The story is just starting out, so I'm not writing long chapters yet.

She packed up her essentials that summer, bringing them to school a week before the semester began. She was alone in the room for a couple of days, which gave her enough time to set up her part of the room to her liking. She was fairly tidy and did not bring that many things, but she managed to find good spots for everything. Even the bathroom had enough space for her stuff and plenty of room left over for her new roommate that she would be meeting soon enough.

After she got used to be alone in the room, her roommate showed up. She was a very friendly girl. A few inches shorter than Courtney with short black hair. She came into the room with a few duffle bags, dropping them on the empty bed and making her way over to Courtney.

"Hi," She smiled politely, putting her hand out for Courtney to take it. "The name's Sam. I guess you're my new roomie."

Courtney did not know how to react to this girl. She was nothing like she expected. She was nothing like, well, herself. She greeted her and introduced herself. They shared small conversation about their majors and what year they were in.

Turned out Sam, also known as Samantha, was in her second year. She knew more about the campus and promised to show Courtney around. Although the offer was greatly appreciate, and Courtney made sure Sam knew how much she appreciated it, she asked for a rain check. She wanted to get to know her classes and everything she would have to see every day before she tried to soak everything in too fast and get confused.

Sam was very understanding. She told Courtney that if she ever wanted to take her up on the offer, she would always be available and they would definitely have to go to her favorite local coffee shop right by the school when everything was settled.

The offered was agreed upon, and both of them went to setting up the room for the two of them to be comfortable. Courtney was a big help to Sam, helping her fold clothes and put them away in drawers. Her help was very much needed, for Sam was not nearly as neat as she was.

They had a few key differences, but there was definitely a connection. This year was going to be a good one if things progressed this well. All that was left to do was actually attend her classes.

Waking up the next morning, she noticed Sam was already left, her bed unmade. She didn't know if it would be overstepping her boundaries, so she left it alone and made her own bed.

Hurrying to the cafeteria, she made it a little before the rush. She grabbed a few items and sat down at a table, looking around the room. There were certainly a lot more people than she had been eating with throughout the last few days. She knew it was because classes had officially started.

Looking around the room she was impressed with her surroundings. There were a lot of nice looking guys and she was feeling more confident that the year would go the way she had planned.

Her first few classes of the day were fairly interesting. Everyone was going over their syllabus, nobody really got into much. She saw even more cute guys in some of her classes, and she was even more sure of herself.

She knew at least one of them would help her forget all about him. It was time to move on and find a new guy. It couldn't be healthy to dwell on some guy she would never see again, especially one such as him. She would just restart her heart, as corny as that sounded, and get over the boy she wasn't supposed to like in the first place.