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Chapter 16: My Love

Cynder searched the fortress for the dragon she loved so dearly, but found nothing. She then just continued walking through the fortress randomly, hoping to just run into Spyro. Again no such luck came. She stopped and waited on the wall just over the gate and decided to wait for her Spyro to return. Hopefully he would.

Shadedulath and his men watched in complete horror as the temple collapsed following the massive explosion. They were utterly shocked and starred at the sit for a few moments before one questioned if Spyro had survived.

Shadedulath answered with, "We will have to wait and see like he told us to do."

Three hours passed and Shadedulath announced that Spyro probably didn't survive. They held a ceremony for him and honored him, as he deserved.

"Those who wish to stay and wait to see if he is alive may do so," Shadedulath said, "Don't wait any longer then a day's time starting morning. All others we have a long trip to see Cynder."

A little under half of the men stayed as the others escorted Shadedulath to the Dragoth to deliver the sad tidings to Cynder.

As the small group left their sights, they headed towards the debris of the temple. They searched through the rumble as best they could, hoping to find their hero amongst the rocks. The six men continued until the sun began to rise on the horizon.

They took a break from their quest and sat under the shade of a wall that hadn't fallen. Two of the men watched the horizon as the others took their break.

They ate small bits of meat they carried with them and drink the water in the containers they brought. After what was an hour they went back to work searching through the ruins.

It wasn't until midday when one of the men found a gold spike protruding from the rumble. They quickly moved the rocks that lay over him and pulled him from the ruins. Two men were forced to carry the young adult dragon. They moved him to a grassy area and laid him on the ground.

One of the men inspected him and found that he had survived, but had several broken rips and a broken foreleg. They were unable to treat him so they allowed him to rest.

By this time the next day Shadedulath and his men were at the portal that led to the dragon homeland, now renamed the Portal of Dragons. They passed through the portal and found themselves in the land of the dragon of long ago. They arrived at the fortress in a matter of minutes.

Shadedulath saw a black dragon sitting on the gatehouse watching them.

"She must be waiting for him," he thought.

Shadedulath focused on what he would say to her. He couldn't just come straight out and say that he was dead, no that would be too harsh.

"Oh Ancestors what do I tell her?" he prayed.

They passed through the gate and Shadedulath looked back up at Cynder. She remained on the wall. Shadedulath proceeded to the stairs that led to the top of the wall and made his way over to the dragoness.

He could see tears where running down her face. The disappearance of her love again must have led her to think the worst. Sadly the news he brought would confirm the thoughts and only make the situation worst.

"Cynder," Shadedulath started, "I have some unfortunate news for you."

She closed her eyes and a fresh wave of tears rolled down her face.

"Spyro came to me the last night and told me that Marthaeter had returned and threaten to kill you if he didn't confront him. I agreed to help him, but when we arrived Spyro told me he had to do this alone," Shadedulath explained, "He told me if he didn't return to tell you that he did so you may live and that…he loved you dearly."

Cynder broke down, losing all control she had moments ago. Her sobbing touched him, Shadedulath felt his eyes begin to water. Despite the years of brutal military training and war he couldn't help himself at seeing her pain.

"I'm sorry to bring you this news," Shadedulath said with comfort, "We all treasure his kindness and service to saving our home."

Cynder exploded as she heard that last statement, "It's because of that service he is dead now, you causing his death. He should have never gone through such a life. All he ever dreamed of was to have a normal life with me, but no he was destined to be the savior of the realms, leading him to his death and my continuous pain of loneliness."

"I never meant for him to die Cynder," Shadedulath said, "You know that."

Cynder took off and flew into the fortress to escape the pain. She flew down the halls until she came to their room and burst into the room. She dove onto the bed and curled up there hoping this was all a bad dream. She cried until she fell asleep.

Spyro stirred when the sun began to set. He groaned as a sudden rush of pain flooded his mind. Two of the men rushed over to him to calm him down.

"Great Lord of Time," one said, "You have survived, but you are badly injured."

"No really?" Spyro replied in a smart tone, "I can only feel my insides burning."

"Shadedulath went to Dragoth to tell Cynder you didn't survive," the other replied.

Spyro forced himself up despite the pain and limped northward. The Shadows of Katsumoto where completely shocked at his actions and ran after him, begging for him to stop and rest before he injured himself anymore.

Spyro replied, "My love is in more pain than I am. I must go to her and comfort her."

The men stopped arguing with him and followed him.

Shadedulath and his men left the next morning seeing that they couldn't do anything more. They arrived at the base sometime around midday.

Cynder was again completely alone, except for the guards, but she remained in the room. She remained like this for the whole day. She didn't get anything to eat or drink either, too saddened by the loss of her mate.

The sun disappeared on the horizon and Cynder fell asleep alone again.

Night had come to the land, but Spyro still pushed onwards determined to get back to Cynder as fast as he could. The men behind him were still following him. After an hour or so the Shadows of Katsumoto broke off returning to the base to rest. Spyro pushed on though. He wouldn't give into power of exhaustion. He continued limping on, thinking only about his mate and how happy they both would be when they saw each other. Before Spyro knew it he was in front of the Portal of Dragons.

He pressed through and founded himself in a beautiful clearing on the forest that returned to the realm. The sun was beginning to rise bringing its warm light to the world. Spyro pushed on with a new source of energy.

The sun's rays fell onto Cynder's form, warming her and causing to wake up. She smiled as she felt the warmth.

"Hey honey," Cynder whispered.

There was no response though. She repeated her saying and opened her eyes. All she found though was an empty bed. Her memories returned to Spyro's death and tears rolled down her face.

She got out of bed and made her way outside, hoping that a miracle would happen.

She stood out on the balcony of her room and watched the path in front of the city fortress. She waited for two hours before some doubt appeared in her mind. She was about to go back inside when she saw a spot of white in the forest. She focused on it and she then saw gold.

She flew down to the gate and landed on it to get a better glimpse of it. For the next ten agonizing minutes she could only guess what this was. Suddenly the object she had focused on came out of the forest's cover.

She couldn't help but smile as she saw him. Spyro had returned, but he looked injured and in poor condition, but still he limped towards the fortress. She leapt off the wall and flapped her wings, propelling her forward.

Spyro looked up as he heard his name called out. Cynder dove into him and embraced him. Spyro, who was knocked over and was in great pain since his rips had taken Cynder's dive. Spyro laughed though as the pain subsided and as he held his love once again. Tears of joy rolled down her face, as she knew that he would never leave again.

"Oh, Spyro," she cried, "I began to think to think that you were killed."

"Why do you say that?" Spyro asked confused.

"I had a dream. It seemed extremely real though. You were fighting Marthaeter at the Temple and it collapsed on you and you didn't escape," Cynder said.

"That's exactly what happened," Spyro replied, "He's gone now you don't have to worry about losing me ever again. I will never betray your love again, even if I'm corrupted, I'll fight through it."

"I know you will," Cynder said as she gave him a kiss.

The two dragons headed into the fortress and into the gardens. They spent a fair amount of the morning with each other.

Cynder eventually got up and said, "Well I know you're a busy dragon and that you have a lot of work to do, so I'll let you get to that."

Spyro's tail wrapped around hers and he quickly replied, "I would much rather spend some of my time with you."

She smiled and said, "Alright."

Spyro slowly got to his feet and limped beside her.

A day later Spyro was recording the events of Marthaeter's final gamble. He described the dream he had, the travel, and the fight. He also added in the travel back and the return to Dragoth. The final lines of this section read,

And so the age of darkness and fear had ended. Life returned to the empty places of the world and all were free. The age of peace and friendship began. Hopefully I may never see the day to write the end of this age.

The End