An Unexpected Occurrence

Nix Wolfwood


It had been years since her traumatic experience on that God forsaken island. She had learned a lot during the time she spent there. Although it was not something she was going to attempt ever again. The other campers were insane, she nearly died any times, and green jelly. She did not hate the entire experience. She learned a lot of things, like how to handle tough situations. There were definitely parts of it she missed. Mainly one part.

Or person. Having left the island because someone tampered with the votes, she was not expecting to leave when she did. She was just starting to step out of her comfort zone and truly experience the benefits of the island. Well, really only one benefit. Now all she had to remember him by was a creepy tiny skull he had thrown at her when she was leaving via the dock of shame.

She knew she was never going to see him again, but for some reason she kept the thing with her in her purse. She never took it out, so nobody else knew she carried it with her. Many times she thought of throwing it away, but she never had the strength. She wanted to keep it. Needed to. It served as a reminder of who she could have been. Made her a stronger person. Which was the excuse she gave herself every time she reached in a felt in sitting in there.

Throughout the remainder of her time spent in high school she did date a few guys. The relationships never lasted because she always ended up comparing them to him in some way or another. She would always end up breaking off the relationship before anything became serious. It was not like she planned on it. She tried to find guys that were nothing like him, and could not stand how not like them they were. It was a stupid game she played with herself. She was hoping to trick herself into forgetting about him and failing miserably at it.

Her parents just assumed that her relationships never worked out because she just had not found anyone she was seriously interested in. It was not hard to believe, she was still young. The problem was actually quite the opposite, she had found someone she was very interested in. He just was nowhere near here and would probably never be again.

She had lost any chance she had with him when she left the island. She hated loosing, and worse than that, she hated admitted she had lost. To make it even worse, she was not upset because she had lost him. She was upset because she was actually starting to fall for the ogre. And she had yet to meet anyone who could keep her from thinking about him.

It was the summer before college and she had decided that it was time for her to move on with her life. Nobody, no matter how cute they were, was worth this. She would find a new guy at her new school. She would forget about him. Her time on the island would just be some horrible dream. And she would just date someone who she liked. She would not try to find the opposite of him or even someone just like him. She would just find someone. It was the only way she would be able to get over him.

It was not healthy to dwell on some guy she would never see again. Especially if the one guy was him. Egotistical, criminal, and moody. She could and would do much better. She just had to find a way to restart her emotions and get over the boy she was not supposed to like in the first place.