Sweeney Todd alternate ending

This is me and grapenut in the good old times hehe, being idiots :P she was persuading me to update my story, but i had better plans...

bold = grapenut

normal = shitty chicken gang bang

so lets keep living it, just keep living it... REALLY LIVING IT! *slams oven door closed and locks lovett in*


ha. thats for lying to me. *wanders off to corpse of lucy* there was a barber and his wife... and she was beautiful...


(lovett) open up you crazy bugger! im still alive, i am!

(sweeney turns up heat on oven)



...a foolish barber and his wife...

why?! let me out! shes fuckind dead!

quiet silly woman!

leave me to brood.

damn it let me out now for toby kills you.

kill ME?! you really have lost yer marbles this time, stupid woman.. as if that stupid boy could ever manage to- *toby sneaks up and slits his throat*

oh damn.



its alright mum, e's dead now :D we's safe, we is!

wait. ur supposed to be writing.

hahaha dangit

damn it boy let me out!

im tryin mum, im tryin! the doors stuck, it is!
*sweeney rises from the dead*
*pushes toby into oven too

pull damn it!

(lucy) benjamin! im alive!

*gets disconnected, eventually signs back in*

sorry love... got disconnected. bloody cockroaches gettin into me internet again
wheres me rollin pin when i need it?!

hehe. would u like me to type the sentence again?

did u say somethin love? didnt quite catch it
(translation) yes please, grapenut )

you damn foolish boy if you had just opened the fucking door!

*gasps* mr t! that aint no way to be talkin around the lad!
wait.. that was mrs lovett swearing right XD
*gasps* mrs L! you filthy woman! go wash ur mouth out

yea. u got mixed up lol.
then open the fucking door damn it!

(toby) goddammit i don know which one of u bastards keeps swearin, but if ya dont shut the hell up roight now i swear i wont open the door at all! RWOARRR!
(mrs lovett) ...that's nice, dear.

u keep getting confused. that was her.

it makes sense in my mind XD

no. it doesnt. now go write.

(anthony bursts in) MR TODD! oh... sorry, everyone
(mrs lovett to sweeney) you really should lock ur door more often, love.

now let me the hell out!

haha who was that? XD


ohhh right
(anthony) mrs lovett, mum! (flings door open) thank godd your still alive!
(mrs lovett coughs) yeah... aint that strange. i have been burnin away for a good 20 minutes after all
ahh its just a msn convo,.. it doesnt need good continuity

fucking barbers and their tempers.

(toby) oh mum! ur all burnt!
*mrs lovett is all black* no im not... *wipes black away* its just... soot.
(sweeney) oh, for god's sake.

no shit! pushes toby back in and locks the door.

(anthony) ...did i come at a bad time?
*anthony into fire*