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Kit groaned loudly. "Hungry…I'm so hungry." The Hanyou groaned.

"Didn't you just finish that bowl of ramen?" Jiraiya asked. The flock laughed out loud.

"If you are going to learn anything about us, one is that we are always hungry." Max said happily. Kit and the others nodded in agreement. Tsunada sighed and dropped an apple on Kit's head. The Hanyou removed the fruit and bit into it graciously. Angel tapped Kit's hand.

"Kit? Is anybody going to attack us?" Angel asked. Shizune knelt down next to the little girl.

"Don't worry honey. If anybody attacks…"

"…I'll defend you, nice lady." Angel finished casually. Kit laughed slightly.

"She might not look it, but Angel is very good in combat." Kit said out loud. Suddenly, a look of disgust crossed his face. He waltzed up to a small puddle in the road, a sharpened kunai in hand. Without pausing, he knelt down and slammed the kunai into the puddle. The glistening water began to turn crimson as Kit walked away as if nothing had happened. "Why me? Always me." Kit muttered to himself.

"Why did you do that?" Jiraiya asked.

"It has not rained in weeks. And a 'puddle' was just sitting right there, in the middle of a dry-as-bones road. Six enemy ninja were in there, wanting to assassinate the Hokage." Kit replied. Suddenly, Kit froze, his nose twitching. "Uh…flock? Chiloute*."(Chiloute = Danger) Kit growled in the language only he and the flock knew. The flock's faces got grim while every human looked confused.

"Seether?" Max asked. Kit nodded. The flock gritted their teeth. Kit turned to Tsunada.

"Erasers. That's what 'Seether' means. We have a special language so others don't know what we are talking about. But Erasers are here. We gotta go meet them. Alone. You guys just wait here." Kit said before he turned back to the flock. "Kay guys. Letta ke Seether ai uik itlabs eit ira.*" Kit ordered. The flock instantly nodded. (*Attack the Erasers with fast jabs from the air.) The flock turned and dashed off into the trees. The three humans stood still, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, there was a large explosion, followed by Angels scream. There was a large, animal like figure jump onto a tree, but a hump-back figure jumped up next to it and kicked it back into the trees. Angel's war cry blasted through the air. Tsunada stamped her foot.

"I'm the Hokage damn it! Who cares what Kit says! I fight when there is trouble." Tsunada yelled. She looked back at the two others that had puppy dog eyes. Tsunada groaned. "You guys cant tell anybody what you see." Tsunada ordered before they ran off after the group of strange kids. Not five minutes after they ran into the forest, a black torpedo with red streaks came flying past them. It crashed into a tree, immediately stopping its flight.

"Ow." Kit muttered, his wings drooping at his sides and his ears and tail sagging. Kit looked at Tsunada. "I thought I told you to-" Kit began before a wolf-man tried to swipe Kit's head. Kit jumped into the air, his large black wings slightly open. Kit kicked the Eraser in the throat. "Down doggy!" Kit yelled as the wolf-man collapsed.

"KIT, WATCH OUT! WHITECOAT WITH A TAZER HEADING YOUR WAY!" Shouted Max from a far off clearing. Kit jumped to hide in the trees.

"WHAT'S A TAZER?!" Kit asked. Suddenly, a man in a white coat came out of the trees, a small machine in his hand. The three humans just starred, not knowing what the hell was going on.

"KIT, WE COULD USE YOUR HELP OVER HERE!" Iggy yelled. Kit tackled the whitecoat to the ground and grabbed the tazer. Kit flipped it over and over in his hand.

"How does this work?" Kit asked.

"Like I would tell you!" The man snarled. Kit shrugged and hit the man across the head with the tazer. Kit jumped up and pointed Tsunada, his ears flat across his head.

"I told you to wait. You know that this is our type of battle." Kit said before jumping into the air. With a loud fwip, Kit's wings snapped open and carried him away. Jiraiya pointed.

"What the hell was that?" He asked.

"That was Kit. C'mon." She said before running off.

Kit laughed like a maniac. He had learned to use a tazer. After this battle, the flock agreed that Kit would never get another chance to use one ever again. The blond hanyou shot the tazer into another eraser and shocked him. Max tapped Kit's arm. Kit turned to the bird girl. "Yah?" Kit asked.

"Uh…Kit? The battle's over. And the Eraser was already down." Max said. Kit looked back at the Eraser he had zapped.

"…oh." Kit said blankly. Max nodded.

"Yah. 'Oh'." She said, folding her wings around her. The other members of the Flock crowded around Kit and Max, chattering excitedly.

"Oh, that was so cool Kit!" Angel said. Kit cocked his head.

"What was?" Kit asked.

"How you beat so many of them!" Nudge said happily, apparently thinking the same thing as Angel. Kit looked back at all the groaning Erasers. He scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Heh heh. Yeah." Kit muttered. Tsunada, Jiraiya, and Shizune came running into the clearing. Tsunada ran up and hugged Kit, ignoring the fact that she was crushing his wings.

"I'm the Hokage damn it. Your battles are my battles." Tsunada whispered. Kit slowly relaxed.

"No matter how weird they are?" Kit asked back. Tsunada nodded.

"No matter how weird they are." She agreed. Kit looked at the flock, who were trying to hold back laughter.

"Sephra*."(Sephra = Shut up) Kit growled, and they all instantly quieted, shifting their wings and looking away. "Uh, Tsunada? You're crushing my wings." Kit said. Tsunada pulled back.

"Sorry." She apologized. Kit walked back over to the flock, the tazer still in his hand. Jiraiya and Shizune ran over to Tsunada.

"You never said that monsters would be part of your guard!" Shizune hissed. The flock froze, and turned to the three.

"Wow. Thanks." Kit muttered, before turning back to their conversation with the flock. Max suddenly grabbed the tazer from the blond mutant. Kit yelped, and tried to grab the weapon. "Hey! Give it back!" Kit yelled.

"So you can act like a maniac when we get attacked again?! I don't think so!" Max said. Kit dove for the weapon, but Max instinctively gave the weapon to Gazzy, who shoved it into his pocket. Kit recoiled.

"I'm not going to touch him! He probably has a bomb rigged to blow me up again!" Kit yelped. Tsunada came up and sighed. She thumped him in the back of the head, making the blond scream with surprise. "Don't do that! It sends a shockwave through my ears!" Kit yelled. Tsunada shrugged. The sun slowly began set, and Tsunada sighed.

"Lets set up camp for tonight." She said. Kit grinned.

"Hell yah. Sleep." He said happily.

That night, Kit and the others sat around a fire. The flock had left their wings out to cool off, for keeping them bundled up all day made them extremely hot.

"So…the fox is out of the bag." Kit muttered.

"Don't you mean cat?" Jiraiya asked, trying to act normal like, 'hey, you have wings. No big deal!'. Kit pulled on his fox ears.

"No. Fox." He said sternly. Jiraiya shrugged.

"So…you gonna tell us how you got the wings?" The old man asked. Kit thought for a moment. He looked over at the flock.

"Korane sa*?" Kit asked. (*Should I?) The flock thought for another moment.

"O'nay." They said in unison. In other words, no. Kit grinned.

"Sorry! Not gonna!" Kit said happily. The three humans starred. Tsunada was only starring because of the unfamiliar words that Kit was using.

"Why not?" Jiraiya asked. Kit shrugged.

"Don't wanna." Kit replied in his stubborn acts of his. He jabbed a finger at the flock. "And cause they told me not too."

Kit's P.O.V

I sat in front of the burning fire, leaning forward to absorb the heat. Jiraiya, Shizune, Tsunada, Nudge, Angel, Gazzy, and Iggy had gone to bed, leaving me Max and Fang awake alone to stand watch all night. I tossed another log onto the fire to keep it alive. "So…another day another attack." I said after a long silence.

"…Yup." Max deadpanned.

"And another day of not knowing what's going to happen next." I muttered.

"Mh hm." Fang sighed. I looked over at the other boy with black wings.

"That's two more words then you've said for most of the day." I laughed. Fang shrugged before offering me a can of Pepsi. Whatever that was. Hell, it was good.

"So…what now?" Fang asked. I waited for Max to answer. She was the leader after all. I looked up after not hearing anything. The two were looking at me.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"You're older then any of us. You know your way around this land. You are more of a mutant then any of us. You are rightfully the leader." Max said. I felt like backpedaling, but if I did that, I would trip over Tsunada.

"Being a Hanyou Mutant I can deal with. But the freaking leader? Next you're going to be telling me that I have to save the world!" I yelled. Max laughed, and Fang cracked a smile. I almost died right there from that smile. Fang, the emotionless guy, WAS SMILING! RUN FOR THE HILLS YONDER! DUCK FOR COVER! THE WORLD'S GONNA BLOW!

"It's almost like you knew! I was told that I and one other had to save the world. The person that told me this said that the other person was almost like an Eraser. He was talking about you." Max said. I just starred.

"Awe Shit. I aint saving no world." I said, crossing my arms over my chest. "And I aint about to lead a group of seven into the world. I have only been out of the School for a few months." I said, my voice rising every second.

"We cant ignore our destiny." Fang said. I just starred.

"Stick to your own sayings. Don't go buying Hallmark ones." I said. Fang shrugged, putting his hands up in defense. I thought for a moment.

You cant be perfect. But you really are chosen to save the world with Max and the Flock. Kyuubi said.

"Stop talking." I growled.

"But nobody said anything." Max said. She paused. "Wow. I'm on the other side of insanity now. It's kinda creepy." She said. I lowered my head between my shoulders.

"You have your voice inside your head, I have mine." I muttered. Fang looked between the two of us.

"Great. Now I'm the only one without a voice in my head. I feel so left out." He said. I looked over at him.

"You're not missing much Fang. It gets annoying. I'm counting you lucky that you don't have an annoying voice in your head all day." I said. Fang scowled at me.

"Are you calling me weak? That I cant take the annoyance?" He asked.

"No. I'm just saying I have all of the powers that the flock has. Except that whole entire blind thing with Iggy." I said. Fang sighed and sat back down.

"You have a point." Fang muttered. I grinned. I turned to Max.

"Getting that out of the way, I'll agree to be the leader, as long as Max teaches me how, and that she is second in command." I said. Max nodded in agreement.

"Fine. I'll teach you. But you will have more control over the flock then I will." Max said. I sighed.

"You know what?" I asked. The two turned to me.

"Life sucks."

A few hours had passed since the big announcement to Kit that he was to be the new leader of the flock. Now Kit, Max, and Fang were sitting in different positions, all with their wings out, and all roasting hot dogs on the end of sticks over the open fire. "I never get how Americans come up with all this shit before the rest of the world." Kit muttered. Max shrugged.

"America is very advanced. Way more advanced then these islands. Maybe if this island took down the cloaking device, you guys would get more technology." Max said. Kit laughed lightly.

"And give up all the abilities we have to the others in the world? No way." Kit said.

"Good point." Max laughed, taking a bite of a roasted hot dog. Kit nodded. The three remained silent, listening to the slow breathing of the others. Finally, Kit spoke up.

"Max? You said that you now know your mother. What's she like?" Kit asked quietly. The two across from him recoiled. Kit had never said anything like that before.

"Well…she's kind. She's basically okay with everything. As long as you don't leave your socks laying around on the floor, then you're pretty much golden. I have a half sister, Ella Martinez. She's nice too. Mom can make chocolate cookies basically from scratch. She's perfect." Max said. Kit thought for a moment.

"Do you think I could meet her sometime?" Kit asked slowly. Max smiled and nodded.

"Of course. She'll love you as if you were her own son, like Iggy, Gazzy, and over here." Max said, motioning to Fang, who showed a small smile on his face. Kit grinned.

"I'd like that. Thanks Max." Kit said with a smile.

"Another day another…oh screw that." Kit said. Max struggled to hold back laughter. Kit grinned. "Iggy. You're about to walk into a tree." Kit warned. Iggy jumped to the side, and tripped over a rock, before crashing into Gazzy.

"Hey!" Gazzy yelled.

"Not my fault! Kit said I was about to run into a tree!" Iggy yelled. Kit burst out laughing.

"You were. In about five thousand feet!" Kit laughed. Nudge, Angel, and Max joined in. Tsunada suddenly appeared and hit Kit in the back where his hidden wings connected to his back. Kit yelped and spun around. "What the hell?!" Kit yelled.

"We're on a mission. C'mon. We don't have time to be making fun of a blind guy." Tsunada said. Kit grumbled to himself and walked on, his tail swishing around behind him. Without looking up, Kit said:

"Iggy. Rock on your right side, five paces." Kit warned. Iggy laughed.

"Oh yah ri-" Iggy never finished, for he tripped over the large rock. Guess what? Iggy learned for the tenth time in his life what dirt tastes like! Hurray for the blind mutant freak! Iggy stood up.

"Told you." Kit muttered.

"I thought you were kidding!" Iggy moaned.

"Nope. You should really trust what I say." Kit said, smiling. "I'm smiling, Iggy."

"Cause that worked out so well the first time." Nudge said from a few feet away.

"Well, there really was a tree…far from where he was walking though." Kit said. The flock laughed, while Iggy pouted the best he could through his own laughter. Jiraiya was keeping a secret eye on the young blond. He could sense a large amount of chakra radiating from the six kids, but even more from the blond boy, Kit.

"I bet I could teach him…" Jiraiya thought out loud. Tsunada flicked the old man in the back, but the attack felt as if an elephant had stomped on his back several times.

"Don't even think about it pervert. No way are you going to teach the boy to kill himself." Tsunada said. Jiraiya grinned.

"Let's let the boy decide for himself. Hey Kit! You want me to teach you some awesome jutsu?" Jiraiya asked. But Kit was in the middle of a chess game, that he was somehow balancing on his right wing, against Iggy. Amazingly, Iggy was winning, having one of Kit's knights, most of his pawns, and had the queen in his…um…sights…kinda. Kit grinned, and moved his queen to the side. He whispered a word that sounded like 'Waffles'. Iggy moved his hand around the board until he found his king. He moved the king over so it was out of the range of the queen. How a blind kid knew what was out of range and what was in it, nobody would ever know. Kit was grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm grinning, Iggy. And Check Mate." Kit said as he used a Bishop that had been hidden among Iggy's ranks to capture Iggy's king. Iggy pounded his fist into the 'table' that held the board.

"DAMN IT!" He roared. Kit yelped as Iggy's fist connected with his wing.

"Watch it Iggy!" Kit ordered while folding his wing back in under his cloak.

"Sorry. I'm blind." Iggy said shrugging.

"That's always your excuse!" Kit yelled, throwing his arms in the air. Max leaned back between the two of them.

"That's because he is Kit." Max said before leaning forward. Kit crossed his arms over his chest and began to grumble to himself.

"Do you want me to train you or not?" Jiraiya asked.

'Yah whatever. As long as it does not involve a dog crate or painful experiments." Kit muttered. Shizune and Jiraiya starred at the blond. "Long story." Kit, the flock, and Tsunada said in unison.

"Awesome! Here." Jiraya said, throwing a water balloon to Kit. "Just pop that and-" Kits used his claws, poking holes in the balloon and popping it. "I meant with your chakra." Jiraya said.

"Oh. You coulda just said that." Kit grumbled, grabbing another water balloon from the old man. "So I just use my chakra to move the water around, popping the bubble with the pressure?" Kit asked.

"Correct." Jiraya responded. Kit starred at the balloon in his hand while the group walked. The flock watched in confusion. Jiraya sighed, and took out another water balloon. "Perhaps a demonstration is in order." He said. In an instant, the ball began to spike, and exploded. He handed another one to Kit. "Now you try."

Kit attempted to shatter the ball, focusing his chakra. The ball began to spike, but then calmed. "What the hell?" Kit asked. He tried again. Nothing. Kit, grumbling to himself, threw the balloon to Gazzy. "Here." Kit grumbled. "I'll try later. We're coming up on a village." They all looked to their right. Sure enough, there was a village. "What. The hell. Is that?" Kit asked, pointing to the middle of the village, where a giant snake was rampaging.

"It looks like a giant summoning snake." Jiraiya said. Suddenly the snake vanished.

"Was a summoning snake." Kit said, grinning crookedly. He began to walk to the village, before turning and looking over at the others. "Shall we?" Kit asked, motioning down at the village. The others immediately followed.

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