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Someone's P.O.V

I crashed through a large bush. My blonde hair with red highlights waved as I ran. The sound of dogs hot on my trail was filling the air, but I was focusing my thoughts so the howling wind would not injures my eardrums. I began to laugh. I was making it! I just needed a clearing, or a gap in the trees big enough to – a dog was snapping at my feet now. The sound of a wolf howl brought back bad memories of the School, the whitecoats, and the Erasers, were flooding my mind. Erasers always equal bad news. They were humans, but they were genetically enhanced so they could morph into half-human, half-wolf creatures. Damn, I hated them. But now was not the time to go strolling down good ol' memory lane. Now was the time to RUN! I kicked the bloodhound in the jaw, as a gap in the trees met my eyes. Yes, yes! A clearing! But my hopes were cut short. I could see it was a fucking cliff! People would be saying, now how is a helicopter supposed to land on such a small cliff? What the hell was a helicopter anyway? I shrugged, and was about to crash through the trees, when another dog dug his claws into my back through the two long rips in the back of my black sleeveless T-shirt. I winced, then punched the dog in the face. The cliff's edge was only a couple off feet away. Please tell me I had thought of something? Wellll, I had. I dove off the edge. I was free-falling. Anyone would be saying, 'Well, dying is a lot better of an idea than being tortured. But I had a better idea. After a fell one hundred feet, I snapped open my black wings.

Yes, I have wings. Dark black feathered wings to be exact. I also had rabbit-like ears among my hair that were red, and a red tail. The ears and the tail are all of the reason I have my wings anyway. Scientists thought I would be better to experiment on because I already had split DNA. And that leads to my wings. Yes, I am a mutant-demon-human freak. But I could do much more than that. But now was not the time. I tilted my right wing to turn and fled into the night. "I found a village to sleep in!" I shouted. Careful. Said a voice in my head. Shut up Kyuubi. I answered before streaking toward the village as the first rays of light danced into the sky.


"Sakura, Sakura? Time to get up!" Shouted a voice. A girl with pink hair threw open a door. "I am up!" She shouted. Today was the day for the final testing to become a ninja in the village of Konoha. Most of the class had gotten kicked out of class over most of the year. Sakura was excited to become a ninja, so she skipped breakfast and walked out the door. The academy was right across the street form Sakura's house. Sakura was so deep in thought, that she did not notice the streak of black land on the other side of the academy. The doors were open wide, and she waltzed in, smoothly and calmly. A boy with raven hair was trapped in a corner by a stampede of fan girls. Sakura only rolled her eyes, and paying no heed to the shrieking girls behind her, walking into her classroom. Why cant they just get over that boy? I'll never understand what the hell they see in him. God, sometimes, I just want to them with a live piranha.

Just then, her best friend bounded up.

"Hey Sakura! What's up?!" Ino laughed. Sakura shrugged.

"Nothing much." Sakura replied, dropping her bag on the floor by her desk. Ino smiled cheerfully, her blond hair swinging freely behind her.

"Hey, I have a great idea! Let's go talk to Sasuke-kun!" Ino suggested, her eyes taking on a dreamy gleam. Sakura only stared at her.

"No. I'd rather just hit you across the head with a piranha." Sakura muttered, gaining a confused glance from Ino.

"Why a piranha?" Ino asked. Sakura rolled her eyes.

Because they bite. Hard." Sakura said. Ino shrugged and skipped off to Sasuke. Sakura rolled her eyes again at her friends dumb ass-ness. Iruka-sensei walked into the classroom. He looked around the room, and sweat-dropped. Sakura was the only girl in the room, like always. He shrugged. "Anyway, let's go over the transformation jutsu." Iruka said.


The boy with blonde hair jumped from roof to roof. His wings were weary, but he had to hide them. He wore a black cloak, and he looked like a normal human. Hurry up Kit. I don't like it out in the open. Said Kyuubi. Kit nodded. Kit was headed for a red building, hoping he could sleep there. But in closer inspection, he found it to be heavily guarded.

"Well, I have a way to deal with these bozos" Kit said. He reached into his pocket and raised his weapon to attack the guards.


"Did that guy just slap us with a piranha?" One of the guards asked. Kit grinned.

"It's all I had left. Well, that and this piece of sting." Kit replied, pulling out a small white length of string. Then to his shock, the two guards gasped.

"Oh no! STRING!" the first one yelled. The two dropped to the ground, bowing repeatedly.

"Please don't hurt us! We want to live!" the second guard hollered in horror. Kit only starred on in confusion. He whipped the guards on the shoulder.

"I am the mighty and powerful string king! Cower before my awesome strength in whipping bits of twine!" Kit screamed in enjoyment.

These guards suck. Kit thought. He walked into the red building, pushing his wings against his back tightly. Kit had to become a ninja to blend in with this village. Hopefully, the Erasers would not find him.


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