Chapter 1- Old Friends, New Allies


DS9 is under siege. No reinforcements are available and Federation citizens are being evacutated under fire from a Dominion fleet. Benjamin Sisko stood in front of a Bajoran temple on the station addressing the Bajoran people. "I want you to know that while we were keeping the Dominion occupied, a Starfleet-Klingon taskforce penetrated Dominion space and destroyed the shipyards at Toras III. Our sacrifice bought them the time they needed. I say this to every Bajoran not only as the Emisary of your Prophets, but as a Starfleet officer, I will return. Sisko to Defiant…one to beam up."


Captian's log stardate 54588.2: It's been two years since we successfully delt with the Prophet of Truth and the Halos. But Starfleet is now in a major conflict of its own now and we are losing badly.

Picard sat in his ready room reading report after report of grevious losses among the fleet, but not so grevious among ground troops. The situation reminded him of the Human-Covenant war that Starfleet had helped end. In space Starfleet has been defeated several times, on the ground however is a different story thanks to the instructors the UNSC provided after their war. So far Starfleet has refrained from asking them for assistance. Suddenly the comm pinged. "Captain, you have an Alpha priority communication from Starfleet Command." Said Riker. "Acknowledged." His screen popped up and Admiral Janeway appeared on the screen. "Admiral Janeway how good to see you again."

"Jean-Luc, how would you like a trip to Earth?"

"Ours or the UNSC's?"

"The UNSC's, although we are in desprate need of ships more than troops I believe we can add their's and the Covenant's firepower to ours."


"Hurry Jean-Luc, we're losing space and ground every day."

"I will." She signed off. "Picard to bridge, helmsman set a course for Earth, maximun warp when we get there take us straight through the rift."

"Aye sir."

A day later the Enterprise arrived in orbit above earth. Without stopping the starship hurled into the rift. Picard stood on the bridge. "Hail Cairo Station." He said.

"Channel open sir."

"Captain Picard, a pleasure to see you again." Said Lord Hood

"Pleasures all mine Lord Hood; however we're not here on a vacation. Would you mind if I beamed over?"

"Not at all."

"Very well I'll be over in a moment." the channel closed "Number One you have the bridge."

Picard beamed into the control room of Cairo station. He looked around at the faces of the crewmen and was surprised that they had not stared at him when he beamed in. Lord Hood stood behind him. "Two years of working with transporters, we got used to them real quick."

"Lord Hood, may we talk in private?"

"Of course, follow me."

Lord Hood led him to a small conference room where they both sat down. "Now Captian what can I do for you?"

"You are aware that we are in the midst of our own major conflict."


Picard explained the situation to Lord Hood and explained that Starfleet needed ships more than they needed troops.

"I have been authorized by Starfleet to formally ask for the assistance of the UNSC and the Covenant." He concluded

"Of course, we'll provide whatever assistence we can and I'm sure the Arbiter will gladly lend any assistence he can."

"Thank you Lord Hood, if you would assemble your fleet as fast as possible along with the Arbiter. We are losing space every day."

"Of course, I'll contact the Arbiter when you leave."

"Thank you. Picard to Enterprise, one to beam up."

Picard dissappeared in blue light.

Lord Hood walked out onto the bridge of the Cairo. "Get me the Arbiter and Fleet Admrial Harper online."

"Channels open sir."

The Arbiter and Fleet Commander appeared on screen. "Gentlemen, thank you for responding so quickly, we're in a bit of a hurry here so I'll be brief. The Federation is in the middle of a war that they are losing and from what I've heard it's almost the exact same situation we were in a few years ago ourselves. They've asked for our assistance in this war. Arbiter, how soon can you have a fleet ready?"

"The 2nd fleet can be at Earth by the end of the day." He responded.

"Good, Admiral Harper I want you to get a small taskforce together as soon as possible."

"Yes sir."

"Hurry gentlemen, time is of the essence. Lord Hood out."


The Arbiter turned to his assistant, "Get me the 2nd Fleetmaster online."

"Channel open sir."

"Fleetmaster, get your fleet to Earth as soon as possible, Lord Hood will fill you in on the details, sufice it to say we're going back to war."

He then turned to his helmsman "Take us to Reach, best speed."

"Yes, Arbiter."


Picard sat in his chair on the bridge; they were preparing to head back to their own earth when the sensor operator yelled, "Sir, a squadron of Dominion attack ships is coming out of the rift!"

"Red Alert, shields up. Standby weapons contact Cairo station and tell them we need reinforcements."

"I can't get through to them sir. The enemy ships are jamming our communications."

"Sir, new contacts, looks like a small Covenant Fleet coming out of slipspace."

"Open fire on the lead Dominion ships as soon as we're in range. Geordi try to reestablish communication with Cario station and that Fleet."

"Aye sir."

The Enterprise wove through the small Dominion fleet like a wolf among sheep. Phasers and torpedoes rang out destroying or disabling several Dominion ships. Suddenly a flurry of plasma torpedoes impacted the Dominion ships. Several melted through the hulls of the fighters.

Just as fast as they appeared, the squadron of Dominion fighters dissapeared in flame.

"Sir, the Elite Fleet is hailing us."

"Captain Picard, this is Fleetmaster Natomee of the 2nd Fleet."

"Thank you for your assistence, if you would't mind accompanying us through the rift, Earth may be under attack if Dominion ships are here."

"Of course, we will burn their ships into nothing."

The Enterprise-E went back through the rift to find an embattled fleet of Federation starships fighting not only Carrdassians and Jem'Hadar but Breen as well. "Enterprise to Covenant Fleet, concentrate your fire on the nearest enemy ships."

"Acknowleged, all cruisers fire at will, burn their mongrel hides and launch all fighters."

The Covenant fleet split into elements each going after one ship at a time. Jem'Hadar fighters vaporized after being hit simultaneaously with several plasma torpedoes. Sereph fighters were launched which added even more firpower to the fleet. Then the rift flucuated again a fleet of twenty UNSC vessels appeared. "This is Fleet Admiral Harper, we are engaging the enemy."

Picard contacted him knowing his ships were more manuverable. "Admiral, concentrate on the Breen ships."

"Acknowleged, all ships launch fighters, lock all Archer missiles on as many Breen ships as you can."

"Targets locked sir."


Hundreds of Archer missles streaked through space, impacting several Breen ships. Only a few were needed to penetrate the shields (Archer missiles had been improved with anti-matter warheads thanks to Starfleet, however the UNSC has yet to come up with a name for them.)

"Sir, Archer pods are expended."

"Fine, send our fighters after the remaining ships. Our MAC guns wouldn't do much here there are too many ships between us and a target and the other ships are too fast."

Suddenly five massive Jem'Hadar Cruisers dropped out of warp, and engaged the fleet.

Harper turned to his weapons officer "Forget what I just said, all ships lock your MAC guns onto the closest Jem'Hadar Cruiser and fire when ready. All Starfleet ships, we're preparing to fire our MAC guns at the Cruisers, clear the area."

"Sir, the fleet reports MAC gun solutions online and all guns are charged."


Twenty beams of fire shot through space and impacted the shields of the cruisers. The first ten shattered the shields; the last ten broke the ships into smaller pieces which promply blew up. Soon after, the remaining enemy ships broke away and headed back to their own territory.

"Enterprise to Covenant and UNSC fleets; we greatly appreciate your assistance."

"No problem Captian."

"The pleasure was all ours."