Mrs Lovett awoke that morning shivering from the cold. She edged closer to Mrs Mooney, but felt nothing.

She opened her eyes. Mrs Mooney was gone.

Frowning to herself, she rolled over again, stretching. She then got out of bed and dressed, heading down the hallway.

The clattering sounds coming from the kitchen told her she'd slept in. Lucy and Benjamin were already up and having breakfast.

"Morning, Mrs Lovett." Benjamin smiled an all knowing smile. "Did you sleep well last night?"

Lucy suppressed a giggle as she passed.

Mrs Lovett simply smiled back, last night putting her in a good mood.

"Yes I did, thank you."

She then made breakfast for herself, feeling Benjamin and Lucy's eyes on her the entire time.

"I think I'll be off to the marketplace soon," she added, quick to change the topic. "Lots of work to be done. Ya want anything while I'm out?"

They shook their heads, though still concentrating hard on their breakfasts to hold back giggles. Mrs Lovett could only imagine what she looked like- she hadn't even bothered to fix her hair yet.

She ate breakfast with them same as usual, not bothering to explain her appearance. Soon enough they got back to their usual conversation.

"Heard from Albert lately?" Benjamin asked, slicing up his eggs.

Mrs Lovett shook her head, glancing down at her breakfast.

"Not one letter. I'm afraid the gout finally got to him, poor dear..."

"I'm sorry." Benjamin said softly.

Mrs Lovett just shrugged.

"Not your fault, besides... Not like he was around much, anyways."

She quickly finished off her breakfast and headed for the sink, intent on changing the subject.

"So how was your night, then?" She asked quietly.

Lucy giggled again, Benjamin took her hand in his, smiling widely.

"Quite good, actually... Turns out we're going to have a baby!"

Mrs Lovett turned to the happy couple.

"That's wonderful news," She smiled weakly. She then turned to the door. "Well! See you soon, then..."

It wasn't till she was down the street that she finally let the words sink in.

They were gonna have a baby... A family of their own... Mrs Lovett knew she shouldn't feel so jealous, but she couldn't help but feel upset.

She stared down at the ground the entire way to town, her thoughts entirely on how she'd never have any sort of family to call her own.

The more she thought about it, the worse she felt.

By the time she reached town her eyes were watery and her heart ached. She turned away again. She didn't think she could handle seeing anyone right now.

Heading quickly as she could down Market Street, she finally reached where she wanted to go.

She opened the pie shop door to find Mrs Mooney serving some customers. Mrs Mooney knew straight away that her friend was upset.

"Be with ya in two shakes, loves..." She then went over to Mrs Lovett, putting an arm around her shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Unable to hold her feelings back any longer, Mrs Lovett began to cry, hugging tightly onto Mrs Mooney.

The customers peered over curiously, so Mrs Mooney shot them a warning glare. They went back to their pies in silence.

"Hey, it's alright..." She put her arms around her, rubbing her back comfortingly. "Don't cry... what's wrong?"

She wiped her eyes, clearly embarrassed for not being able to keep it together.

"N-nothing... I just... wanted to see ya, is all."

Mrs Mooney glanced over at the customers before sighing.

"Come on, let's get ya a nice toc o gin, eh?" She sat Mrs Lovett down at one of the tables.

Mrs Mooney brought two glasses and a bottle of gin over, sitting beside her and pouring her a glass.

"Do ya wanna talk about it?"

Mrs Lovett shook her head, before downing the glass in one go.

"It's stupid." She muttered.

Mrs Mooney refilled her glass, before pouring herself one.

"I'm sure it ain't."

Mrs Lovett shook her head again, downing the second glass just as fast before setting it down. Mrs Mooney watched in amusement, the glass in her hand not even touched yet.

"Ya ought to slow down there, love." She smiled. "Come on, you'll feel better once ya talk about it."

"It's nothing... I just..." Mrs Lovett stared down at the table with a frown. "I think I'm gonna be alone forever."

Mrs Mooney stared back in suprise. "Why ya say that?"

She was silent for a while, before finally replying.

"Me Albert... I haven't heard from him in a while... and I'm starting to think maybe he ain't gonna come back. And then Benjamin and Lucy was talking about their baby, and-"

She wiped her eyes, intent on not making another scene. Mrs Mooney put down her glass so she could shuffle closer to her friend and put an arm around her again.

"Well it's no bloody wonder them two is having a baby, the way they carry on. At least you and Albert had some decency, I could hear them all the way from me pie shop if I really wanted!"

Mrs Lovett laughed at this, her eyes still on the table. Finally, she looked up at Mrs Mooney.

"Do ya reckon I'm gonna be alone?"

Mrs Mooney smiled back reassuringly.

"Look at ya, love." She smiled. "Once the men round here find out ya single, you'll be beating them off with a stick."

Mrs Lovett laughed again, smiling gratefully up at her friend.


Mrs Mooney smiled back, putting a hand to her cheek.

"Anytime, love."