Leera looked through the bright and clearly window. She almost felt the warmth of the room on her face. So full of harmony... Leera could see a cloud in front of her face. The cold air made the night darker than it already was. She sank down to the ground. The grass was wet and covered her naked feet. It was a strange, different feeling, but also kind of interesting. Again this let her think that she didn`t belong here. Leera stared back at the black street. Her violet eyes noticed yellow lights which moved throught the darkness. Cars. She had heard the word, anywhere, anytime. Her eyes were like a bright dot and searched the other lights, but her instinct leaded her blue feet to the long plain that ended in some mountains. Leera was almost invisible. The night was as blue as her skin and gave her a scary look. Then the mountains screamed to her, silently and somehow known. The living creature turned her head up high. A tear rolled down its pillow. It was humane, and Leera missed something, something she had forgotten. A touch of warmth, a touch of love, homefeeling. However know there was nothing warm, the face was only cold as ice and the violet colour in her eyes was heartless.

She had reached a empty valley between the mountains without light and without living. Only the gloomy creature breath air in the foreign stone. Leera was waiting. For a long time nothing happened.

Then after a couple of hours the scene changed and suddenly a light appeared. Abruptly Leera moved and stand up. She turned her face directly in the new ray, so that she was blinded. A glowing circle burned in the sky. It was the moon.

Leera had doubts and her hand quirled, but she knew exactly what she had to do.

In the next moment a high voice destroyed the harmony of the nature. Her voice. The moon seemed to grow and became bigger and bigger. Leera smiled, all the human feeling was forgotten and she was ready to come back. Now the moon filled almost her whole view. The valley was brighter than it has ever been. Without turning an eyelid, Leera said goodbye to a world, where she always had been a stranger, a world where she lived a part of her life. Her mission was successful and her job was finished. In a flash the creature went to the ray, so that the moon carried it to the sky further and further to a space, which no human would ever know, right in the depth of the universe. Leera slowly lost the warmth of the earth and the knowledge how to breathe, but a sense of regret flow like teardrop in the long cosmos, lost in eternity.

Down to the earth, a young woman looked away from the black sky, where the moon disappeared in this moment. "Goodbye", she said gentle, "but I`m sure this wasn`t the last time I saw you." Her forehead was in wrinkles and so she turned around and took her way back to home. In the shelter of her family.

By Anne