Author's note: I know Genesis of Aquarion (Sousei no Aquarion) is relatively new, but this story takes place following the first version of the story. To recap at the end Sirius, Apollo and Toma seal the Aquarion inside the earth after a passionate farewell between Apollo and Silvia.

"He's alive dammit!" The girl wit blond hair practically snarled. The last merge had been terrifying and revealing; not to mention dangerous. It had been a long time now, but that was for the better. "They're all alive." She wanted to cry, her face twitched with a sea of rebellious emotions. Commander Fudo sat patiently behind the desk his arms folded across his chest. He sighed. The older strawberry blond at his side looked empathetic. Fudo said nothing in response, he just remained stoic to her continuous assault.

"Silvia listen to me. We all understand what you're feeling, and your motives. But right now we just don't have the resources to expend on this goose hunt." She ended her statement wit ha soft smile. Silvia's strong facade was wearing off. She was breaking down, and the tears tumulted. Like large silver drops they fell from her face and onto the desk. She slammed her fist.

"No! You listen to me. I can feel in every fiber of my being that Apollo and Sirius are alive. Every moment I'm not awake I am with them. They keep calling out to me. And No one will help me find them!" The older woman moved forward to comfort her, but the young woman bolted out of the room. The door slid closed after her. Silence fell. Finally Fudo spoke.

"I know what you're thinking Sophia. The answer is still no. Their is no conclusive proof as to the Aquarion team still being alive. Not to mention now that Aquarion is sealed away we have no way of finding them." Sophia faced him, her lips trembled.

"Do you have any idea what that girl is going through; she saved the world and lost both her brother and lover in one swoop. You could have a little compassion at least." She shook her head. "Then again you don't remember what it means to fall in love do you Gen?" She placed both palms on the desk in front of him. "I'm going to do what ever I can..." Fudo opened his eyes from his listening state. He locked eyes with her.

"Don't let your emotions cloud your judgment." He sat back regaining his composure. "If you help Silvia you'll put not only this base at risk, but that unborn child's life as well. Gods know why it happened but we have to do what ever we can to protect it and it's mother. If you let Silvia go gallivanting off in her state we may lose them both." Sophia stood back her arms pulled around her protectively. "The earth may be safe, but the human race is still in turmoil. We owe it to the men who sacrificed their lives to preserve that girl and that baby." She hung her head and bit her lip.

"I suppose you're right. I'll go talk to her." She headed for the door wiping her eyes. The door opened and she took a deep breath.

The sound of a girl crying could be heard through the hallway. After the death of her brother Silvia had decided to move into the dorms with the other Elements. She had her own room but she still had neighbors and recently she had been regretting her decision. She ran as fast as she could until she was safe within the privacy of her room. She sniffled and forced her face into her pillow. She wanted to forget everything, at least when she was dreaming she could see them again. She trembled head to toe and rolled onto her side, holding the pillow close.

"Oni- sama. Apollo-kun." Her tears returned, she couldn't stop, her body heaved and convulsed with sorrow. She kept crying until she fell asleep. Her mind drifted back to Atlantis. It was no longer the cold dark shadowy realm she remembered. It was somewhere warm and glowing. They were their waiting for her.

A soft knock on the door pulled her back. Silvia's blue sore eyes opened lazily. She trembled with cold. She yelled the door was open and a surprising face appeared. She didn't bother to get up. She heard the timid female voice of Tsugumi. She had grown fond of the girl, a meek brunette overflowing with affection.

"Silvia. I thought I heard you crying." She said as she made her way through the dark room. She sat on the edge of Silvia's bed and found the blond a little dazed. Her mind flashed back.

Following the disappearance of the real Aquarion and its three pilots the Elements still had the military version, of which Silvia and Reika had assumed command of. It was during that merge, just after the incident. The military Aquarion had become useful for large scale operations and rescuing civilians from partially destroyed buildings. It was Silvia, Tsugumi, and Reika; an all female team.

"Nenshin." Tsugumi relayed.

"Gattai", Reika said.

"Go Aquarion!" Silvia called confidently. The three vector planes aligned in a triangle and the magnetic pull drew them into formation. As the bots began to converged the pilots began to align. The warm light around all three was tremendous. Tsugumi, then Reika, and lastly Silvia. The two women and Silvia knew immediately, their thoughts and will perfectly aligned. At first no one said anything, at least not until after. It was a glorious experience. At one time all three women could feel a life growing inside them. It wasn't Tsugumi who had told, but the Commander and Sophia found out. Maybe it had been Reika, or even Silvia. That had been over two months ago. And from that moment on maybe even before then Silvia had been crying every night and insisting on searching for their missing pilots.

"Silvia. I brought you something." Silvia lay motionless. Tsugumi stayed to comfort her. She stroked her hair and hummed a little. Silvia didn't say much. "When you close your eyes you see them huh? I heard you tell Rena that." She said softly.

"Yes." She whispered. She hummed a little more.

"It's a book. I brought you a book." Their was no response. "I'll leave it on your desk when I leave. It's about babies. Just think, it's a good thing though. After all you are from a good family and the base is a good place to learn things and make lots of friends." She waited until Silvia had fallen asleep again. Then she left the book and departed.

As the door closed she said a little prayer: a prayer that Silvia's heart would mend and that she would find happiness again. As she exited she came face to face with Sophia. The woman stood against the wall opposite the door.

"Is she any better?" The older woman asked. Tsugumi shook her head.

"She cries all the time. She screams sometimes too, at night. We all hear it, but nothing any of us say will remove her sadness." Sophia nodded.

"Fudo sent me to talk to her. I think if maybe Rena has a heart to heart she can use her craft to help." She sighed. Tsugumi turned to go. "Tsugumi. How do you feel about all of this?" The brunette shrugged.

"I don't know what I feel." She smiled a little. "But I know I'm happy for Silvia. She lost everyone she's ever loved, but at least she'll have a way of remembering them...forever." She began to walk away.

"Maybe, but who knows if that will be a good thing." They both departed in opposite directions.