CRUSH: Uke Ichigo Collection

This is a collection of one shots, two shots, three shots and anything in between. All of them will include Ichigo as the uke with his respective seme. There is no other uke, consider yourself warned.

WARNINGS! The following chapters may or may not include: cursing, violence, smut, yaoi, lemons, out-of-character-ness, fingering, oral sex, anal sex, rimming, fisting, blood play, sadism, masochism, bondage, and rape.

Each individual chapter will include its own warnings, but it's a guarantee that it will contain yaoi, smut and lemons.

NO UNDERAGE READERS! I cannot stress this enough, if you are considered underage in your country (or don't like yaoi) THEN LEAVE!

00 Crush: Contents 00

Chapter #: # of One-Shot or Two-Shot Pairing

Chapter 01: 0 Contents

Chapter 02: 1 Renji x Ichigo

Chapter 03: 2 Chad x Ichigo

Chapter 04: 3 Grimmjow x Ichigo

Chapter 05: 4 Stark x Ichigo

Chapter 06: 5 Byakuya x Ichigo

Chapter 07: 6 Nnoitra x Ichigo

Chapter 08: 7 Hisagi x Ichigo

Chapter 09: 8 Ikkaku x Ichigo

Chapter 10: 9 Kensei x Ichigo

Chapter 11: 10 Aizen x Ichigo

Chapter 12: 11 Urahara x Ichigo

Chapter 13: 12 Nova x Ichigo

Chapter 14: 13 Nnoitra x Ichigo

Chapter 15: 13 Nnoitra x Ichigo

Chapter 16: 14 Jushiro x Ichigo

Chapter 17: 15 Ulquiorra x Ichigo

Chapter 18: 16 Espada x Ichigo

Chapter 19: 17 Kaien x Ichigo

Chapter 20: 18 Hitsugaya x Ichigo

Chapter 21: 19 Stark x Ichigo

Chapter 22: 20 Gin x Ichigo

Chapter 23: 16 Espada x Ichigo

Chapter 24: 21 Grimmjow x Ichigo

Chapter 25: 22 Nnoitra x Ichigo

Chapter 26: 23 Ulquiorra x Ichigo

Chapter 27: 24 Shinji x Ichigo

Chapter 28: 25 Ganju x Ichigo

Chapter 29: 26 Grimmjow x Ichigo

Chapter 30: 16 Espada x Ichigo

Chapter 31: 27 Aizen x Ichigo

Chapter 32: 27 Aizen x Ichigo

Chapter 33: 28 Chad x Ichigo

Chapter 34: 29 Renji x Ichigo

Chapter 35: 30 Tousen x Ichigo

Chapter 36: 31 Byakuya x Ichigo, Hitsuguya x Ichigo

Chapter 37: 32 Keigo x Ichigo

Chapter 38: 33 Gin x Ichigo

Chapter 39: 34 Ulquiorra x Ichigo

Chapter 40: 35 Shunsui x Ichigo

Chapter 41: 36 Aizen x Ichigo, Gin x Ichigo, slight Nnoitra x Ichigo

Chapter 42: 37 Grimmjow x Ichigo

Chapter 43: 38 Isshin x Ichigo

Chapter 44: 39 Byakuya x Ichigo

Chapter 45: 40 Szayel x Ichigo

Chapter 46: 41 Kenpachi x Ichigo

Chapter 47: 42 Shirosaki x Ichigo

Chapter 48: 43 Renji x Ichigo, Shuhei x Ichigo, Kaien x Ichigo, Ikkaku x Ichigo

Chapter 49: 44 Kaien x Ichigo

Chapter 50: 45 Uryuu x Ichigo

Chapter 51: 46 Yammy x Ichigo

Chapter 52: 47 Kenpachi x Ichigo

Chapter 53: 48 Urahara x Ichigo

Chapter 54: 49 Muramasa x Ichigo

Chapter 55: 50 Starrk x Ichigo

Chapter 56: 51 Aizen x Ichigo, one sided Urahara x Ichigo

Chapter 57: 52 Kira x Ichigo

Chapter 58: 53 Grimmjow x Ichigo Sequel to Equivalent Exchange

Chapter 59: 54 Aizen x Ichigo, Gin x Ichigo threesome

Chapter 60: 55 Nnoitra x Ichigo

Chapter 61: 56 Kenpachi x Ichigo

Chapter 62: 57 Renji x Ichigo, Byakuya x Ichigo threesome

Chapter 63: 58 Ikkaku x Ichigo

Chapter 64: 59 Starrk x Ichigo

Chapter 65: 60 Grimmjow x Ichigo

Chapter 66: 61 Aizen x Ichigo

Chapter 67: 62 Grimmjow x Ichigo

Chapter 68: 62 Grimmjow x Ichigo

Chapter 68: 63 Zangetsu x Ichigo

Chapter 69: 64 Nnoitra x Ichigo

Chapter 70: 65 Kenpachi x Ichigo

Chapter 71: Special- Grimmjow x Ichigo

These are the requests I will be writing, some have been slightly modified or elaborated on to suit my style and plan for the one shot. The user names of the readers who just specified a pairing are at the beginning, and the ones who requested a specific plot are in between the parenthesis.

AizenxIchigo: A follow-up to Confession in the Twilight. (Ladyaffirmed) AU Aizen is the president of the student council which Ichigo is trying to enter in order to get into the college of his choice. (Pk2008)

Arturo PlateadoxIchigo: AnsemMesna

ByakuyaxIchigo: MissTaken, Blue-eyed fox, Chibi Tsuki Hikari, BlackSenbonzakura2.

GanjuxIchigo: Ichi doing a lap dance or stripping. Ichi goes to a club and then he meets a sexy guy who starts flirting with him. (Pickle Reviver)

GanryûxIchigo: AnsemMesna

GinxIchigo: Blue-eyed fox, Golden Kitsune

GrimmjowxIchigo: Grimmjow in his released form. (Atsui)

HanataroxIchigo: Nusku

HitsuguyaxIchigo: Chibi Tsuki Hikari. A m-preg (LadyAffirmed) Toshiro used his soul ribbons to restrain Ichigo. (NoiNoi)

IsshinxIchigo: Pickle Reviver

KazeshinixIchigo: Windrider15

KeigoxIchigo: Windy Rein


KenpachixIchigo: AU Kenpachi needs a baby-sitter fore his hellish adopted daughter Yachiru, but all previous sitters he's hired never lasted a single night. He gets the number of Ichigo from his co-worker Nnoitra (who's little sister Neliel is also a handful) that may be able to help. (ShadowofLight)

KomamuraxIchigo: [[My note: I don't write bestiality, so Komamura will be human.]] BelleTiger

KonxIchigo: Windy Rein

Maki IchinosexIchigo: AnsemMesna

MayurixIchigo: After Unohana stops Mayuri from healing and modifying Ichi he kidnaps him anyway takes him back to the lab. They end up having sex Ichi asks Mayuri to remove the mask beforehand. After the lemon Mayuri concludes there are no modifications he can make to Ichi's body...yet. That or Nemu is killed by a hollow on a mission and Mayuri doesn't know how to deal with his pain until his new lieutenant (Ichi) shows up, maybe Ichi in Nemu's uniform? (Blacksebonzakura2)

NnoitraxIchigo: Sequel to experiment (many)

RenjixIchigo: Renji makes Ichi wear a butt plug all day then when he comes home Renji does him in front of a mirror. (Blue-eyed Fox)

Ryō UdagawaxIchigo: AnsemMesna

RyuukenxIchigo: Neosildrake (no rape)

Shirosaki (Dark Ichigo)xIchigo: Theydo it on a trampoline. (KuroIchi30866) I'd love you to write something where we still have our uke-Ichigo, but make him experienced and confident about himself in a way that matches Shirosaki. Shirosaki is a bit too rough, and it would be good to have Ichigo match him a bit more in strength. Still Shirosaki be taller, broader, whatever, but have Ichigo beat him at something. (Mulle) Work scene. Could be canon like Ichigo gets a part time job, Shiro gets bored and screws him at work...Or AU like Shiro and Ichigo are co-workers. () Ichi is a kitty and Hichigo finds him on the side of the road and takes him home and then Ichi turns in to a sexy human/kitty. (Kera-Izaki)

StarrkxIchigo: AU Ichigo has to work long hours to help his father. He doesn't reveal to anyone that he's working in the redlight district (faking the age of eighteen, he's really sixteen). But he doesn't go too far, he gets the clients so distracted, that he slips a drug into their drink, or tells them it's a 'blank' drug. They pass out for a few minutes, then when they come to, they believe the sex was so good, it made them pass out. Ichigo has had the job for nearly a year so far, and no one suspects anything, UNTIL-a family friend of Isshin, and teacher of Ichigo, spots him in the redlight district. (xXMistressMadHatterXx)

SzayelxIchigo: Szayel is a senior in high school and Ichigo is a junior. Desperately in need of a tutor for his biology class, he hires Szayel who uses a more hands-on approach. (RamecupMiso)

TousenxIchigo: BlackSenbonzakura2. Tousen is an art teacher and Ichigo is his student. Ichigo doesn't know how to paint, but Tousen wants to teach him. (LovelyandDeadlyRosesandLilies)

UlquiorraxIchigo: BlackSenbonzakura. Something sweet and romantic (IchigoRenji) Ulquiorra realized that Ichigo is a hybrid in the real world and captures him. Ichigo still starts picking fights and Ulquiorra shows him his place. (saria19)

UraharaxIchigo: SylarsBitch, Chibi Tsuki Hikari, Wisdom-jewel Ichigo has a past bad relationship and Urahara proves he can be loved. (NoirCalifornianLapin) Urahara agreed to "tutor" Ichigo in a subject matter. OR Ichigo offers it up as payment for some service. (Dorkchic) Kisuke's secretly a Vizard and decides to put Ichigo in his place. (AJS)

YumichikaxIchigo: When the Shinigami come to the human world Yumichika uses his own way to convince Ichigo to let him stay with him. ()

ZangetsuxIchigo: Muramasa accidentally awakens Zangetsu's lust for Ichigo and takes him away to have a good time with him. (BelleTiger)Zangetsu has watched Ichigo for years, but hasn't said anything. Surprisingly Ichigo is the one who makes the first move. No Shiro please. (femalesupersaiyan5)

THREESOMES/MORESOMES- Format of IchigoxSemeA/SemeB

IchigoxByakuya/Shiro/Renji: HappyGirl21

IchigoxKenpachi/Hitsuguya: Jade

IchigoxKenpachi/Grimmjow: Hershey Kisses Love

IchigoxGrimmjow/Ulquiorra: LadyAffirmed

IchigoxGrimmjow/Starrk: Starrk and Grimmjow are hybrids (wolf and cat respectively) who is their owner or worker at a pet shop. They agree on a truce when another guy begins to flirt with Ichigo. (Warrior Nun)

IchigoxGrimmjow/Renji: Ichigo poll dances for them. (VioletEyes)

IchigoxShunsui/Jushiro: Neosildrake.

IchigoxByakuya/Hitsuguya/Aizen: Not necessarily all three of them. Ichigo is a male concubine, and Toushiro, Byakuya, and Aizen are nobles that fight for his possession. (Narutobleachfan101)

IchigoxUrahara/Shinji: Ichigo overwhelmed and inexperienced. (Naomi M)