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When they finally arrived at the shrine in Numa no Kuni, they looked around and saw the other team with the priestess had not arrived yet.

"Are we just going to wait for them to show up" asked Stella?

"No" said Kira shaking his head.

"We are going to fan out and look for them while making our way to Oni no Kuni" he said.

"Isaribi and Stella will stay here in case they get past us" he said.

They all nodded their heads as they took off.

As the Strike Freedom flew along, Kira saw a battle happening on a nearby cliff. As he got closer, he saw Naruto protecting Shion from some stone soldiers.

"I found her," said Kira.

Shion started to back away from the battle only to step off the cliff and start falling. The Strike Freedom flew down and grabbed her before taking off.

"Got her," said Kira.

"Did you kidnap her" asked Tenten?

"No" said Kira.

"She was attacked by stone soldiers and fell off a cliff" he said.

"There are stone soldiers gathering outside the shine" said Isaribi.

"They must have been brought to life by Moryo" said Yugito.

"Let's head back to the shrine," said Kira.

Shion closed her eyes as she felt herself fall off the cliff.

"So, this is how it really ends" thought Shion.

Only for her eyes to widen when she felt herself grabbed by something. She looked at it and saw it was the metal angel from her visions.

"It's real" thought Shion shocked.

"I thought it was a metaphor" she thought.

She was brought closer to it and its chest opened. Someone came out and grabbed her before bringing her back in. Once inside, her eyes widened when she saw who it was.

"Is that you Kira" asked Shion?

"Yes" said Kira smiling.

Shion hugged him and started crying him his shoulder. Since they already have arrived at the shrine, Kira returned it and started rubbing her back.

Once she calmed down and wiped away her tears, she looked at Kira.

"What happened" asked Shion?

"You disappeared after my mother died and I was told to forget about you" she said.

"I was taken to my home country with my memories sealed," said Kira.

"I just found out about it and had them unsealed which coincided with this mission" he explained.

"But I would have come for you anyways" he added.

"Why would they do that" asked Shion?

"I don't know," said Kira.

"But my mother looked afraid when she thought I remembered everything" he said.

"What is this" asked Shion?

"A Gundam," said Kira.

"I have never seen anything like it," said Shion.

"That is because home country is outside the Elemental Nations" explained Kira.

"There is a country beyond the Elemental Nations" said Shion surprised.

"There is a whole world out there," said Kira.

He gave her a quick explanation of the Alliance, ZAFT, and Orb along with mobile suits and Gundams.

"Wow" said Shion in awe.

"Are you going to use this to destroy Moryo" she asked?

"Not yet," said Kira.

"I think we should try the seal first" he said.

"I have an idea how to do that safely" he said.

"Have you been keeping up with your training" he asked?

"No" said Shion.

"They wouldn't let me" she growled.

"They said it wasn't necessary" she said.

"They wouldn't even let me do any chakra control exercises" she said.

"I had to do simple ones in secret" she said.

Kira quickly went through all the memories he had with Shion and came to one conclusion.

"They are afraid of you," said Kira.

"Just like me," said Yakumo.

"What" exclaimed Shion.

"What do you mean" she asked?

Yakumo explained what happened to her and how Kira helped her. Shion took off a bell that was pinned to her jacket and looked at it as tears appeared in her eyes.

"Even mother was afraid of me," cried Shion.

Kira tightens his hold on her as he asked, "What do you mean?"

"She gave me this bell before she died saying it would protect me" explained Shion.

"It has protected me, but I could never control how it would and when it would" she finished.

"This will make my idea easier," said Kira.

"What is it" asked Shion.

The Strike Freedom hovered just above the shrine as its cockpit opened and Shion jumped out. She landed on the ground and ran into the shrine before the stone soldiers noticed her. Once inside, she looked around and saw she was not being followed.

She ran up to the seal and activated it as a barrier formed around her. A decrepit man suddenly jumped out of the shadows and though the barrier. He was dead by the time he hit the ground. Moryo's spirit rose out of the dead body laughing.

"You used him to get past the barrier," said Shion.

"It will not help you since the seal will soon destroy you" she said.

Moryo just laughed at that.

A large gateway appeared and dropped Moryo's body around them. Moryo's spirit dove into its body, becoming alive once more.

"I am reborn" shouted Moryo.

"NOOOO" yelled Shion!

"Now I will take your power" said Moryo.

"You will never have it," shouted Shion.

"There is no escape" said Moryo laughing.

That is when Shion noticed that the barrier was still active and could not get past it.

"Yes, there is," said Shion.

She disappeared in a puff of smoke as a bell fell to the ground and broke its chakra spent.

"NOOOO" yelled Moryo!

In the Strike Freedom's cockpit, Shion opened her eyes.

"It was a trap," cried Shion.

"The seal didn't destroy him; it released him and would have trapped me in there with him" she cried.

"Oh great, it's one of those missions" said Ino.

"Your mother wasn't killed, she was sacrificed" said Yugito.

"To the top of the shrine" ordered Kira.

They all flew up to the top of the shrine and pointed all their weapons at the opening towards Moryo's squirming body below.

"Everybody ready" asked Kira?

"Yes" said all of them.

"Fire" shouted Kira.

The Gundams fired all their weapons at Moryo, and it started screaming in pain. They kept firing until it went quiet and stopped moving.

"Is it dead" asked Shion?

When they took a closer look at it, the shrine started shaking. They saw lava started rising engulfing Moryo's body.

"It's a volcano," shouted Kira.

They all shot back as the volcano erupted.

"It's definitely dead now," said Stella.

"Let's head back to Konoha," said Kira.

"Can I go with you" asked Shion?

"Of course," said Kira smiling.

"Shouldn't we contact the other team and tell them the mission is complete" asked Stella?

"We can't" said Tenten.

"But…" began Stella.

"The Elemental Nations has a very weird mix of technology that doesn't make sense," said Kira.

They all turned around and took off towards Konoha. They landed on the outskirts of Konoha and got out of their Gundams before sealing them away. They walked up to the gate and checked in before heading to the Hokage Tower.

Tsunade sighed when she saw Kira and his team walked into her office with the priestess.

"Why is she with you" asked Tsunade?

"It turned out to be one of those missions" said Ino.

"How so" asked Tsunade?

"The seal was a trap," said Shion.

"It released Moryo's body instead of destroying it allowing it to be reborn" she explained.

"It also created a barrier that would have trapped me in there with it allowing it to kill me and take my power" she finished.

"How did you escape" asked Tsunade?

"I had her send a Kage Bunshin created from the chakra in a bell Shion had," said Kira.

"My mother told me she made it to protect me," said Shion.

"Now I don't know if that is really true" she said looking down.

"What happened to Moryo" asked Tsunade?

"We shot it until it died" said Tenten.

"Which had an unintended side effect of causing the volcano the shrine was built into to erupt destroying it" added Kira.

"That's good," said Tsunade.

"You are welcome join Konoha Priestess Shion" she said.

"Thank you, Hokage-sama," said Shion bowing.

"I would like to stay with Kira" she said.

"That's fine," said Tsunade.

"Did you make contact with the team" she asked?

"No" said Tenten shaking her head.

"We didn't see them" said Yugito.

"I had to save Shion when she fell off a cliff," said Kira.

"What happened" asked Tsunade?

"We were attacked by ninja empowered by Moryo and they sent me ahead with Naruto Uzumaki" explained Shion.

"But we were attacked by its stone soldiers, and I fell off the cliff we were on during the battle" she continued.

"That is when Kira rescued me" she finished.

"I see," said Tsunade.

"I will send them a message to return" she said.

"Dismissed" she said.

They all left the Hokage's office and Kira started heading to his apartment when he realized something.

"I am going to need a bigger place," said Kira.