A Wild Adventure

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Chapter 20 - Epilogue

7 months later...

Bill was shouting down his headset as his new race car driver thundered round the track, overtaking the current race leader. "keep going Roddy, you've only got one lap to go and the championship is in the bag".

Roddy ( really Hot Rod) had taken really well to racing had had quite a few bangs and scrapes but he enjoyed it. He shouted back "I love this planet, I can race without getting in trouble".

There were several other people in the room with Bill, all of them were the Autobots and Decepticons in their holoforms. Optimus cheered when Hot Rod took the chequered flag. Thundercracker said that if his alt mode was a car he'd love to race too. Ironhide laughed and said "That's only because you're an attention seeker"(no pun intended ;).

Starscream started sulking as he lost a bet with Skywarp over the race winner so he had to do babysitting duties for 2 weeks. Bill rushed up to the executive box and hugged Louisa and asked her to marry him. Louisa was completely gobsmacked and said "Yes, of course i will".

Louisa had been getting on with her children much better and had become great friends with Ron and Judy Witwicky, Her depression was getting better too. Jamie was getting over his fear of loud noises and every time Grimlock roared you could hear Jamie joining in. Hot Rod had just finished an interview with the world's press and rushed up to where everyone was. As soon as he had entered the room, everyone started cheering and congratulating him, which he loved. He saw Lisa talking to her mum and ran across the room ,picked her up in his arms and kissed her, causing her to go all wobbly at the knees. Bill shouted "Way to go, Roddy".

Everything was going well for everyone, but there was a dark cloud on the horizon - One that could effect every living thing on the planet.


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