6 Hearts; Vincent & Yuffie

Authors Note.

This is one of six pieces I will be writing collectively titled 6 Hearts; name of pairing (Yuffentine, Link & Midna, Will & Lyra, Taang, Naruto & Hinata). Each of these will consist of 6 drabbles (exactly 100 words each) and will either be in 6 chapters, one drabble per. Chapter or six drabbles in one chapter. This one will be the former.

The main reason for the title is because these are what I call loveheart drabbles, how it works is that I use as prompts the short, soppy messages on Lovehearts (the sweets, small, round, sugary, tubular packet). The six hearts series is built around 30 prompts 5 pairings, 6 prompts per pairing and once you factor in doubles that's a whole lot of sweets.

Best Mate

Vincent Valentine was a silent, subtle man. Used to expressing friendship in small -often unnoticed- ways.

Such as carrying a drunken Cid home; following a visit to his friends at "the free bar".

So it was that Vincent slung Cid over one shoulder and left, only sparing a glance for the cackling ninja spiking Barret's drink with Colon Blow ©. Unfortunately, with an insight possessed only by the very clever and the specifically drunk Cid had noticed Vincent's glance and all the others before it.

This could only mean one thing.

"I betta be your best mate."

"…Best man."

"Shame diffrensh."