This is the PROLOGUE to the story, as in years before. Okay in this chp I know it MAY seem that Jasper is a little TOO protective of Alice but this represents how I think he'd treat her if she were human and could die that much easier. And to add to that, she's even MORE fragile then a normal human. So there's how he treats her as a vampire, and how you think he'd treat her as a human (even more protectivly)... but what if she had a heart problem ontop of that? And anything could damage her heart and kill her? And what if on top of that, too, people always tried to do her harm? How protective would he be then?

It's not THAT Alice Jasper considering (it kinda is, in memoires) this is the prologue... so THIS is...

P.S. I know this would make a good one shot (I think it would) but It's not so don't worry.

"Hey Alice, ready for the movies?" Jasper asked me, taking his jacket off to give to me. I had forgotten mine at school again, and even though it wasn't that cold, Jasper wanted to make sure I didn't get sick. He was really protective of me.

"Yeah, I can't wait!" I turned to my parents standing at the kitchen door.

"Keep her safe, Jasper."

"With my life." Jasper vowed, his face serious. My dad knew Jasper would literally give his life to save me.

"Bring her home by eleven." My dad said in his all business voice.

"Dad, it's not a date! Twelve!" I complained.

"I said no."

"Dad, I'm always with him! It's not like you can't trust him."

Jasper spoke for my dad. "Alice you're usually at my house, or like wise. He just doesn't want you around town that late. It's your safety he's worried about."

"Well I'm not spending the night with you, so I'd like to stay with you until twleve. It's not like our parents mind. Besides, yours aren't even home."

Jasper sighed. I was too stubborn for him sometimes.

"How about eleven thirty? If that's all right?" he asked my dad.

"All right. But no later."

Jasper nodded. "You have my word sir." Even though they were on a first name basis, Jasper never used anything but formal language when I was concerned.

"Have fun." My mother smiled.

"We will." I said, and we left.

We drove to the theater in comfertable silence. Jasper turned the radio up a little from a soft hum to a talking loud when my song came on. I smiled and looked out the window. Jasper knew what I liked, and he was careful about everything around me, too. Nothing could be too hot, too cold, too loud, everything had to be as perfect as it could around me.

I was so lost in thought I didn't notice we arrived until Jasper shook me gentally.

"Jasper, I'm not a china doll you know." I smiled at him and joked.

"You are to me." His face was serious but then he grinned. "Come on. Don't want to miss the movie do you?"

"Nope." I said, my smile widening as I jumped out of the car.

Jasper came around the side of the car to me and walked with me to the movie ticketer with his hand on my back. We ordered tickets and Jasper held the door for me.

"So Jasper, what do you want to buy? Popcorn? Slushies? Nachos? How about Bunch-a-Cruncha?" I asked leading him to the food counter.

"Let's go with nachos. They're probably the healthiest thing here." he said, shaking his head.

I took his hand and dragged him to the line. He didn't like this one bit. The food wouldn't kill me, but he figured that by how many times I had not been killed that something as small as food could. Things like that happened in the world, he explained to me. He's not my brother but he might as well be, except he's more protective then a parent.

I didn't notice when we had made it to the front of the line until I heard Jaspers voice say, "One order of cheese nachos please? And a water." Jasper paid and thanked her then we walked to the movie.

When we sat down he handed me the nachos and some napkins he grabbed. Halfway thorugh the movie I whispered to him, "I have to go to the restroom."

"Alright." And he stood up, took my hand, and we walked to the restroom. He stood outside and waited for me, and I was sure he was listening for any problems. It might seem a little weird that he goes everywhere I go, but it's to keep me safe. People like to try and off me, at least the people I go to school with, because they think I'm a freak. I left my stall to wash my hands and another toliet flushed. As the girl stepped out of the stall I froze. but Tess just walked past me, washed her hands, and left. I exited the restroom and the moment I was out Jasper gripped my hand tightly.

"I just saw Tess. You alright? I didn't hear anything."

"She didn't even see me." I assured him.

With him more at ease we entered the movie again.

When the movie was over, I took Jasper outside the theatre to the hall.

"That was fun." I said, wrapping my arm around his waist.

"Well I'm glad you liked it." he said putting his arms around my shoulders.

We walked out of the door laughing our heads off.

"So it's ten thirty and we have an hour left. Where would you like to go?"

I pretended to think a moment.

"How about we go the The River?"

Jasper sighed. "That place? You could fall off the platform and into the cold water." He emphasised cold. "Shock could kill you alone."

"Jasper please." I begged. "It's close to home, so if I do fall in, once you jump in and save me in the ten seconds it would take when it comes to me, we're right by the house, too. Just two miles off." I looked right into his eyes to see I was winning. He couldn't deny me anything I wanted, just like he couldn't not be overprotective.

I didn't want to drive him crazy so I didn't ask him to let me do anything too dangerous when I was around him.

We stepped out into the cold night air. Jasper looked at me, and I knew he was making sure that I had my jacket on.

We made it to the side walk when someone started yelling. A quiet conversation got loud.

"No, I said the money was due today!" The man yelling pulled out a gun, and though it was pointed no where near me, Jasper got infront of me.

"I don't have it." the other man said.

I watched him cower and thanked God it wasn't me.

"Well then you're going to pay for it." The first man cocked the gun, ready to pull the trigger.

It was then Jasper left his position in front of me.

"Jasper, no." I whispered, but he ignored me.

"Excuse me, but there are people here, and I believe someone called the cops. So I suggest leaving before they come, because even if you shoot someone and run there are enough people to identify you. Not only that but I do believe you're the one that everyone's looking for, so I ought to keep you here." Jaspers' voice was deadly calm. He knew that this man could shoot him at any time, and it might be fatal. I also know he wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't here.

The man seemed confused as to why on earth a 14 year old was talkign to him.

The man looked no more then 23, and had a scar over his right eye. When he talked his draw was slow and southern.

"Go away boy. This doesn't concern you." The man started sweating.

"But sir, it concerns everyone here. You made them a part of this when you pulled the gun."

The man looked around and seemed to notice the big crowd of people watching him for the first time.

"What are all y'all staring at?" he bellowed. His voice was panicked, desperate.

"So you see," continued Jasper, "you really aren't going to win this one."

Just as he said that the cops pulled up. Before they reached the center of the ring of people, who parted for them immediatly, Jasper was already by my side, holding onto me tightly, and walking me to the car.

"Are you okay?" He asked, holding me out in front of him when we reached the car.

"Yeah." I said, but my voice shook with fear, and my heart hurt a little.

Jasper saw right through me.

"Just calm down during the car ride, and I'll take you." He looked at me sternly.

"Okay, I can do that."

Jasper opened the door for me, and I climbed in. I watched him shut my door and knew he was relieved I was okay. He climbed in and silently started the car. There was no music, not even a quiet hum until halfway to the River.

The River wasn't even a river at all. That was just a name we have called it since we were kids. In actuallity it was a large preforance area on a man made lake.

When we arrived, Jasper beat me to my side and opened the door for me.

"Your heart better?"

"Yeah, it's fine."

Jasper grinned a little. "That's good."

I looked at Jasper and as a thought hit me, I grinned. Seeing my grin Jasper groaned.

"Come on, I'll race you!" I said excitedly.

"Alright. Ready, set, GO!" and we both took off to our spot in the middle of the platform.

As quick as I could I ran through trees, but when I reached the platform, Jasper was sitting there grinning. "You'll beat me one day." He promised.

"I don't beat you at anything." I fake pouted.

"You beat me at dance." he guestured to the platform under him with his hand he wasn't leaning back on.

"Yeah, but I'm not going to go anywhere with my skill. Besides, people always tell me I can't make it."

"Don't listen to them, what do they know? You're really, really good."

"But my heart problem. They might be scared I'll drop dead."

"You're good so far."

"No one believes I can make it."

"You're right. No one believes you can make it. I know you'll make it. And I'll come to every preformance rain, sleet, hail, tornados, and/or even being hospitalized. Even if I'm dead I'll be there. Nothing will stop me from seeing my best friend acheiving her dream."

"Four years is a long time to keep that promise." I said doubtfully. "You could get tired of me or move away."

"Alice, I promise, where ever I am, even if I hate you or vise versa, I'll still go."


"I promise. Now get up and show me how you're going to dance for their representatives!"

"Alright." I laughed. I got up and danced around him, spinning and leaping, before I playfully collapsed on him.

"You were great Alice! You'll make it with flying colors!"

"Thanks Jazz." We were both laughing, me still laying on top of him, when we heard a gunshot.

Jasper stopped laughing immediatly, and put me in his lap with his arms protectivly around me, surveying the area.

He lowered his head to my ear. "That's not right. There's nothing to hunt here."

Another gunshot fired, and it sounded closer. Then another, even closer then that.

"Alice, listen to me, I want you to stand up and run ahead of me and run up to and enter the storage room. Do not make a sound, do not scream. I'll be right there with you." Another shot sounded a few feet inside the tree walls. "Come on Alice, now." He dragged me up and pushed me a little and I ran as fast as I could quietlly run on the wooden platform to the storage door. I pushed it as hard as I could but it wouldn't budge. A half second later Jasper was right beside me, unlocking the door in less then five seconds and getting me in first. He put me closet to the wall of the tiny closet and stood in front of me closet to the wall so I wouldn't be in plain sight. After we both got in, he turned the light off and locked the door.

Another gun shot sounded, and I made a tiny noise, not loud enough to hear from where the man was, but loud enough for Jasper to cover my mouth with his hand.

"No noise. It's okay Alice, no one will hurt you."

Soon enough, we heard gun shots from somewhere in the covered area of the ampatheatre. Jasper silently wrapped his arms around me and buired my head in his neck, proably to muffle any noise that I could accidently make.

"Come out, come out boy! I know you're here!" a naisly voice said mockingly. "I followed you here. You got my partner in trouble, and that wasn't very nice of you." Another shot sounded closer to the door, and Jasper squeezed me closer.

"Come out, come out boy! If you come out now I won't hurt the girl you're with. You're here somewhere boy." Another shot and he was right infront of the door.

Jasper stopped breathing and I held mine, too.

"Are you in here?" He tired the door but it was locked. He grunted, and I thought he didn't think anyone could be in here. A few moments later his footsteps faded. My body involuntarily relaxed until I felt Jasper shake his head and draw my head closer into his chest.

"Don't scream." was all he said before a banging sounded loudly on the other side of the door. With him holding me so tightly I couldn't even jump. Thankfully I didn't scream. Another grunt sounded on the other side of the door.

"Where are you boy." He growled, obviously angry he couldn't herd us out of our hiding place. "I'll get you, and your precious girlie, too!" He promised. Something must have caught his attentino becuase he started away quickly, his heavy footsteps pitter pattering away and around the corner at a quick pace.

Jasper held me a few more minutes, before he kissed me softly on the forehead and sighed in relief and released me from his tight grip for the time being.

"Come on, we have to get out of here." He unlocked the door and we crept outside. "Quietly Alice."

I nodded and knew he saw me because he turned away from me and started surveying the area.

Silently, he led me out of the covered area and into the open area of the theatre.

We were doing really well in the darkness, almost to the frontline of the woods, when I heard a click followed by a soft hum and saw the lights of the theatre start up. In about five seconds, Jasper and I were completely revealed and at the mercy of the light.

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