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"WHAT why would you do this to me?! Ranma exclaims

"I don't think you should add another girl me Fate-Chan and Vita-Chan are enough." Says Nanoha with a but of anger

too bad my story my rules so that means one more girl will get a chance to be with Ranma haha now start chapter 8

"Oh Really Den-O-San." Says Nanoha grinning evily

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"I see then I will have to teach you a lesson." Says Nanoha

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"There all done now readers please enjoy chapter 8." Says Nanoha smiling standing over my beaten body


Chapter 8- Trouble at the Dinner Table

"Hello Kivat here." Says Kivat... Last time on Magical Kamen Rider Ranma..Ranma and Vita had just beaten back a new type of Fangire called a Cyborg Fangire and after discovering that it was a man called Jail who created them and reported back to Hayate were they then decided to go out for dinner.

(So we are now back in the city after things have calmed down)

"So where do you ladies want to go to eat?" Asks Ranma looking at Nanoha, Fate, and Vita

"Hmmm well there are a few places that are nice, but I don't know which one to choose." Answers Nanoha

"I say we pick a place that has fresh barbeque and hot pots." Says Vita

" Well I say we go to a high class restaruant with a good dessert menu." Says Fate blushing a little

"Hmmm ok then we will go with Vita-chan's suggestion the fresh barbeque." Says Ranma

"Ok thats sounds good." Says Nanoha

"Darn I was hoping we would go with my suggestion." Says Fate pouting a bit

"So what are we waiting for lets go already." Says Vita running ahead a bit

"Heheh she seems eager." Says Ranma laughing a bit

(so Ranma, Nanoha, Fate, and Vite arrive at a Fresh barbeque restaruant and get seats)

"I just might have a decent meal at a restaruant." Says Ranma blinking a little

"What does that mean Ran-chan?" Asks Nanoha blushing a little from the nickname she called him

"Umm Na-chan please don't call me Ran-chan it really bothers me." Says Ranma wincing a bit

"Well ok then if it bothers you so much umm Ran-Kun then." Says Nanoha smiling

"Yeah that works." Answers Ranma

"All right so lets order already." Says Vita a bit impaient

(A waiter walks up and asks if they are ready to order)

"Ok ok so lets see hmmmm." Says Ranma looking through a menu

"OK I want the barbeque chicken wings." Says Vita

"Hmmm well Ran-Kun how about we get a hot pot that we can share since you can't decide on what to eat. Says Nanoha blushing

"Oh ok that sounds go Na-chan um Fa-chan what are you eating? Asks Ranma with a bit of blush on his face

"Oh well I will share the hot pot with you and Nanoha-chan because you end up with a good selection." Answers Fate blushing

"Can you make it a larger hot pot I might want more." Asks Vita fuming and grumbling a little

"Yes we can." Answers the waiter and he walks away

(So as our Hero and Heroines wait for there food they start talking)

"So Ran-Kun why does the nickname Ran-chan bother you so much?" Asks Nanoha

"...well its just a nickname from my past that was given to me by someone I thought was my friend." Answers Ranma while sighing a bit

"So what did this person do?" Asks Fate

"Well she betrayed me and tried to kill me along with everyone else in my past." Answers Ranma with a sad look on his face

"What why would these people does this!?" Asks Nanoha with a bit of anger on her face

"I don't want to talk about it right now ok." Says Ranma

"But Ran-Kun.." Starts off Nanoha but is cut off by Ranma

"No not right now Na-Chan." Says Ranma

"Man sounds like someones grumpy." Says Vita

"Be nice Vita-chan." Says Nanoha

"Its ok Na-Chan shes right." Admits Ranma

"I just can't imagine anyone wanting to kill you." Says Fate

"Did they know that you are Kiva? Asks Vita

"Not really they just thought I was a threat to them." Answers Ranma

"These people from your past were they Fangires?" Asks Nanoha

"Yeah they were I just didn't know it." Answers Ranma

"Well that is different." Says Nanoha

"Yeah but they know I am Kiva now I had to fight them to get away and thats when Kivat first turned me into Kiva." Says Ranma

"It must have been hard on you to have to fight them." Says Nanoha with worried look on her face

"Yeah it was hard, but I had to." Says Ranma

"Well at least you are ok." Says Fate blushing a bit

"Yeah for that I am glad." Says Ranma smiling a bit

*T..t..that smile so nice.* Thinks Fate blushing

*Damn him and that smile.* Thinks Vita blushing a little

(There food arrives and is set onto the table)

"Finally its here!" Exclaims Vita

"Yeah I was getting a bit tired of waiting." Says Ranma

(They Start eating when the wall explodes open)

"RANMA SAOTOME WERE ARE YOU!" Yells a man with a striped bandana

"Ryouga!?" Exclaims Ranma

"Ha there you are, Finally I can kill you Ranma under the orders of the Queen" Says Ryouga with anger evident on his face as he changes into a Rhino Fangire

"What the..whats going on Ranma?!" Shouts Vita

"A friend has shown up...KIVAT." Yells out Ranma as Kivat flys into the restaruant

"Ready to go Ranma-San BITE!" Yells Kivat and he bites Ranma's hand

"HENSHIN!" Yells Ranma as he changes into Kiva

"RAHHHH!" Screams Ryouga as he Charges Kiva

"WAKE UP!" Shouts Kivat as Kiva jumps into the Air aiming his Kick at Ryouga

(The Scene freezes as Chains appear in the corners)

"Hey Vita Again." Says Vita " Well crap who the heck is this Ryouga guy and why did he change into a fangire and just who is this queen, so many questions, find out the answers next time on Magical Kamen Rider Ranma...Explosive Power DoGaBaki Form Appears..WAKE UP Unleash The Chains of Fate

To Be Continued...

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