A/N: This chapter is dedicated to hrssoccergirl cause a chapter of hers was dedicated to me. Read her story "The Party" I really like it.

It's Not Easy Being Half Human

(Tell Me About It)

The drive to the only ice-cream parlor in Forks Washington was at least forty minutes from home. Driving with Alice it's about twenty. Driving with Dad, fifteen, maybe ten. I didn't mind the speed, it was exhilarating. Rolling down the window I let the air blow over me and distract me from my mental dilemma.

"It's not as bad as you think," Alice told me, "Edward tried his hardest to find a reason to be mad at Jacob."

"He couldn't find one," I muttered, almost as a question.

"Nope," she replied with a grin.

"He's probably furious with me," I explained, "Everything was my fault."

"Trust me, he was too busy trying to find a loophole to be mad at Jake than dwell on that." I sighed, I feel guilty that my father should be mad at me and not my friend. I saw something flit through the side-view mirror and I craned my neck outside. For the first time since earlier, a smile spread across my face as I followed the outline of a wolf dodging trees in the forest on the side of the highway.

"I'm feeling like strawberry tonight," I chattered, keeping Alice from noting my racing heart.

"Vanilla," she replied with a grin. I stuck my tongue out. Since she didn't eat it would be mine, I don't like vanilla.

"Do you want to poke around a store for some school clothes?" I shrugged my shoulders, I don't know what she meant by school clothes, I would be wearing a uniform. After driving the remainder in silence we pulled into a parking space on the side of the road. I climbed out of the car and lightly closed the door. Someone down the street whistled at me as Alice and I walked away. She pulled anxiously against my arm as we crossed the street before we opened the glass door. I loved the smell of this place. A mixture between frozen dairy, water and soda made me smile as we wandered onto the line.

"What are we shopping for if I'm wearing a uniform," I inquired between mouthfuls of my ice cream.

"You think you're wearing what the school sends you," Alice replied with a scoff.

"I don't want to be the only one in unique clothes," I whined.

"You won't be that unique," she explained," You'll just be wearing your uniform from a high end retailer." Alice flashed her teeth in a grin and flung a spoonful of her dessert at me. I scowled and scraped it off with my spoon to eat. Shortly after finishing mine and Alice's ice cream, I saw a familiar face peek into the glass window at the front of the parlor. It took a great deal of composure to excuse myself without looking like I had motive.

"I have to go to the little human's room," I breathed. She nodded before enveloping herself into some game on her cell phone. My path was planned and I slipped into the back of the place unnoticed. With a burst of my superhuman speed I found myself in the back of an alley.

"Nice escape," a voice commented. I ran aimlessly into Jake sending him back a few steps. I pouted as he put me down to face him.

"I'm so sorry about before," I told him quietly looking down at my feet.

"It's nothing to be sorry about," he whispered lifting my chin to look up at him, "I think we should just take things slow." I sighed in agreement and hugged him.

"And I think it involves a long talk with your father."