For the Love of a Goddess:
A Harry Potter Tale.
NaNoWriMo 2008 project
Updated: Jan 12, 2021
By: Renajo

Chapter One

It was supposed to be a happy day, and from a certain point of view, it was for her sister, Belldandy, and her newly married husband Keiichi Morisato. The ceremony had been a small very private ceremony with only the auto club, Sayoko, and Keiichi's family. Megumi had been the maid of honor, Urd, Sora, and Skuld herself had been bridesmaids. The real kicker was that the almighty himself had come to give her sister away and to perform the ceremony.

She looked as Keiichi and Belldandy danced the night away and she remembered back to a time when she first looked as she did now a young adult of fifteen or sixteen and Keiichi had spent the day with her. On that day she had fallen in love with him and his messy mop called hair and could understand exactly how they felt for each other 'doesn't that just suck; I fell in love with my sister's boyfriend.'

It did suck for a while until she met Sentaro 'He was such a nice boy' she thought she had loved him but they never seemed to connect on the same level as she had connected with Keiichi, she kept up her friendship with Sentaro but did not feel the deep and abiding love. 'I need a change' Skuld thought to herself.

"Yes, my daughter you do!" she looked up and there was her father, The Almighty standing there in what was his mortal avatar "Can I trouble a young lady for a dance with her old, old man."

Skuld smiled "Father you are not that old!" She chuckled "only if you count a few billion years? Of course, I will dance with your father."

As they glided across the floor the almighty gave voice. "Would you like to tell me what's troubling you Skuld?'

"Father, did you ever find that you fell in love with someone you could not have?" Skuld asked her eyes firmly on the floor.

The almighty looked pensive for a moment before he spoke "Yes my child I have and I have a wonderful daughter, who though she is wild and has only a passing familiarity with the truth. I love Urd's mother very much, but I cannot have her." He paused before continuing "I take it this is about Keiichi? You fell in love with him five years ago on that day that you got a taste of being an adult."

Skuld blushed and said meekly "Yes Father" She could not hold back the tears anymore "yes I love him and it makes me a horrible sister to be jealous of her love and happiness!"

The Almighty was shocked at this reaction from Skuld "Oh no my darling daughter it just means you are becoming more and more human and less like the divine being you are. You are becoming more like your mother." He stopped to hug his crying daughter "This is not a bad thing. It is a perfectly natural response."

They danced a few songs in silence when Skuld suddenly spoke up "Father I think I want to come back to Yggdrasil" She looked at her father for a moment before adding "I Want to join the battle division. I want to choose einhjarar! I need to get away from all of this ..." She motioned around her.

"Are you sure Skuld? This is a huge step you know. Are you hoping you will forget what love is if you go away?" The questions were coming so fast that Skuld could not form a coherent argument.

And she broke down in tears and turned to flee from her father.

Keiichi and Belldandy were enjoying a piece of their wedding cake just generally enjoying the closeness that they had fought so hard to attain between demon attacks rogue angels escaping their prisons.

"Keiichi dear, what is it that you most want?" Belldandy asked.

Keiichi looked thoughtful for a moment "Belldandy I have everything I could ever want... I want to spend my life with you."

"Oh, Keiichi," Belldandy said with all the love showing in her eyes.

Keiichi's smile broadened as he leaned into her to kiss her just as their lips were about to touch Urd popped up next to them "Hey don't look now but I think something is wrong with our little sister!" Urd said quietly "I think she might need us." She stated as she turned on her heel and walked toward where Skuld had run.

Keiichi stood for a moment and whispered into Belldandys' ear "I think it finally hit home with Skuld that there is no chance for her with me."

"Oh Dear" was all Belldandy said as she too began to move toward the door

Keiichi caught Belldandys' arm and said "let me go first, give me a minute or two before you and Urd come out."

"Ok Keiichi" was all She could say before her husband was gone out the door she turned to sit when her father walked up to her.

"Can an old man get a dance with his eldest daughter before he has to return to work?" The old man said with a smile on his face.

"Yes, father you can," Belldandy said with a smile.

"Banpei what am I supposed to do? What kind of sister does that make me? I fell in love with my sister's husband" Skuld sobbed "Oh Banpei what am I supposed to do?"

During her self-dialogue, she failed to notice Keiichi approaching from behind. Banpei did however and he knew his creator was in a great deal of pain and he also knew it was no fault of Keiichi's... this time.

"Skuld," He said hesitantly. Then he did something that shocked Skuld to the core. He pulled her into a hug any barriers Skuld had put up over the years came crumbling down as sobs wracked her lithe body and tears marred her makeup. He held her for what seemed like hours until Skuld could compose herself.

"Keiichi" She started "Do you remember the first time you saw me like this?"

"Yes Skuld, I do" He answered "I knew you would grow into a beautiful woman"

"Then why don't you love me?" she asked with fresh tears "is it my anger problem? is it that I keep messing up your laptops? Am I not beautiful enough? What does my sister have that I do not?"

'Wow, that was the last thing I expected' Keiichi thought to himself "In order of the questions I do love you but I am not in love with you. While your anger is scary at times it would not factor into my loving you. I wish you would stop ruining my laptops but there is little I can do about it. As for what your sister has, he has my heart and has had it since the moment I laid eyes on her." Keiichi paused for breath and thought for a moment for what he could say "Skuld, you lack nothing your sister has. If I had met you first it would be you, I was married to. There is a boy out there somewhere between heaven and earth that will love you for all eternity. Just keep your eyes open and you will see it."

"He is right you know" Urd broke in as she walked up to them "The only thing you lack is the opportunity, honey. You are as beautiful as Belldandy, you are smart, and you are also a very loving goddess. In time you will find the one. And if you think Keiichi and Belldandy's' time together was a disaster. Watching your date is going to be fun."

With that she pulled Skuld into a hug and whispered "yes sis you are beautiful but you're not in my league." she said smiling "Yet! You will be though. You will be."

"Urd are you feeling well?" Keiichi said in mock fear to which Urd responded with a laugh

"Yes, Keiichi I am feeling just fine," she said "I have to get back up to Yggdrasil my time on earth is finished. I will however visit from time to time. Take care of my sister"

Kiiechi looked thoughtfully at Urd "I love you too Urd and I will always take care of her she is my life."

"Well, I am glad you all have that worked out," The almighty said as he and Belldandy appeared with them. "Keiichi you are a good man. In time Skuld will find the one for her. However, that is years down the road."

Belldandy said "Father what you mean... have you foreseen something"

The almighty looked troubled "I cannot speak of it; the balance is delicate what I can say is that your little sister is now a member of the Valkyries." He looked at Skuld "My darling daughter you have three days to report back to Yggdrasil"


Urd and Belldandy were shocked "A Valkyrie, our little sister is going to be a Valkyrie," They said in one voice.

"Skuld" Belldandy began "Are you sure this is what you want to do?"

"Yes, big sis this is what I want and what I need, if I go back to be an admin, I will just end up resenting what you and Keiichi have. You are so lucky to have each other don't either of you let go or you will answer to me" she paused with the meanest look on her face and then poked them one at a time in the chest "Got it?"

"Yes, Skuld oh dread Valkyrie," Keiichi said sarcastically before Skuld hefted one of her bombs causing him to gulp. "In all seriousness do you think I am ever going to let her go?"

"No" was all they heard as she vanished going back to heaven.

"I do hope she will be ok Keiichi," Belldandy said with just a hint of regret

Keiichi frowned "I hope so too, love."

"She will be, her choice today will eventually stave off the darkness that is forming in the west she will have another chance at love." the almighty said. With a shimmer, he was gone

With a somewhat heavier heart, the couple returned to their wedding reception.

Five years Later Hogwarts, Hospital Wing

Half the world away a boy rested in a hospital bed having had the most grueling evening of his life.

His leg had been broken; he had been port-keyed to a graveyard. Once he was there, he had been used to resurrect the most feared dark lord in a millennium and he had crossed wands with him twice on the same night. Harry Potter the boy-who-lived was tired. Tired of his fame, and tired of people trying to kill him generally tired of life itself.

The only thing keeping him going right now was his best friend Hermione Granger. She had come in and gotten him out of Mrs. Weasley's bone-crushing embrace not that he disliked her but he was in pain and she was hurting him.

Now he sat here alone save for snuffles lying at the foot of his bed sleeping or at least he thought snuffles might be sleeping. 'Somehow, I doubt he is sleeping' he thought with an internal sigh he got up from his bed and moved to the window, and stared up at the now full moon. "Why me? Why can't for once something good happen for just me? "He asked before he broke down and cried.

Unknown to Harry, he was being watched by three sets of eyes, two sets being mortal, and the last a divine being.

Albus watched with sadness, he was the greatest mage of his age, and yet he could not forestall the events that had robbed a boy of his childhood. 'He asked me in his first year, and I could not bear to tell him. Whose feelings did I try to assuage more? His or my own?' With that thought, the old man tottered from the hospital wing feeling his 150 years most keenly.

Sirius had been feigning sleep, now and then opening one eye to keep an eye on his godson. 'Oh, Lily I am sorry I could not take Harry, I only hope you and James can forgive my failure" he thought to himself as he watched the boy torn by his own emotion break down and cry after asking a question a child should never ask.

The Almighty looked on his own heart moved. Here was a boy who had endured more than all of the Valkyries and some of the various gods and demons. He had looked evil in the face, and overcame his fear and fought on against odds that would make some in heaven blanch. For too long this hero went without and when he gazed into the future, for this boy there was only loss. "Something is wrong with the fates," he spoke to himself.

Then he looked once more at the boy and then passed his hand over him.

Harry felt sleep begin to claim him and he moved back to his bed he was asleep as soon as his head touched his pillow. Sirius hopped up onto the bed and snuggled into Harry's side laying his head on the boy's shoulder and he too went to sleep.

Albus Dumbledore could not get comfortable to sleep he finally had to take a dose of dreamless sleep potion. 'The last time I took this was the night after I killed Gellert' was the last thought he had before oblivion

The next thing Albus knew was he was by the black lake watching the squid swim languidly. 'I must be dreaming'

"Yes, Albus you are dreaming" the voice he had not heard since he was 21 the voice of his beloved sister Ariana.

"Ari?" Albus rushed to his sister engulfing her in a hug the likes he had never done during life. Albus Dumbledore's leader of the light and the greatest mage of his age became a blubbering moron "I am so sorry Ari, so very sorry" was all he said over and over again.

"You have nothing to be sorry for Al, it was Gellert who killed me not you or Abe" Ariana said softly stroking his cheek " I have watched for nearly 60 years as you and Abe have grown apart, I am most disappointed in both of you but that is a discussion for later when you both join me here."

Albus was shocked that his little sister would address him in such a manner but then thought about it and came to the conclusion that she was right how their relationship had been since her death was a shame he would have to rectify. "Then what are we here to talk about?"

"Harry Potter," She said softly "the path you are currently on is going to claim the lives of all those Harry potters holds dear"

"How do you know that Ari?" Albus asked his brow furrowing with thought.

She smiled and said, "The fates have foretold that there are two paths before you brother dear" she stopped and looked at him very intently into his eyes.

Albus thought he was an accomplished occlumens however his mind was assaulted with visions of not only his death but that of over half his order including Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Severus Snape, and himself. He sees the torture of children and that vision of Harry walking blindly to his death with no one there to support him.

"What of his family," Albus asked "Do they not care for the boy?

"No," she said emphatically "We have been trying to get through to them for years but to no avail, we believe that somewhere in the Dursley line there was a demonic influence but have no proof"

Albus paled "Who is we Arianna?"

"There are powers in this universe beyond even the ken of wizards and dragons, Albus! Powers that are servants of the Almighty himself. One such servant accompanies you daily" She smiled as she saw the look of consternation across her brothers face "Fawkes, Albus. Fawkes is not just your familiar he is your moral compass when you are lost but over the last 15 years you have not been heeding his advice so the Almighty felt an intervention of sorts is in order."

"An intervention?" Albus said somewhat amused "Why would I need an intervention?"

"Because Albus, for the greater good Harry Potter must not return to Privet drive this summer. If he does in the next two years, he will lose both his godfather and you too will surely die. Yes, Voldemort will be defeated but the price is too high within 20 years of his defeat another dark lord will rise in his place."

"Surely Harry will still be around to keep such a thing from happening" Albus paused as a dreadful thought crossed his mind "The new dark lord can't be Harry"

"No, it is not him but it is someone close to him she will kill him in his sleep after losing a battle of wills with the remnants of Voldemort's first Horcrux. The diary in case you missed it" Arianna said seriously "Even now Ginny Weasely fights she will lose a battle next year and the remnant will gain a foothold then it will go dormant, but only after intensifying her infatuation for Harry."

Shell shocked Albus sat down heavily "What should I do Ari, no matter what decision I make people are hurt and die. I am lost and I need guidance."

"Albus ask for the advice of those around you. Trust them enough to accept their advice. Too long you have held back the darkness alone share the burden. All too soon it will pass from you to the chosen one." she leaned down and kissed him on the forehead "Be well my brother and share this memory with Abe too long you have been at odds. I want you both to love each other not be consumed with bitterness. Goodbye, my brother."

Albus woke with a start and saw that Fawkes was sitting on the edge of his bed "Well old friend that was certainly a wakeup call from beyond" He said as he looked out his window seeing the sun rising in the east he said softly "Fawkes find Remus Lupin and the rest of the order we must meet in greater haste than I thought."

Two hours later his office was filled with members of the order. Albus surveyed them seeing his brother in the back He summoned his Pensieve "I want you all to see this memory and give me your thoughts on it please gather around "

Half an hour later the once silent office was drowned in the screaming of Molly Weasely, "My daughter would not kill Harry she is in love with him."

"Ah, Molly how much is the infatuation with the boy who fought a basilisk for her, and how much of it is true love? Albus asked, "Would you consider letting me do a legillimency scan on her?"

"No Albus I will not." Molly started before Arthur cut her off decisively

"Yes, Albus as the patriarch of the Weasely Family I give you permission to scan, and if you find something wrong, I charge you to help my little girl." Arthur spoke solemnly "Molly I do not care about your dream of one big Weasely family that boy already looks on us as parents, that should be enough. If what was said comes to pass the price is too great."

Molly was cowed by the sudden edge in her husband's voice.

Remus spoke up "What will be done about Harry's situation?"

Sirius spoke up "Well it's obvious..." was all he got out before Molly started it

"He will be coming to the Burrow where we can keep him fed and cared for," she said vehemently "I remember what you were like after graduation Sirius a different woman every night no food in your flat that is no way to care for that young man."

Snape sneered "I don't see why we care one way or another it will just make his head bigger just like his father."

The room degenerated into an argument until finally Dumbledore had enough and said "ENOUGH!" then he paused in the aftermath "Whatever we decide to do we must let harry have input it is his life too. Regardless of how you feel Molly, he is no longer a child."

Nymphadora Tonks a younger member of the order and metamorphagus said "When will you talk with Harry and Ginny?"

"Later today, Remus, will you and Snuffles go to Harry and stay with him for now. Arthur and Molly, will you go to Gryffindor and get Ginny we will handle it all after lunch."

Minerva McGonagall whispered into Albus' ear as she was leaving "You know where Mr. Potter goes so do Mr. Weasely and Miss Granger.

Albus just smiled at least harry would never be alone.