." she said with wonder. Jaden looked at her hand and saw it. "Yeah your right." he said. He also placed his hand on the boy's chest. When he did, he, Kari, and the boy had this aura illuminate around them, Kari's was pink, Jaden's was red, and the boy had a silver aura. The auras' glow soon over took the line area. At that time Jaden and Kari started to fade away as static. As they were looking at their bodies fade groans come for the boy. His eyes cracked open slowly and he saw Jaden and Kari. His first instincts told him to run, but he felt drained and unable to move. "Are you going to hurt me?" he asked weakly. "No, we're not going to hurt you." Kari answered softly as she looked him in the face; she saw his eyes were blue/green as the ocean itself and full of pain, fear, and guilt as tears of those feelings came. Soon Jaden and Kari vanished completely.


Vladimir woke up with a start, dripping in cold sweat. "Those memories again." He said to himself. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat there face in his right palm. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of the right hand and then rubbed his upper back. "What the hell is this mark doing on me?" he asked the open air, referring to the dragon tattoo on his back just like the one Kari and Jaden saw on that little boy.

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