Pairing: Kenpachi x Ichigo

In celebration of solstice, FuzziBunniez and I wrote this together =3 I love working with her and I am currently working on another story with her which is a Starrk x Ichigo.

Summary: Vampires have one special time of the year where they choose to drink from one person and exchange their life's essence. It is a very special moment which is not taken lightly and it is an honor to be chosen. Kenpachi is an outcast to the vampire society and never expects to be chosen by the very sought-after Kurosaki Ichigo. But when he is, sparks fly.

Warnings for the usual sex, yaoi, cursing- also some vampirism and the blood play that comes with it. Fuzzi hasn't done a lot of this, so I enjoyed corrupting her :3 kukuku

When we were working together there was a lot of copying and pasting, so please let me know if there are any formatting issues =D Like paragraphs getting squished together, etc


Ichigo watched him from afar. Zaraki Kenpachi, the one outsider no one else paid any attention to. To Ichigo, Kenpachi is a fine warrior, always so full of brutality and confidence. Admiring him is like breathing to Ichigo. But in this coven, relationships are a tricky situation. Just wanting Kenpachi isn't enough for the council to let his feelings be known.

He waited patiently for the one night a vampire could pick and choose anyone to drink from. Refusal isn't allowed, and the only rule is... you must allow them a fair taste.

Gathering his courage Ichigo walks up to the solitary figure near the bonfire and points a finger at Kenpachi. The gasp could have snuffed out the very flames.

At first Kenpachi thought Ichigo was pointing at someone else. He had to be. Except that there wasn't anyone else around him, seeing how he was the outcast. Ichigo locked eyes with him and Kenpachi felt something burn deep inside. He wanted the orange-haired vampire. Wanted him to sink his teeth deep into his neck before Kenpachi did the same. Wanted to take, take, and take from him until Ichigo had nothing left to give except for his entire being.

Kenpachi stood slowly, ignoring the murmurs that began to shift through the crowd. They meant nothing and Ichigo meant everything. When he reached Ichigo, Ichigo ran his fingers through Kenpachi's long dark hair while his normally brown eyes burned an icy blue. Kenpachi grinned and willingly allowed Ichigo to push him down onto his knees on the ground so the shorter vampire could better reach him. Ichigo inhaled sharply at the sight and looked at the outcast with hunger.

"Do it," Kenpachi crooned and Ichigo groaned with the effort it took him to restrain himself. He bent down the short distance it took to reach Kenpachi kneeling and nuzzled Kenpachi's neck. Kenpachi hissed at the unexpectedly gentle touch. He would have been able to handle it better if Ichigo had been rough or violent, but this tenderness did things to Kenpachi he hadn't felt before.

The tangerine beauty's mouth watered as his fangs itched to sink into Kenpachi's neck. Kenpachi was one of the most powerful vampires not only in the coven, but also in the continent- maybe even in the world, and his blood was sure to be delicious and intoxicating. His tongue darted out to lave the area with his potent saliva certain to both numb the area and make it ultra sensitive to pleasure.

The other vampires neither said nor did anything as Ichigo could no longer hold himself back and sunk his teeth into Kenpachi's neck. Almost instantly the effect hit both of them. Ichigo made a noise that was between a moan and a whimper as the blood pooled in his mouth and took over his senses. It was absolute ecstasy- for Kenpachi, too.

Kenpachi knew that the night was going to end with Ichigo underneath him one way or another- with a bed, or without one. He would do Ichigo right there if it wasn't for him not wanting others to see Ichigo naked. But then they would know Ichigo was his, then. Yet at the moment he knew that he was just lucky to have this beautiful, tender creature at his mercy this sacred night- or rather, the other way around, for the moment at least.

Ichigo knew that he was in trouble when the arousal came. It wasn't just his from the satisfaction of drinking delicious blood, but Kenpachi's sexual allure as well. Not to mention he could literally taste the desire Kenpachi felt for him in his blood. It was like a jolt of lightening from his navel to his groin and Ichigo actually had to grab Kenpachi's shoulders to keep from falling. He felt the vibration of Kenpachi chuckling in his ear and moaned as the man took a hold of Ichigo's waist and slid him down so he was on his knees like Kenpachi. His fangs slid out of Kenpachi's neck with a wet sound and Ichigo lapped up the elixir with a purr.

Kenpachi's hand moved up Ichigo's strong back before sliding into his hair. With a gentle tug Ichigo was bent back enough for Kenpachi's fangs to puncture that tempestuous golden skin. The flash of stinging pain was more than Ichigo expected. "K-Kenpachi... not so rough," he whispered to his partner only to feel the sharp fangs dig deeper into him. Ichigo's fingers would have curled into fists if not for them quickly clutching at Kenpachi's back.

Heat streaked through his neck from the voracious lips on his neck sucking without mercy. His amber eyes were shut tight, the brow furrowed, not in anger but something else. Then two strong hands grabbed at his bottom, squeezing harshly and lifting so his knees left the ground for a moment. Ichigo could only grab on tighter to Kenpachi to keep from being knocked on his side.

Surely they must be a spectacle to everyone there. Ichigo pushed at Kenpachi's chest only to hear a deafening growl. "B-But people are looking at me."

"Let em stare," Kenpachi barked in response. Irritated that he had to give up his sweet spot to reply, his teeth found a new place and latched on. By then he could hear Ichigo gasping. Each tiny sound drove him to want more.

"I think that is enough," a cold voice and a hand on Ichigo's shoulder broke the momentary bliss. Ichigo blinked in response as he was pulled away from Kenpachi and pushed over to a chair. He sat there with a four gaping holes in his neck while his eyes constantly searched for Kenpachi.

"I didn't expect it to feel so good," he told himself as he touched his neck. But the dark haired vampire was gone and the blood left on Ichigo's hand was the only proof they ever touched. Would they- he and Kenpachi both- have to wait another year before feeling that again? Ichigo hoped not- and he was going to make damn sure that if for some reason he did have to wait, it wasn't going to be because Ichigo let the others stop them, or because Ichigo didn't take the initiative.

Ichigo spent the next few days in a quiet brood. Nothing seemed to satisfy him anymore. He looked for Kenpachi but repeatedly was told to forget about that 'beast' and move on. Ichigo, however, didn't give up so easily. He looked all over the place and was constantly asking everyone he came across despite their obvious distaste for Ichigo's obsession. However, after a week of hearing nothing Ichigo was he getting frustrated.

He snapped off the light to his room and sighed deeply and collapsed onto his bed. With his thoughts only on one person, he murmured the name of the person he wanted with him right now. "Kenpachi, where are you?"

"Right here Ichigo," a voice echoed in the room as Kenpachi grinned nonchalantly despite his sudden appearance at Ichigo's bedroom door.

"Where the hell have you been?" Ichigo is quickly shaken from his stupor and scowls at Kenpachi, leaping out of the bed with a fist in the air. "I thought they chased you off or worse!"

"Tch, bullshit," Kenpachi scoffed and wrapped a hand around Ichigo's wrist. Yeah, that should get his attention. "I want you."

"Y-You do?" Ichigo's expression does a one-eighty as he can't help but blush at the simple confession. He shifted from one foot to another and looked to the side to mutter, "Good."

"Heh, you ain't in control of me Ichi," Kenpachi said as he yanks Ichigo against him, his right hand shoving underneath the waistband of the younger vampire's sleeping pants. He knew exactly what he wanted and he meant to get a sample- maybe even the whole platter if Ichigo would let him.

"K-Kenpachi!" Ichigo once again found himself crushed against Kenpachi's chest with a strong calloused hand sliding between his ass cheeks to fondle his entrance. Kenpachi was moving very quickly and Ichigo didn't know if he wanted to make him stop. The large digit made circles around the sensitive pink passage and sent a wave of pleasure filled excitement through Ichigo's body, making Ichigo choose instantly.

Before Ichigo could dwell on his decision to 'go all the way' for the first time, Kenpachi covered Ichigo's mouth with his own and swallowed up the gasp. He loved the pure reaction, both innocent in its own way and honest, and Kenpachi's cock instantly swells, his groin aching to grind into the solid hips next to his. Undaunted by Ichigo's trembling, nervous response, his finger pressed further into the virgin entrance, forcing the smooth, tight muscles to spread.

Oh he is so tight and warm that Kenpachi can't help but shove deeper inside, searching for a place to make Ichigo feel good. The orange haired vampire quivered in discomfort and pain and let out a long groan that quickly turned into shock as something inside was brushed up against once, twice, a third time. Ichigo bit down on Kenpachi's lower lip. He felt so incredible, his body humming and felt ready to burst.

Kenpachi pulled away to admire the lustful, wanton look on his lover's face and pushed another finger deep into him. Ichigo gave a sharp cry that sent a pulse of heat through Kenpachi at the sound. Although he wanted everyone to know that Ichigo was his, he didn't want anyone else to hear him. So with reluctance he covered Ichigo's tempting mouth with his hand to stifle his cries and moved his fingers roughly inside of Ichigo without hesitation.

In retaliation Ichigo sank his sharp teeth down into Kenpachi's fingers, making the larger man hiss and press harshly into Ichigo's prostate. Ichigo moaned and lapped at Kenpachi's bloody fingers in dazed euphoria while pressing himself closer to him.

Removing his hand from Ichigo's mouth and the other from his entrance, Kenpachi picked Ichigo up and settled him onto his lap. He pulled down his pants just enough to free his erection and slid his blood-slickened hand over his large organ. Ichigo clung to Kenpachi and gnawed on the vampire's neck feverishly while allowing him to lift Ichigo's hips up and line his cock to his soon-to-be lover's tight entrance.

He pulled Ichigo down abruptly and the orange-haired beauty let out a sharp keen before burying his teeth into Kenpachi's neck. Kenpachi hissed in pleasure and pain and yanked Ichigo's hips so he was seated to the hilt without hesitation. Ichigo let out a muffled cry and froze for a moment before he shuddered in pain. Despite of that he was lulled by Kenpachi as he crooned uncharacteristically sweet things in his ear. His strong lover soothed the hurt by stroking Ichigo's hard on and allowed Ichigo to gnaw on him harshly. Ichigo purred in pleasure and relaxed minutely, making Kenpachi sigh as the tight grip on his cock lessened.

Ichigo's golden skin glistened with sweat and his hands searched over many imperfections and scars on Kenpachi's back. Ichigo didn't mind them though and he clung to him like a lifeline as he bucked his hips for more. Eager to feel and fuck, not to mention very turned on my Ichigo's wildness, Kenpachi's hips twitched and the brief calm ended. He surged up with a snarl and his dark eyes slipped shut to listen to every sigh, gasp, and yelp of pleasure that Ichigo produced.

Soon Ichigo was panting heavily as he was penetrated as deeply and harshly as possible. He was being repeatedly thrust into with Kenpachi's thick, hard cock and it was both agonizing and exhilarating beyond belief. His head dropped down to lie on Kenpachi broad shoulder and the pressure in his body took over, making him unable to think. Kenpachi quickly rolled Ichigo over onto his back and lifts his legs up spreading him wider, taking full control of their union.

His darks eyes watched as his cock vanished into Ichigo's hot moist entrance, completely mesmerized by the sight. It was the sexiest thing Kenpachi had ever seen and it was making him lose control. His hips jabbed faster, encouraged by the sultry expression on his lover's face and the obvious pleasure Ichigo felt.

The throbbing in Ichigo's body increased. He could literally feel himself wrapped around Kenpachi's cock with every thrust. "It's so good," he growled between his clinched teeth and he would have been embarrassed with how desperate he sounded if he even cared at that point.

"Say that you're mine," Kenpachi demanded in a low, gruff voice as he braced himself with one arm above Ichigo's delicious body. "Say it."

"F-fuck," Ichigo gasped out, arching his back and twisting the sheets in between his fingers. Heat was building up in his groin and he couldn't think straight. At the moment he was ready to give Kenpachi anything he wanted in order to come.

"Say it!" Kenpachi said again, but this time he wrapped his long fingers around the base of Ichigo's cock firmly, keeping him from cumming and making Ichigo whine in frustration. "My mate."

"Ken-Kenpachi!" Ichigo stuttered and pressed hard back against the vampire. He mumbled something under his breath and blushed, turning his head to the side and not looking at Kenpachi.

"What was that?" Kenpachi murmured softly in a tone the surprised Ichigo and turned Ichigo's head back so he was looking up at him. "I couldn't hear you." He jerked his hips harshly and Ichigo cried out in both discomfort and pleasure.

"I said I'm yours!" Ichigo said much louder and Kenpachi grinned in satisfaction. He hoped that the last shout was actually heard and then it would be known who Ichigo belonged to.

He finally released his grip on Ichigo's cock and stroked him firmly, making Ichigo quiver. Kenpachi was fascinated with the way his mate arched and gave an almost distressed cry as he cummed. That was all it took for Kenpachi who gave a growl that Ichigo associated with that of a predator who caught his prey. The look of euphoria on Ichigo's face and the tight heat clamping down on him pushed him over the edge of oblivion and Kenpachi had never been so happy to fall.

Ichigo's body spasmed around him and dragged his orgasm from him in the most pleasurable way. Kenpachi nuzzled Ichigo's sweaty neck and sank his teeth down into the pulse which had been tempting him for so long. Ichigo gasped and tilted his head back for better access. He reached up and gripped Kenpachi's long hair like a lifeline, his eyes going glossy with the pain and pleasure that mixed together for a perfect la petite mort.

Kenpachi drank from him with feral ferocity and only pulled away when he was on the brink of draining him. Ichigo panted, his chest heaving in exhaustion and satisfaction. His vampire companion watched him with both pride and possessiveness evident on his face. He stroked Ichigo's hair tenderly, not yet removing himself from Ichigo's passage, and murmured something that made Ichigo's half-closed eyes snap open.

"What do you mean, mate?" Ichigo said in confusion and tried to sit up, but winced in pain when he noticed that Kenpachi was still inside of him. "W-wait a second!"

Kenpachi ignored him and rolled them so Ichigo was pulled against his chest, fitting perfectly against the nook his arm made.

"Kenpachi!" Ichigo said insistently and Kenpachi kissed him again with love and pure happiness before abruptly pulling out and making Ichigo gasp. He frowned and stroked Ichigo's sides lovingly before he teasingly pretended to go to sleep. "KENPACHI!"

Said vampire cracked an eye open to look at him. "Did you want to go again?"

"That's not the issue here!"

"Oh, but I still need to clean you up…"

Ichigo shouted in surprise as he was manhandled underneath his 'mate' yet again and Kenpachi pressed his legs up and apart. His next shout was of quite a different sort as an inquisitive tongue began to 'clean' him.

"All right, all right, I'm your mate! Just stop!" His protests segued into gasps and moans as Kenpachi made use of his fangs once more.

"Too late now Ichigo, I must claim you once more."

That night Kenpachi made very sure that Ichigo knew exactly who he belonged to.


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