This is something that I'm experimenting with.

The story itself is about Ikarishipping (Dawn and Paul).

The story in whole is a collection of 4 things taking place at once, and will involve the couples of Ash and Misty, May and Drew, Dawn and Paul (Duh), James and Jessie, Brock and an OC, and finally, a new villain, and a random other girl, don't know who yet.

The new villain will debut in one of these, and is the main one in all of them but the one with him/other girl story.

Well, as MXC always says: "Let's get it on!"

It was just another average day of walking around the Sinnoh region, trying to find a place to stop and rest. Ash was in an average battle against an average guy. Everything looked set tight and ready for Ash to win with his Pikachu up against the opponent's Onix. Brock served as judge.

Dawn: Whoo, go Ash!

Piplup: Piplup!

Ash: Alright, Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pi-ka-chu!

A huge blast reigned from the cute yellow Pokemon's cheeks. It blasted the rock snake and ended up making it a barbecue.

Brock: Onix is unable to battle, therefore, the winner is Ash.

In a nearby bush was a trio of no good people who basically stalked the good trio.

James: Um, Jessie, look.

James pointed over to the group.

Jessie: Oh, it's the twerp gang, I wonder what they're doing?

Meowth: You mean besides doing everything right?

The other two then pounded on Meowth's head.

James and Jessie: Negative!

The group said their goodbye's to their opponent (not gonna name a useless character) and started back on their journey. A shadow suddenly appeared behind Team Rocket. They slowly looked behind to see a man leaning on a tree, throwing a poke ball up and down.

Man: Hm, always up to no good, uh Team Rocket?

James: Wait, who are you?

Jessie: And why do you know us?

Meowth: Wait, aren't that twoip from Hoenn, the huge contest star, what was your name?

Man: I believe you want Drew.

Meowth: That's it.

Team Rocket suddenly huddled together, scared.

Drew: Relax, I'm not here to hurt you, yet.

James: Then what do you want?

Drew: I need your help.

Team Rocket: What?!

Back to the important group. The three of them had just reached where they needed to go, a city called Mercury City.

Dawn: Mercury City, Home of the Sinnoh's Finest

Brock: Hm, I remember this place, me and Professor Ivy went here once, I wonder if, no, she couldn't.

Ash: What?

Brock: Hm, oh nothing.

They walked a while until they reached the center, sitting on a bench to look around.

Ash: Oh man, my feet are tired and I'm really hungry.

Pikachu: Pika pi.

He fell down too.

Brock: Well, if you're really hungry, there's a five star restaurant all the way across town, called Chef Pizarrio.

Dawn: How about a mall?

Brock: Glad you ask..See that building over there?

Dawn: Yeah?

Brock: Ten stories, each with it's own gender and clothes. A girl's paradise, right Dawn? Right?

He looks around.

Brock: Dawn?

He looks towards the mall to see a puff of smoke.

Brock: Can't stand between Dawn and shopping, right Ash? Ash?

He looks towards the restaurant and sees another puff of smoke. He takes a sigh and falls onto the bench.

As the puff of smoke chilled down, Dawn had reached the mall, and was already shopping.

Dawn: Hm, blue skirt with white strap, or white skirt with blue strap, oh, I just can't decide.

All the way across the room, way on the other side, was a blue dressed man looking at new shoes.

Man: Only I would sacrifice a good pair of shoes to get a Fearow. And of course, the useless piece of trash only had Peck and Wing Attack.

Back on the other side, Dawn had ten bags full of just clothes. She slammed them all on the counter and gave the cashier her card.

Cashier: Wow, that just might be the second biggest payment we've had all day?

Dawn: Second biggest?

Cashier: Yeah, some red haired lady bough about five things off each rack, unfortunately, she was minus a penny, but I helped her out.

Dawn: Awesome.

Her chin was on the counter with some of her hair frizzled.

Back on the other side, the man had chosen his shoes and was going to pay for them. He glanced over to the left a bit, and noticed Dawn.

Man: Of course, the one place I actually like, they have to show up.

Cashier: Here you sir.

Man: Thank you.

He puts the new one's on, throwing the old ones in the trash.

Back on the other side, Dawn glances towards the man's direction, and instantly is surprised, getting her head up.

Dawn: No way, is that Paul?

The man stands back up and looks back over Dawn. When he notices her, he grabs a random magazine, opens it, and puts it in front of his face.

Dawn: It is Paul!

Cashier: Thank you mam.

She takes her card back.

Dawn: Oh, um, could you put these on hold for a minute?

Cashier: Of course!

Dawn waltzes over in his general direction as pushes the button on the elevator. After a few minutes, Paul throws the magazine down.

Paul: Is there something I can help you with?

Dawn: Why are you in a shopping mall?

Paul: That's none of your concern.

Dawn: Ooh, are those new shoes?

Paul: Yes, come on you stupid thing!

He keeps on pressing the button.

Dawn: So, why are you in the mall?

Paul: I'll just take the stairs.

Dawn: Why are you always so rude? I'm just trying to make small talk and you're just trying to avoid me?

He stops at the bottom of the stairs, glancing back at Dawn.

Paul: Why, because you're friends with Ash, and anybody who thinks Pokemon are friends, well, then their pathetic.

He walks down the stairs all the way. Dawn lets out a sigh.

There we go, Chapter 1.