Gomen! I said that I'd make a sequel to 'Pretending Hate' but I can't think up something good … I did think this up xD Dunno if you'll like it but please tell me if it's good or what's wrong with it… Ooh, and it's an AU RanmaxAkane fanfic ^^

Disclaimer: Wish he was mine, he's so cute and strong and :Starts rambling:

Royal Love

"What?" An angry scream came out of the Tendo Kingdom. "I refuse to marry that… that lunatic! Don't I have the right to choose who I want to marry?" The youngest Tendo was enraged. "Akane, it is your duty to marry Lord Tatewaki Kuno! It will be good for our kingdom." Soun Tendo glared back at his youngest daughter. 'How does she dare! It's her duty and I'll make sure that she fulfils it!'

"The marriage will be on your 16th birthday." Soun turned and walked out of the room, before Akane could protest.

'My 16th birthday? But that's in just 2 weeks! I'm not going to marry Kuno! I'd rather die. I have to get away, away from being 'Princess Akane'. Away from the Tendo kingdom and most of all, away from my Dad and 'Fiancé' Kuno!'


The normally messy room was empty. The closet was open and all the clothes were gone. Drawers were pulled out and the picture of her mother that normally stood on the desk, was being put into a backpack that looked like it would explode. Akane tried to put the last things in the overloaded bag. 'This won't fit! I got to take out some of the stuff. I don't need the royal clothes, I guess. I don't want to be recognized. I'll just take my gi and a few jeans and shirts then.' Trowing all her fancy clothes out, she closed the bag and put it on her back. She put the letters for sisters, Kasumi and Nabiki, and he little note for her dad on her desk. She put most of her money in the envelope for her middle sister, Nabiki. She quitly climbed out the room and jumped into the big yard. She started to run away, away from her current life. As she neared the wall around the yard she looked back. "Sayonara." She said as a lone tear slid down her cheek, and she hopped over the wall.


Her legs were burning and her stomach was protesting. She had been running for 2 days now, taking only small breaks to catch a little sleep. She didn't have money to buy food, so she didn't eat for 2 days. Her vision was starting to turn black, but she kept on running. She had to get further away, or they would find her and she would have to marry Kuno. The only thing she could still see, was a little white spot that was still fading. Her body hit the ground with a thud as the little spot faded into the darkness.