From somewhere in the Digital Dimension, Andrew Tries his hand at poetry. Still depressed from the loss of the love of his life, he writes the depressing thoughts down on paper to form poetry that brings him closer to having the closure that he so craves.

From a saddest of times come the most beautiful things

I give you


Tears run down my face
every time I think about the things that were taken from my life that I can't replace
The thing I miss the most
is when we used to lie
on a bed of roses
but now I cry
for tonight I lie alone
on this bed of frozen tears and broken dreams
and as rest my broken spirit against the hard surface of the ice
The day then came that I turned away from Christ
I think about our love we used to share
and it is truly more than my heart can bear
Some of these days I sit alone and cry
for the love I lost the day you died
The gunshots will ring in my mind
till we stand at those pearly gates of white
and wait to be judged, together

By Andrew Kitsune

Dedicated to the love that was taken prematurely in the attack that killed you,

I love you Rena, and I always will.

I will see you again in eternity.