Mrs Lovett lay awake in bed, staring up at the ceiling.

The banging and suppressed giggles coming from upstairs was not easy to ignore. Bits of plaster fell from the ceiling and she wondered if one day they were gonna do it so hard they fell right through the ceiling on top of her.

BANG! Oh Benjamin!

Mrs Lovett rolled over with a groan. Sometimes she would pretend it were her up there, doing the pleasuring part on her own of course...

But tonight she wasn't in the mood. She was sick of them both. If only her bloody Albert were home more often.

Mrs Lovett jumped at the sudden sound of someone tapping on her window.

A burglar? She thought in panic. She couldn't be sure...

Creeping over, she was relieved to find it was just her friend Mrs Mooney, waiting patiently at the window with a cheeky grin.

She opened the window, greeting the woman with a mock annoyed expression.

"Do you have ANY idea what time it is?"

Mrs Mooney easily climbed through the window and into her room.

"Thought you might be getting lonely, love..." She shrugged innocently. "I know I was."

Mrs Lovett returned her cheeky grin, returning to her bed and flopping down on it.

"Well... what a shame. I was just off to bed."

Mrs Mooney climbed in after her, snuggling up close to her warm little body. She was frozen from making her way through the night to get here.

"Get out!" Mrs Lovett gasped, flinching away. "You're freezing!"

Mrs Mooney smiled some more, inching closer.

"Best you warm me up the, love..." Her voice mockingly suggestive. She wiggled her eyebrows, before smiling again.

Mrs Lovett giggled softly as the other woman then traced her neck with kisses, working her way under the covers to kiss across her breasts.

Mrs Mooney slowly traced the tip of her tongue along the woman's flat stomach, all the way up between her breasts. Mrs Lovett shivered.

"There there, love... No doubt it's a chilly night..." Mrs Mooney inched even closer, pulling the woman in gently, her arms around her and her head resting against hers.

Then stayed like that for a while, Mrs Lovett rested her head against Mrs Mooney's, closing her eyes. Sometimes she forgot how nice it was to just have someone there, to hold during the cold nights.

Mrs Mooney ran her fingers through Mrs Lovett's hair, feeling her chest rise and fall as she breathed lightly against her. Above them, Benjamin and Lucy were still hard at it.

She glanced up at the ceiling, before turning back to Mrs Lovett with that same cheeky smile. She then ran a hand across her cheek, leaning down so their lips pressed together lightly.

Mrs Lovett parted her lips, closing her eyes as Mrs Mooney kissed her lovingly, her hand still on her cheek.

They kissed for some time, Mrs Mooney's hands crept under Mrs Lovett's nightgown, caressing her body. Her hands stayed on her breasts for some time, before slowly going down.

Mrs Lovett whimpered softly as she felt Mrs Mooney's fingers now slowly working their way inside of her. She held the woman tighter to her, her kisses harder and more passionate.

She gasped again, leaning back against the bed. Mrs Mooney was on top of her now, her breath warm and heavy on Mrs Lovett's neck as she continued to slide her fingers in and out of her.

Mrs Lovett's breath was also heavy now, her eyes closed as Mrs Mooney worked her way in and out of her, faster now, still tracing her neck with passionate kisses.

She trembled against her, though neither of them was even close to cold anymore.

"I love you..." She whispered, gasping as Mrs mooneys fingers drove themselves deeper inside of her at this.

Her lips were on hers again now, kissing her passionately. Mrs Lovett kissed Mrs Mooney harder, her tongue parting her lips.

She put her arms around Mrs Mooney, pulling her in closer. Neither of them even heard the sounds Benjamin and Lucy were making anymore. It were as if there were no one else in the world but them.

Mrs Lovett leaned back against the bed again, moaning softly as Mrs Mooney continued what she was doing, kissing down her body as she made her way to her legs

Mrs Lovett moaned again, her legs quivering. God, the woman was good at what she did. Mrs Lovett reached down, putting a hard in her hair.

"Oh god... Don't stop..." She whispered breathlessly.

She cried out as Mrs Mooney continued, her tongue did things she could never imagine achieving on her own. She tangled her fingers in Mrs Mooney's hair, leaning her head back and gasping.

Upstairs, Lucy and Ben stopped what they were doing at the sound of Mrs Lovett's sudden screams of pleasure. Lucy cast Ben a dirty look. He shrugged.

"She's a woman alone, has to do something, I suppose."

Mrs Mooney continued even after Mrs Lovett had finished climaxing. She then came back up again, lying next to Mrs Lovett's sweaty, trembling body and putting an arm around her.

"Feel better now, my love?" She smiled, as Mrs Lovett rested her head against her chest, closing her eyes.

They lay together in silence for some time, before Mrs Lovett finally spoke up.

"Don't leave me..." Was all she could whisper, her breathing still heavy as she lay there in exhaustion. Mrs Mooney played with her hair lovingly.

"I ain't going anywhere, dear..."

Mrs Lovett snuggled up against her.

"No... I mean don't leave. In the morning... I want you to stay with me forever."

Mrs Mooney sighed, pulling the woman in closer.

"Ya know I have to go. It ain't right, two women. Ya know that."

Mrs Lovett nodded, not saying anything more. She put her arms around Mrs Mooney and lay there, staring sadly ahead. Mrs Mooney leant down, kissing her lightly.

"I'll stay till the morning."

She smiled and nodded, seemingly satisfied by this. She closed her eyes again. Mrs Mooney stroked her hair and they lay together till finally they fell asleep in each other's arms