Awake, My Angel

Part Two: What happens when things turn out SO much better than you thought they would


Part Two: Unexpected Pleasures (There are at least three. See if you can discover them!)

We reached the Cullens house and went inside, an then Alice walked with me at a human pace up to Edward's room. She made sure I had everything I needed, including the CD with my lullaby on it, and then bid me goodnight. There was a gleam in her eyes that told me she knew something I'd want to know, but somehow I figured that I'd find out soon anyway. At any rate, I was too tired to try to pry it out of her.

I gazed dolorously at the bed. It was magnificent, with its gold coverlet and rose- swathed posts, but it was also rather dismal in its emptiness and deplorable lack of Edward.

It did smell like him, though...or, it probably did...hmm...only one way to find out!

Incited by the prospect of such an intriguing investigation, I thrust myself with great ceremony onto the bed.

And nearly fell off.

Of course.

However! In the end, I managed to rescue myself from the perilous two-and-a-half foot plunge that would have meant my demise with only slight damage to my ever-dwindling dignity.

At last, once safe, I recalled the great purpose which compelled this almost-doomed venture, and inhaled deeply.

... ... ...

I was now smitten with these pillows.




'This smell should be ILLEGAL—No, wait! It should be very legal. I want the whole world to share the joy I find in this glorious SMELL!' I thought ecstatically whilst smothering my face with pillows and blankets in a fashion that was ridiculously reminiscent of someone getting high. Not that I would know.

(OK, I know that's really OOC, but I couldn't help myself!)

It was in the midst of one of many stifled moans of purely delirious elation that I heard faint snickering from what was presumably some place down the hall. I froze.

More snickers...and then a guffaw, followed by unsuccessfully suppressed giggles.

Blood flew at light-speed to saturate my face and neck...and, quite strangely, my chest and shoulders. Weird…

'Not very attractive, either,' I noted as I glanced down in disturbed awe at the bizarre—though no unheard of—phenomenon currently taking place on my person.

Just then, or perhaps just before, a loud-albeit oddly delicate-snort sounded from the same direction, which preceded some chortling that diminished in volume until it could no longer be heard over the soft, peaceful tones of my lullaby.

I sighed in relief when the laughter stopped; I'd had enough public embarrassment throughout the course of my life without my almost-sister using her psychic abilities to see those mortifying incidents which took place when I was alone.

I just hoped she wouldn't tell anybody.

"HAH! HA-HA-HA-HA, HA-HA-HAH-OH, MAN! Ha-hah! Hah...hah...aaah…HAAAAH! HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH..."

Like Emmett.

I groaned in despair as the evidence of Emmett's raucous glee was joined with the twinkling laughter which had previously stood alone. Alice was officially not my favorite person.

'I'll never live through this,' I thought miserably, burying myself deeply in the thick covers of Edward's bed.

… … …

Eventually, I drifted off to sleep despite the occasional chuckling that drifted through the door to assault my ears. I think I even dreamed about it.

Then, though, I found myself enveloped in mist, though the sun was shining brightly, almost frostily, and I felt a strong breeze ruffling my hair and clothes. The wind was cold, and I shivered. I made no move to warm myself, though, instead allowing it to wash over me; in a strange way, it reminded me of Edward.

All I could think of was how wonderful it felt and how ironic it was that, though I used to loathe it so, I now welcomed and embraced the chill at times, all because I was crazy enough to fall in love with a man as perfect and physically frigid as an ice sculpture.

I shivered again, harder this time, and felt something move away. Sensing that this was the source of the intensely pleasant coolness, I whimpered softly, unconsciously leaning toward the direction it seemed to have left in.

In the fading, flickering vision of my subconscious, I saw myself turning this way and that, moving from spot to spot through the mist in a vain attempt to find where the wind was now blowing, as if it had formed a singular stream of air and was evading me intentionally.

I began to shift fretfully in my half-sleep until, at last, an angelic murmur blessed my ears with such sinful grace that it took me a few moments to comprehend the words that were issued on with that wonderfully cool breath.

"...Bella, hush now, I'm here, you were cold, love, that's all, I'm not leaving…"

It was so soft, like the gentlest of velvets, nevertheless it brought me at last from my doomed attempt at restful sleep, and I opened my eyes in the resplendent darkness, darkness made wonderful by the stunning presence of a certain pair of liquid gold eyes.

"Edward!" I exclaimed quietly, my voice hindered in volume by the dregs of slumber that latched onto me with barbed claws.

Edward grinned in the pale moonlight streaming in from his window and allowed me to inch closer to him, encircling with his solid, safe arms.

"Yes, my Bella," he acknowledged, kissing my forehead (!) and smiling. "Now go back t o sleep."

I looked up at him incredulously.

A forehead kiss and an order to go back to sleep? That's all I get?!

He chuckled at my expression, but then his eyes took on a yearning, almost desperate look.

"Oh, but I missed you," he breathed, placing his palm on my cheek.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from his.

"Then kiss me," I pleaded, leaning into his touch.

His burning, ocher orbs flared fiercely for a brief moment before he complied, kissing me with such veracity and pure, sincere substance that I practically melted from it. It was almost too much. The strength and reality of his being there, body and spirit, his being so intensely mine in that moment, so open and emotionally unrestrained. It was mindboggling.

Everywhere we touched seemed to burn.

Edward pulled back a little and I gasped, returning air to my neglected lungs, as he began peppering kisses along my jaw, nearly driving me mad with want.

He reduced speed abruptly and commenced to worship my neck, keeping the pace gentle and relaxed, probably hoping to help my heart slow down as well so that I would be able to go back to sleep.

It wasn't helping much.

And then, what little had been accomplished in terms of decelerating my pulse became but a dull memory when he reached the hollow at the base of my throat and let his hands possessively slide up and down my waist and back.

I think my toes actually curled, but I honestly wasn't paying much attention to things like that.

My own hands were roaming at this point, greedily running along the length of his well-muscled back and gripping at his firm, toned shoulders.

All at once, Edward grasped my wrists, pulling them together against his chest as he kissed my mouth once more, very, very sweetly, urging me away from the restless, insatiable mood we had been headed towards with an irresistible innocence and love that was too wonderful to be dissatisfied with.

We finally stopped, and he kissed me once, twice, three times again before pulling me tenderly onto his chest with the blanket held snuggly about my shoulders. I rested my head on his shoulder, which was actually quite comfortable, despite being so hard, because of its shape. It was nice, the way we fit together so effortlessly.

Edward stroked my hair, murmuring gentle words of rest and comfort, then humming my lullaby.

And, as I drifted off to sleep in the arms of my love, I remembered the secret smile that Alice had worn as she bid me goodnight. Perhaps this was what had made her so mysteriously pleased with herself.

I was too far gone to blush at the thought that she might have seen the entire thing, but I did wonder…

What else had Alice seen regarding this weekend?

APOV, recall: After putting her to bed, and I peeked into the next day...and frowned.

What? Oh, Edward, you are going to be in trouble.

Then, a slow, menacing smile worked its way across my face.

Yes, and a lot of trouble, too.

I chortled quietly to myself.

Tomorrow would be a very interesting day.

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