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Royal Love: chapter 3

Here's Lord Ranma

Walking around in their huge garden, Ranma Saotome looked around for a good spot to train. 'I didn't know that our garden was this huge! I've never even been in this part.' He looked around again, and thought that he saw a glimpse of yellow. He looked again and was sure that that didn't belong in the woods.

He walked closer while hiding his chi, ready to attack when necessary.

He almost fell over when he saw that it was a person. A girl was passed out on the ground, her huge backpack lying next to her.

'K… Ki.. Kirei!' Her long blue-black hair lay around her like a fan. Her cheeks were rosy, while her skin was pale. Long lashes rested on her cheeks, and her pink pouty lips were in a small smile.

She wore normal clothes, jeans and a tight yellow shirt. She was definitely a martial artist, because her body was firm. She was very skinny though and it looked like she haven't eaten anything for a few days.

'Why is she here? That doesn't matter, she has to be taken care of. My Mom won't mind another girl anyway.'

Lifting her backpack, he was surprised that it was so heavy, seeing as she was just a petite girl. He lifted her up and again noted that she probably haven't eaten anything for a few days, since she felt so light.


Thousands of thoughts whirled through Ranma's mind. 'Why is she here? Did she flee from something? Where is her family? Why didn't she eat? Maybe she's a poor girl without money to buy food.'

He started running towards the mansion, holding the petite girl bridal-style.

'I just hope she doesn't find out about my secret.'


Coming into the mansion, Ranma quickly ran upstairs into his room.

He gently placed the girl in his bed and checked if he saw any bruises.

'No bruises or wounds. She probably ran out of energy and passed out. I should make some food for her for when she wakes up.' He placed the covers over the girl and took another good look.

'She's so pretty. Why would she run around without food?'

He put the backpack on the floor next to the bed. This way the girl would at least know that her belongings weren't stolen.

'Now to get some food.' Ranma ran downstairs to ask his Mom to make some food, and to explain what he found in the backyard.


The dark was slowly fading and grey was quickly spreading and turning lighter.

She was lying on something soft and warm, while she remembered passing out on the ground outside.

She slowly opened her eyes, but shut them quickly when the light hit her. She waited a little and opened her eyes again.

She quickly sat up when she saw a light blue ceiling. Looking around she saw that she was in a boy's room, and a rich boy by the looks of it.

The room was huge and light shone through the big window, half covered by blue curtains. The walls were light-blue and blank, not even one picture hanging on it.

There was a big closet and a desk stood a little next to it, with a chair before it. On the other side of the room, there was a drawer and the door. There was a photo on the drawer next to the huge bed.

A little boy with a ponytail and an older woman stood on it, smiling brightly. It was the only personal thing in the whole room.

She looked for her backpack and saw it lying next to the bed. She threw away the covers and climbed out of the bed and looked if there was something missing inside. She left out a relieved sigh when she noticed that everything was still there.

'How did I get here? Last thing I remembered was that I was running in the woods and everything was turning black. I'm probably not far away enough from home yet. I have to run further.'

She put her backpack on her back and was about to jump out of the window when the door opened.


'She's trying to leave. She's trying to leave?'

"Matte! You're not recovered yet! You'll just faint again if you don't eat something. I got you some food."

He was panicking and he knew it. He didn't know why, but he didn't want her to go.

Ranma quickly set the tray of food on the desk and guided the stunned girl with the bright blue eyes to the chair.

"My Mom made this. She also said that you can stay here till you're recovered."


She was shocked and she couldn't move anymore.

'Han… Handsome!' The boy had black hair that was tied back in a pigtail. He had stormy-blue eyes that revealed little emotion when he came in, but showed worry and shock now.

He was definitely a martial artist, seeing as he had a lot of muscles. He was about a head taller then her, and she felt even more petite then she was.

He had a little tan on his skin, showing that he was probably out of the house a lot. His shoulders were broad and his arms and hands looked like they were able to smash through walls.

She let herself be guided to the chair and half listened to what he said. She was focussing more on his deep voice then on the words he was saying with it. She slowly unfroze and started to feel panicked.

"I'm not so hungry." Her stomach chose that moment to start growling, showing that she was hungry. Blushing she admitted: "Maybe I'm a bit hungry after all."

"You can take a bath after the food. That is, if you want to, of course." Ranma handed her the food and she began eating fast.

"I'm Ranma Saotome, nice to meet you."

She swallowed her food quickly.

"I'm Akane, it's nice to meet you too."

'Please don't ask my last name. I don't want him to know that I'm princess Akane.'

He noticed that she only gave her first name, while he had given both.

'Looks like she doesn't want me to know. Maybe she'll tell me later, that is, if she stays a while.'

"Should I ask a maid to run the bath?"

"Ooh, I don't want to be a burden."

Ranma smiled slightly. "You're not a burden. I wanted to take a bath anyway, and now I can take one after you."

He stood up and went in search for a maid.


A few minutes later, Ranma came back.

"The bath is ready and I got a towel for you. Do you need some clothes?"

Akane looked at her backpack.

"No, I got some clothes in here. Thank you for your kindness."

She got some clothes and went to go to the bath.

A minute later she stuck her head back in the room.

"Can you show me the bathroom? There are so many doors here."


"Just holler when you're done."

Ranma left the bathroom, and closed the door. Akane stripped out of her clothes and slowly sat in the warm water.

She let her mind drift away, and thought about the blue-eyed boy she just met.

'Ranma… He's obviously a nice guy, taking care of me. Maybe I'll stay here, till I'm recovered. But what if they find out that I'm the princess? Will they sent me back? I hope not, I want to get to know Ranma a bit.'

She sank deeper in the water.

'I'll just try to keep my identity a secret. I don't want to be Princess Akane, but just Akane.'

She started washing herself off, while still feeling worried about lying to Ranma.


"Ranma, you can take your bath now! I'm pretty sure that I heard the door close."

Nodoka grinned slightly. 'If I got it right, then Ranma won't mind seeing Akane naked. He was so excited when he talked about her.'

"Okay, I'll sent Akane downstairs, I'm sure that she wants to thank you too. And I'm sure that you want to meet her."

Ranma ran upstairs, and got his clothes. He walked to the bathroom and undressed, he opened the door to find... Akane stepping out of the bath.


Akane finished washing up and slowly stepped out of the bath. She was with just one foot still in it, when the door opened, revealing a naked Ranma.


Akane quickly sat back in the bath, just as Ranma threw the door closed again.

'What the? He… He just… walked in on me!'

Akane took a deep breath and: "Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!"


On the other side of the door, Ranma winched.

'Ooh shit, oh shit, oh shit!'

Author notes:

Gomen! This took me way to long!

I had so much to do. I had to do 8 drawings and this. And I only got 4 drawings done.. And this xP

So, Ranma and Akane meet. This time Ranma walks in on Akane (Come on, it's my fantasy ;-) )

It's a longer chapter then normal, but I think it's still a bit too short…. And I got a cliffhanger again Laughs evilly

Next time on Royal Love:

Akane gets to meet Nodoka.

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