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Royal Love

Chapter 4

'That dirty pervert! He knew I was in the bath and he just walked in! I'm going to kill him!'

Akane dried of and put a towel around herself. She was shaking with rage and an aura was blazing around her. The faint shape of a mallet began to form in her hands.

Akane opened the door to find Ranma, his face beet red and his eyes looking at the ground. He looked up when he heard the door, and fear entered his eyes when he saw the red aura around Akane and the anger in her eyes. He saw a flickering mallet in Akane's hands, which began to become solid as he looked at it.

'Oh, shit.' Ranma started talking, not thinking about what to say first.

"Don't get mad at me! My Mom said that she heard you leaving the bathroom, so I came here. Besides, it's not like I'd wanna look at your body. It's not anything good, anyway."

Ranma failed to notice that the aura around Akane, which had started to fade at his explanation, was back and even brighter, when she heard his last sentence.

Ranma noticed that he must have said something wrong, as Akane swung her mallet, and brought it down on Ranma's head.

"Ranma no BAKA!" Akane's mallet disappeared, while tears gathered in her eyes, threatening to fall at any moment.

She stormed out of the bathroom, still in her towel, and sprinted to Ranma's room. It was hard to see through the tears, so she just grabbed the first clothes she could get her hands on and put them on. She grabbed her backpack and jumped out of the window, running into the woods, the way she had come just a few hours before. A faint "Baka." was carried on the wind, barely audible through the tears that soaked the small voice.

'Oww, that hurt.'

Ranma slowly stood up, out of the hole that Akane's mallet had made with his body.

'Kuso, she hits hard! What the hell did I even do wrong?'

Ranma walked out of the bathroom and into his own room. Akane was gone, as was her backpack. A breeze came from the window that she had left open.

He ran to the window, fear putting pressure on his throat, and making his heart hurt. He could see a little speck of blue at the forest, and it disappeared with the blink of an eye.

'She left just as quickly as she came.'

A wave of strong longing washed over him, and almost cut off his air for a moment.

'But I don't want her to go. I want her to stay, and she's not even recovered yet.'

Ranma grabbed the windowsill and jumped over it, adrenaline making his moves even faster. He landed lightly on his feet and sprinted into the forest, after the blue speck of hair he had seen earlier.

Running around in the woods, there was a dark-haired boy, his moves hurried and filled with fear. Ranma looked around for something, anything that didn't belong in the woods, hoping that it would be Akane.

He faintly heard running footsteps, a little bit further into the woods. He followed the sound, thanking Kami that he was faster then the sound.

'I may be faster then Akane, but she is still really fast.'

Ranma saw a little glimpse of red, and hope shot up his spine. He hurried himself to it, and relief filled him when he saw that it was indeed Akane.

'Thanks god, there she is!. Wait, is that my shirt?' The last thought rang through his mind faintly, as he grabbed Akane's wrist and turned her around.

'It is my shirt.'

A small wave of confusion washed over him, but it was quickly overwhelmed by guilt as he saw the tears which were running down Akane's cheeks.

"Why do you wanna leave? You're not well enough yet."

Ranma tried to pull Akane along, towards the house, but Akane just tugged her hand free, not moving an inch from where she was standing.

"I don't want to go back, especially not with a jerk like you!"

Ranma snapped at her angry tone, and raised his voice.

"I'm a jerk? What did I do to you? I walked in on you, but I already told you that my Mom said that you were done!"

Akane raised her voice as well, matching it with the tone of Ranma's.

"You said that my body is ugly! You insulted me, baka! That's what you did wrong!"

Akane tried to slap Ranma, but he caught her wrist again before it could connect.

"Just 'cuz I said it, doesn't mean that I mean it! I didn't think about what I was saying, okay? I don't think your body is ugly and I don't want you to go! I don't know why, but I just don't want you… to… go."

Ranma's words, which started at an angry tone, faded to a small whisper as he realized what he said.

Akane stood with her mouth agape, eyes wide and her hand hanging limply in Ranma's hand.


Akane's eyes started to shine with silent hope, a few tears clinging to her lashes.

'Why does she have to look so goddamn pretty after she just cried?'

"I guess."

Ranma stuttered, a blush washing over his cheeks and nose.

"You guess?"

Akane's hand began to tug again, trying to break free, as the hope in her eyes was replaced by hard anger.

"No, I meant it. I know it."

Ranma started to tug at his pigtail with his free hand, the other one slowly releasing Akane's wrist. The small blush was growing brighter, and started to creep down his neck.

Akane's anger cooled down at his words, and her arm slumped down when Ranma released her.

"Okay, I'll stay… Till I'm fully recovered."

The last thought was said as a small whisper.

'I don't want to bother them longer then needed'

Akane was beginning to feel weak again, the adrenaline she got earlier gone. Her legs felt weak as pudding, not being able to hold her weight anymore.

Her legs slowly gave in, sending her falling to the floor.


Ranma shot forward and caught her, just before her butt hit the ground. He slowly sat her down, still lightly holding her.

"You okay? Baka, you used too much energy."

Akane slightly flared at his insult, but she felt to weak to get angry.

"I'm not a baka."

The whisper was so faint that Ranma almost didn't hear it.

"I'll get you inside again, so you can sleep a bit more."

Ranma lifted Akane up, bridal style, taking Akane by surprise.

Akane gave a little squeal as she felt the ground disappear from under her.

"Wait Ranma, I'm too heavy to carry all the way back!"

A wave of confusion hit Ranma, and he scrunched his eyebrows.

"Heavy? You kidding? You weigh almost nothin'."

Akane slightly blushed, but kept silent as Ranma started to walk towards the house.

'He smells nice.'

Akane's thought were fainting away as she fell asleep in the warmth of Ranma's embrace.

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