It's Not Easy Being Half Human

A Twilight fanfic by: omgxiixluvxhc

(title subject to change)

I'm standing in a clearing looking up at the vast grey sky above me. I can smell that it's due to rain any minute, the sky turns darker. As I rotate I stare at the trees surrounding the clearing the leaves are dropping lazily to the ground in a zigzagging pattern…

Seated in the back of a car. The leather seats feel smooth as I run my hand over the surface. I peer into the front and glance at the steering wheel, VOLVO, it announces. This is when I realize I am not alone. Two other passengers are having a quiet but tense in the front of the vehicle. There is no meaning to it, I cannot understand their words. All I hear is a low musical hum accompanying their moving mouths…

Blazing sunlight. I could feel it penetrating my skin, and it gradually became increasingly irritating. The heat above was paired with close contact with very rude people who rushed past me. A dull pain mounts to a fierce boiling under my skin. Then it begins to burn, I cannot stay here, I have to get out…

The clearing again. I'm standing in the center spinning at a slow pace. As my eyes adjust, people materialized at both tree-lined borders. Then everything began to move faster and faster until the memory faded to black and nothingness…

This is how my nightly routine goes. My dreams aren't like normal people's dreams, more like clips and snippets of memories of mine and others. When I close my eyes it's like living in a movie. My preference is revisiting something I've been through, then something a relative or friend has been through, then there are fragments. Fragments mended together are like nightmares to me. Events that have no connection and speed by much too fast to grasp the true concept leave me to wake up puzzled, dazed and terrified, coated in a cold sweat. If anything concerning me was remotely normal, Id' fall back to sleep and wake up later. Not in my life. When your parents have supersonic hearing and can tap into your mind come talk to me. I sneeze and they're on my case in a second flat. Oh yeah, that's the other thing, the lightning fast speed doesn't help either. Before I can pretend I'm asleep again, they're there. I always put up a good attempt, but fail.

"You're not fooling anyone Ness," my father dictate slowly.

"I wish I could," I grumbled under my blankets.

"What happened tonight," my mother questioned.

"Clearing, Volvo, sunlit plaza, clearing," my tired body croaked. To add to this, when you're parents don't sleep, they don't understand that you do, and it's not something to be deprived of.

"Then what," my father continued.

"Then blackness."

"I don't like this," he continued to my mother, "It's just like when they tapped into yours-"

"Calm down Edward," my mother retort, " You worry too much."

"May I please go back to sleep, the only somewhat mortal actually needs to." Yeah, that's the other quirk about my family. They're all immortal vampires and I'm half human. Talk about wanting to be original.

"Goodnight," my parents whispered as they left my room. Of course tonight happens to be one of the times when I cannot fall back to sleep, one point for team Nessie. The other slight thing that makes our family "interesting" is that I look and act no different than a fifteen (give or take a year or two) year old, while in reality I'm seven. I guess that's a cool thing about being a half-a, I age rapidly until maturity then finally get locked in time. If things didn't work in their twisted backwards ways at my house, I could have easily been high school buddies with my parents or my aunts and uncles. Something else wrong with the high school scenario would be the questions people ask about why I age so fast. That's too much for a whole human mind to fathom. I've never been to a school in my life, except in memories or on the tv. When almost you're whole family is over 100, they can do a decent job of teaching you just about everything. Mostly everything I learn just bores me. That I would say is part of the fact I am truly seven. My attention span isn't far off from that of a regular human at that age. The only thing I can dedicate myself to is music. That's something I get from my dad. I've known how to play piano for a few years now and I'd say I give him a run for his money. That's also where I get my half vampire from. The half human is from my mom. When I came around, she was still human, but she was changed minutes, maybe seconds after I was born. The whole rest of my dad's family are vampires too. None of them are actually related, but they're basically brothers and sisters to him. They're my favorite people to vent to when my parents get too much on my case. There's another person I like to vent to as well. He's been there for me for as long as I can remember, and we're practically inseparable...