Magical Kamen Rider Ranma

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It is one year after the the end of the Ranma manga and it is the end of Nanoha StrikerS.

Chapter-1 Kamen Rider meet Magical girl

It's a sunny day as we see a pig-tailed man with a strange bat type creature walking.

"So Kivat why are we heading this way again?" Asks a pig-tailed man.

"Because Ranma-san there have been reports of strange creatures attacking humans which I believe are Fangires." Answers Kivat(the bat creature)

"Oh really so the Fangires have moved to another world huh interesting." Says Ranma

"Yes it is interesting Ranma-san but I have also heared that some Fangires have already been destroyed." Says Kivat

"By who IXA?"Asks Ranma as stops and looks at the sky then backs at Kivat

"No Ranma-san it seems there is another group of humans that are able to destroy Fangires." Answers Kivat

"Thats really interesting lets hope they don't get in over their heads." Says Ranma while smiling

(At Ranma's home as he no longer lives with the tendou's a viloin in a glass case starts vibrating)

"Kivat lets go." Says Ranma as eyes widen and looks at Kivat

"Right Ranma-San BITE" Shouts Kivat as he bites Ranma's hand

"HENSHIN!" Shouts Ranma and then chains wrap around Ranma's waist as they turn into a belt and he pits Kivat onto said belt then quicksilver appears and shatters into the armor of which Clad in a full black bodysuit. The torso armor looked like a silver vest with a high collar and a blood red chestplate that mimicked muscles. His shoulder armor resembled folded bat wings that were held to the armor by thin chains. He wore red armored gloves and his wrists sported silver bracelets. His right leg was covered with a silver iron boot that reached his knee and was wrapped tightly with chains, as if to hold something back. The left leg was unarmored save for a silver bracelet around the ankle. His head was covered with a black helmet with the visor shaped like a pair of yellow bat wings edged in red. In-between the top points of the wings was a red ornament resembling a bat's head. The mouth guard was silver and framed by black fangs and heads toward where the Fangire is.

Kiva arrives just in time to see the horse fangire drain a human.

(authors note-I suck at typing really good fight secenes so I am going to skip this and go right to kiva's finisher if you have a complaint then type your own give it to me and I will put it into the chapter and credit you if not then don't complain.)

"Damn it." says Kiva as he pulls out a red Fustle and puts it into Kivat's mouth and Kivat flys off and says WAKE UP as he does this Kiva brings his arms up to himself as the sky turns dark and a cresent moons appears in the background Kiva then brings his leg up as Kivat flys around the leg the chains break off reaveling a red interior with three jewels in the middle thenKiva jumps into the air and comes down on the fangire making the fangire impact with the ground and a strange symbol is made into the graond and the three jewles light up and destroy the fangire and all that is left is a glowing ball of light which is promptly eaten by a living castle that was hidden until now.

"Chew and swallow properly." says Kivat to Castle Doran

"Well thats one less fangire to worry about." says Kiva

"Very Impressive but I am afraid Kiva you are going to have to come with me." Says a 19 year old blonde hair girl.

"Who are you?" Asks Kiva looking at the girl

"I am Fate T. Harlaown and I am to bring you to the Time-Space Administration Bureau." Answers Fate

To be continued...

Hello Kivat the third here next time on Magical Kamen Rider Ranma..Kiva has his hands full dealing with this Fate girl and whats this Time-Space Administration Bureau she talked about hmmm could she be with those humans that are destorying the fangires oh well stay tuned for the next chapter Kiva vs. Fate Enter Garulu Form. Break the Chains of Fate WAKE Up

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