Chapter Twelve

Harry stepped into the living room; everyone gathered around Keiichi and Belldandy. Harry could not control the wince as she sobbed into her husband's chest. Everyone except Belldandy to look at him. The goddesses smiled, but Keiichi frowned at Harry.

"Mr. and Mrs. Morisato, thank you for opening your home to me. I owe your family a debt I can never repay!" Harry said looking at the ground "Skuld for whatever reason. Decided that my life was worth saving.

Belldandy heard his voice and turned her head taking in his stance. His hands were in his pockets, his shoulders were hunched, and he was avoiding all of their gazes. Then she took in how he was dressed his shoes were beyond well worn, his clothing two sizes too large for his rail-thin frame. The frames of his glasses had been repaired several times judging by the slight dweomer on both the lenses and frames. In many ways he came from a situation far worse than Keiichi's. she sniffled and left her husband's embrace Opening her arms she engulfed him in a hug "Your life is worth it. If you cannot believe it yourself believe us" She said hugging gently almost "You are welcome here. It is nice to have a little brother."

Harry returned the embrace hanging on like a drowning man to a life preserver she had called him her little brother. "Thank you It is nice to have a family that wants me." Harry said drying his eyes before standing "Lind I am sorry about earlier I could not control the reaction for a short time I was back in that graveyard."

"Harry tomorrow we have a healer coming, I will be getting a checkup," Belldandy said blushing. " I would like for her to look you over so we can direct our efforts to better suit your needs."

"Why are you having a checkup," Harry asked innocently "you look perfectly healthy"

"Yeah Bell, why does Eir need to see you?" Keiichi asked wondering if something was wrong.

"Keiichi do you remember the thing we were talking about last week. The B Thing?" She asked blushing furiously seeing his uncomprehending face "we have been practicing for it since our wedding"

"Oh!" Keiichi said, "You mean?"

"Yes! Practice made perfect," Belldandy admitted her face now beet red "You are going to be father Keiichi."

The mood in the room turned jovial as everyone except Harry moved to congratulate the couple. Harry was backing away thinking about what Voldemort would do to get to him 'I cannot inflict that on this family; I cannot stay.' He had turned and was almost back to Skuld's room when a gentle hand rested on his shoulder.

"You inflict nothing but love on this family. The fact that you think of everyone except for yourself is proof of that." Peorth said as she turned him around "You don't have to leave we can defend ourselves and you."

"She is spot on little brother," Urd said embracing him from behind "Although you might not be so little Have to ask Skuld for confirmation" making Harry blush. "Brother you are far too easy!"

"I am not easy, I do not put out on the first date" Harry snarked back Urd

"There is hope for you little brother," Urd said with a raised eyebrow "Yours and Skuld's relationship may not be a complete disaster but, watching you both fumble around is going to be entertaining."

"Glad I could be of some use to my much older sister" Harry gave back forgetting that you never ask or imply something about a lady's age until it was too late "Sorry Urd. That was rude of me."

Only for Urd to cackle at him "I cannot believe you went there. I would not worry too much about it I make this age look good."

"He doesn't fumble Urd," Skuld said from the door to their room Harry turned his head seeing her in her sleep shorts that showed a lot of her legs "He is very decisive. Now when exactly are niece going to be born."

It was Belldandy's turn to blush "We are eleven weeks along. I started having hormonal issues just before we went to retrieve you and Harry. Also, Harry here thinks he's living with us puts our family in more than a fair bit of danger."

"He is not wrong," a disembodied voice said causing Harry to raise his hand summoning his wand to him "well, well little mageling Tyr did say you would not back down. However, unlike him, I have no reason to keep you from destroying yourself "

The air became oppressive and Harry felt as if they were in the presence of a dementor "Expecto Patronum" Prongs jumped from his wand only to be crushed by a cloud of darkness.

"Pathetic really to think a mere mortal could defend my Daughter and her sisters," the voice said "Let us see what you are made of little man without your wand. In the blink of an eye, everyone except Harry was entangled in black tentacles and an audible snap was heard as Harry's wand was broken into three pieces "Come on Mageling let's see what you can do"

Harry's mind was reeling his wand was broken and no one could help him "Why don't you show yourself? Afraid of little old me?"

"your level of presumption is underwhelming, to say the least," Hild said as she became visible with two other demons.

"Urd and the others from their vantage point saw that the two demons were not what they appeared "Mother Don't do it."

"Oh little one do be quiet I am of the mind where I am not going to ask you to come home I am just going to make you," she said a wicked grin on her face "I think sealing Belldandy until Keiichi's passed on from old age and sealing Skuld until Harry has been domesticated and passed around to all my succubae for a turn"

"You will not touch them" Harry declared suddenly appearing in front of Hild and punched her full in the face causing her to stumble back bringing her hand to her mouth she noted that she was bleeding

"You will Kneel before me boy" she snarled "and once you do my pets will feast on Skuld's essence" only to be interrupted as a raised his hand in rage. His magic swirling around him like a cocoon.

Five minutes earlier

"Tyr, are you sure this boy is up to the task?" She asked her curiosity apparent on her face "Having located all but one of the objects This guy is still going to be a monster"

"It will not matter how powerful or how evil tom riddle is," Tyr said chuckling "Harry Potter will rise to match him."

"I want to meet him. Bell and Skuld may not be my daughters but by blood but we are all family" She admitted, "I need to know he can do it and from what you have told me of him I think I know the buttons to push to get him to react how I want him too."

"I am not sure that is a good idea, Hild." Tyr tried reasoning "There is something about the boy and it is not down to the system force he has the spark. If you awaken that particular dragon I am not sure what will happen."

"You worry too much!" She said as she transported herself down Tyr following a moment later. Hild then concentrated for a moment before a clone of herself stepped out from her body "Test the boy do not hold back"

"Test the boy do not hold back" the clone repeated vanishing from sight

Present time

Urd, Peorth, and Lind watched helplessly as Hild's verbal assault activated the portion of Harry they were desperately trying to contain his rage.

Tyr had watched and then he saw the divine spark but to call it a spark was an insult it was a torrent and it was being held back by Harry's normally good nature. Except that good nature was gone in its place was a defender filled with grim purpose "Hild I think you need to back off now!" he said manifesting behind Harry "It's more than a spark and I doubt we could contain it if he explodes"

Hild ignored him and started wailing on Harry laying into him with lighting and fire so fierce was the attack that he "So disappointing" she simpered and made a gesture and multiple portals opened up demons stepping out two for each goddess. "Perhaps I will take you for myself teach you what a real woman can do."

Skuld had been paying attention to the magic noted that it all lacked substance "Daimakaichō stop this now. We barely kept him from ending Lind. That he reacted with a fist instead of magic is a blessing. Now you will release me and I will see if my boyfriend is okay."

"If you want out you are going earn your way out. Don't worry I will keep your boy.." Hild paused "occupied"

"Eir warned us to keep Harry calm for his sake and ours," Belldandy said angrily "Now this stops or I will rip the inhibitors off and see what I can do. He has been through enough for the moment he needs to heal then he needs time to be a boy I will not let you come into our…"

"Child you honestly believe you can stop me" she the sheer malignancy in her voice "you are Powerful Belldandy but…" she was interrupted

"Crucio" Harry cried out from his place on the floor his skin blackened and charred with a yell catching Hild off guard for the first time in several millennia she felt pain as every nerve in her body was on fire he poured his hate and rage into it screaming "I hate you nearly as much as I hate Voldemort bitch and when I am done with him you can bet I am going to be coming for you. You could not teach me anything worthwhile you may be physically beautiful but looks are just wrapper and you are poison now get out of here before I do to you what I did to Lind only I will finish it this time."

Harry held the spell for half a minute before releasing it by dint of falling unconscious. Hild disappeared from her place on the floor as she and her father walked into the house. Tyr seeing Harry lying their battered, bruised, burned, and barely breathing sighed

Skuld held out her hand and her ax flew into it "If you were not my sisters' mother and my father's doublet, I would kill you here and now." Skuld said her anger seething as she watched her father heal her boyfriend rounding on her father "Father how could you allow this you know if there is a bridge Harry will be standing on it to protect those he loves or those who cannot defend themselves. How could you allow this?"

"I had to know Skuld," Hild said with a whisper "believe me I take no pleasure from this. Many years ago a demon made several deals with Tom Riddle and as a result of ancient knowledge that man should never have he is beyond the system force we do not know how or when it happened exactly and as result, we are all in danger it is up to this one" She said pointing at Harry "He is also beyond the system force but there is something more than that about him."

"Yes there is and I missed it before," Tyr said entering the conversation once more "He has a connection to the divine and it has suffused his body. I think it happened when Skuld removed the dark presence in his scar."

Belldandy Turned to Skuld "Call Eir Immediately we need her now." Skuld whipped out her phone and did just that

"Almighty, Hild, A word if you will," Keiichi said motioning them to the side as the other goddesses got Harry shifted to the couch. He led them out into the garage and was leaning on his bike "I know I am mortal, but this is mine, and Belldandy's home did it matter to either of you that Bell and the child she is carrying could have been hurt."

"Bell-chan is with child? That is amazing. Tyr you and Anzusu are going to be grandparents." Hild gushed before turning back to Keiichi "Everybody has focused on Harry the black tentacles were not even real they were force constructs that kept everyone from pushing forward to help Harry, Now when are you going to get a real job? being a wrenchhead is not going to support you that well you are barely making enough to scrape by now as it is."

"Recently I completed a second degree in teaching I will be teaching Large and small vehicle repair and design at Nekomi. I have not told Belldandy yet "Keiichi admitted "However having spoken with both his headmaster and godfather they warned me that Harry may show signs of Post-traumatic stress. His magic may be more powerful as evidenced by how he dealt with Lind earlier. Eir wanted us to keep it light and calm until she could get here in the morning. I am not sure what she said to the bell but she was wanted to do bad things to his relatives."

"They abused him, Tried to destroy the magic with him," Belldandy said stepping into the Garage "Harry Potter came within a hairs breath of becoming an obscurial." Belldandy stepped in front of Keiichi who then wrapped his arms around her resting his chin on her shoulder "Now we have to pray that this does not push him further on the path."

"I had to know Belldandy." Hild said the frustration in her voice was evidenced on her face "that 14-year-old boy is as powerful as mid-level demon or goddess. What is he going to be like in a year, in a decade, or even a century? Get it through your head unless you want the world to burn he has to be ready."

Tyr nodded while he thought to himself ' Keiichi is good for my Belldandy, there must be something we can do to bridge the gap so Belldandy does not have an eternity alone. Will Harry be more like him than not when the time comes for him and Skuld to wed.'

Undisclosed location in Britain

"you have not done poorly Thomas" the voice echoed in Lord Voldemort's head "Sadly though we have much ground to recover and we are both weak at the moment so sacrifices must be made Call your faithful together and we will once again become strong"

"it will be as you say, Master," He said in a whisper before shouting "Wormtail attend me!"

Less than a minute later the pudgy rat-faced form of Peter Pettigrew scurried into the room "Yes Master?"

"Your Arm Peter," Voldemort said shortly "we will be meeting now" he stated forcing his wand into the dark mark on the rat animagus' arm. Lord Voldemort was not disappointed when 30 of his followers appeared he frowned when he noticed Malfoy and Snape were not among those '

'pay them no mind my servant' the voice once again reverberated through his head 'they shall be our hands in the world we must move with caution for the time being. But for now, you know what you must do.'

Voldemort held his wand on the mark bringing his followers to his knees as he inflicted pain and stole the very force of life and magic from them for ten long minutes draining every death eater save Snape who had managed to alter his mark it seemed and Bellatrix who His master claimed as a mate. Then a figure stepped from within Lord Voldemort holding a pulsating gem

"You have done well Lord Voldemort" the demon whispered Sibilently as it crushed the gem in its hand

And in two computer systems, one celestial on demonic alarms began to blare. As demons and goddesses across the realms began to die

"Thank you, Master Azrael," Voldemort said kneeling before his demonic master it was the last thing he did before the demon consumed him

Meanwhile back in the temple

Twin beams one light and one dark raced into the temple reaching their respective recipient with the same message "EMERGENT SITUATION DOUBLET HAS BEEN SUSPENDED"

"Shit," Hild said "Doublet has been suspended, not sure how not sure why." Looking to her daughter "It may be some time or perhaps never that I will see you again. I love you and I am proud of you whatever choice you make." Turning to her one love in the multiverse "Tyr stay safe!" she said stepping up to him and giving him a soul scorching kiss Leaving the leader of the heavens dazed

Before stepping back into the house seeing that Harry was being held by Skuld and examined by Eir and that he was now awake. "Harry, I will not ask for forgiveness. I had to know I knew something was coming I could feel it. Not more than three minutes ago the doublet system was compromised. It is about to get bad I have one request" she said waiting for him to respond he nodded keeping his eyes downcast "Take care of my girls. Skuld and Bell may not be mine by blood but…"

"I understand and I will" Harry paused "What is the doublet system and why is it important?" he asked looking at Skuld.

"Harry you have to understand That the birth rates for gods and demons are low. Most gods and demons either rise or fall from mortal stock like Hermione. I was the last goddess born it has been a very long time. The doublet system was implemented to prevent us from wiping ourselves out If something has disabled the system that means the demon I am doubleted with can be killed and I will not be affected and vice versa"

"Good description Skuld," Hild said, "unfortunately I must go before…"

"It is entirely too late for that Hild!" another feminine voice

"Mother" Skuld whispered her stomach dropping.

"Anzasu If you have any love for Tyr or your Daughters you will not do this." Urd begged

"Oh be quiet you, freak you should not even exist" Anzasu snarled "If I was not forced to open the gate Hild and Tyr would never have conceived you. You were an afterthought of both the heavens and hell and when I am done with your mother you will be next."

Harry heard the word freak and slowly painfully stood "Young Man I am not done healing you yet " Eir grumped. Harry nodded

"I will return in a moment" He ground out his eyes flashing and his magic swirling causing everyone to stop as Harry interceded between Hild and Anzasu. "You should leave if all you are going to do is cause pain."

"Harry Potter, what do you think you are doing?" Hild asked surprised the boy could even stand "Harry this is not your fight. Please stand down.

"You asked me to look after your daughters even if they weren't of your blood," Harry said with a groaning pain flooded his body " How do you think they would feel watching you and their mother fight"

"Anzasu Please stop," Tyr asked in a low voice "Don't do this, Please"

"You asked a Mortal Magic-user to look After Belldandy, Skuld, and Urd" Anzasu Scoffed "The boy looks like he can barely stand let alone fight."

"Mother he could be on death's bed and still fight Looks can be deceiving" Skuld Admonished her mother "Please do not do this!"

"Enough! Since a mortal has involved himself in this I am afraid I will deal with him first." She snarled Lind and Peorth looked at Harry swaying on his feet both poised to try and defend him not noticing Skuld move as her mother made to attack Harry.

Harry knew he had no strength left to stop the attack he knew was coming he saw a sword of flame come to life in her hand and took a deep breath opened his eyes and met her gaze he never saw the sword move nor the heat of its blade as Skuld was suddenly in front of hi the blade of her ax held high Deflecting the flaming blade Catching her mother off guard.

"Mother you have come into our home to attack a family member and Skuld's Boyfriend. "If you ever even want to catch a glimpse of your grandchildren you will put that blade away and behave like the woman who raised us."

IF they thought those words would calm the women at that moment they were disappointed. Catching Skuld off guard Anzasu backhanded Skuld causing her to fly through the wall of the temple. Harry saw this and well and truly lost his mind "Bombarda Maxima" Anzasu's head snapped back the force of it carrying here through the opposite wall causing the temple to lurch Harry's magic still swirling pointed his wand skyward and cried "Reparo!" and to everyone's surprise parts did not just flow back together the entire time looked like it would have when it was first built.

Then he stepped outside to check on Skuld who was laid out on the berm he picked her up and carried her back to their room laying her back in bed and then stomped back out into the living area and hit Anzasu with a body bind and then enervated her "They say first impressions are everything and let me tell you they are not kidding." He then levitated her until she was facing him "You are their mother you who are supposed to protect have brought nothing but harm today. Hild explained herself to everyone and charged me to protect the girls and I will with my life if need be. So your choice is this Apologies to all here and now or leave and never return because letting you stay means putting my future sister-in-law and the children she is carrying. Now, what do you say?"

Authors Notes: If you go back and reread the story you will note that the word length per chapter has been standardized. I am also aware the doublet system in the manga is not what I am portraying here. In the manga Doublet is a ritual where a god and a demon go into a room a ritual is performed linking the two together it also wipes their memories of the ritual and who they are linked to. I prefer to think of it linking to Yggdrasil and Nidhogg