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I wouldn't say I'm clairvoyant or anything, crystal specialist, yes. As I child I had strange dreams, or nightmares really, that came true. When I was little I didn't understand. I had a dream my grandmother died, and a week later she was gone, just like my dream. I had a dream my pet cat was killed by a skimmer, a week later my cat was dead. I was so little, I didn't understand it all. A bit later in life I had a dream my parents were killed. I told them about it, but no one listens to children. A week later, dead. Not all my dreams were bad. I had a dream I met a red headed boy, a week later I met Aerrow. These dreams came few and far between, but I could always tell the difference between a dream, and these dreams.

I awoke with a start, I had a dream….One of "those" dreams. It was Aerrow being killed by Dark Ace for protecting me. I cried and cried at first. I was going to lose Aerrow. I was going to lose the person that makes my smile wide, my heart race, and my life full and happy.

I'm not that kinda girl, to just give up. So I planned, and planned every way I could avoid or save that situation. I would think, go to bed, and in my dream my plan would be put to action. Every night I failed, until my third try. I was so desperate I was thinking "god, if you could take me instead of everyone else that would be ok" That night I dreamed I died by being blown off the ship, and everyone was ok. I was going to edit this plan as much as I could. If worst came to worst, I would save Aerrow, who I knew would save the world…And make some girl very happy. My heart broke a bit when I thought that.

I wasn't going to give up without a fight though. I pondered many ways to save myself. "parachute?" I said to myself while tapping my lips. "no, Ace would see…I need something…something that makes him think I'm dead". Later that night I saw My brave leader Aerrow walking in the hall and I remembered the gliders on his back. I smiled to him with a blush and ran to my room. With some hard work, I had a serious small and stealth pair of wings to hide under my clothes and not just my uniform. My death would look real, I hoped the wings would hold. I had to test them. I walked to the hanger bay and opened the door and walked out.

"Just a quick glide and come back in" But that thought and plan was cut short, I saw Dark Ace. I had taken too long. The fight happened. I remember Aerrow fighting hard for me.


The next thing I know I feel pain, a falling sensation, and blacking out. At least Aerrow was ok and alive.

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