A Wild Adventure

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This story was a result of a pesky little plot bunny that has been bugging me for ages. I ought to set Ravage on it but he's run away. ;p. Enjoy and review please.

Chapter one

Ever had one of those days when everything goes wrong. Lisa was. First of all her alarm clock did not go off, then her little brother had used her homework to draw pictures on. It had taken 3 hours to write her essay and now it was ruined. She nearly missed the school bus, got a detention for missing essay, even when she showed the teacher the ruined copy. The last straw for Lisa was when Trent DeMarco decided to start flirting with her. She turned to tell him to get lost and as she walked away, he grabbed hold of her bra strap and pinged it. That was a big mistake in her books as even her little bother did not do that as she had exploded at him one time, making him cry.

This time, she rolled up her sleeves and ran full charge at Trent, lifting him off his feet and smashing him to the ground. She shouted at him "You don't touch me, ever ! Do I make myself clear?". He nodded at her and with the help of his friends, got up of the floor and ran off. Lisa said to the onlookers that she had enough of jocks like him from the last school she was at, so he got what he deserved. Many of them agreed and said if she wanted to meet up anytime after school or weekends, she could. As she walked away, the Principal called out "Miss Mason, My office,now!",which made her miss the bus home. She phoned her mum to tell her that she was stuck at school in detention and she would get a taxi home. Her mum was furious as she had only started at Tranquility High School three weeks earlier. When Lisa got off the phone to her mum, she walked to the classroom where the detention was being held. Luckily Trent was not there but there were a few others in the room. She sat down and stared out of the window and wished that she could go on a wild and exciting adventure.

Be careful what you wish for. ;)