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Chapter 2: Battles of Old and Battles of New

Spyro and Cynder were inside to the temple due to the possible danger of an attack. They were in the grotto, next to the pool of visions. They were both looking into the pool since they had the ability to see the visions in the water. They concentrated on the near future and a vision appeared. It showed the temple siege by a great host of creatures attacked it. It showed both of them fighting on the balcony against countless foes that continued to climb over the balcony railings. The vision skipped to several humans dressed in black robes and had the same katana swords as Shadedulath, fighting valiantly against these demons. Then it showed Shadedulath fighting alone. He swung his blades around cutting down enemies left and right. The vision went to the Guardians who weren't holding up very well even though they were fighting fewer creatures. The last part of the vision showed Chromius being captured and taken away as the creatures retreated. The pool was still and Spyro and Cynder were sitting there shocked at what would come.

"Chromius," Spyro said softly, "We should warn him."

"Spyro," Cynder said quietly, "May be it's best not to tell him. It might lead to worst problems. If he does get captured we could always go find him."

"Are you going off the point of what I did?" asked Spyro. Cynder nodded and frowned a little. "Cynder I had to know if you were in danger. I love you too much to let that just slip by unnoticed. I didn't care what the Chronicler or anyone else said, I just wanted to have back with me."

"Thanks," Cynder said with a smile. She pulled Spyro towards her and locked lips with him. "Spyro?" she asked in a whisper.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Do you ever get nervous before fights like this?" Cynder asked.

"Not as much as I use to," he replied, "When I first fought you I was scared out of my mind. When I fought Gaul I wasn't nervous about fighting him, I was nervous about letting the Dark Master escape. I felt nothing but hate and anger towards that overgrown ape for what he did to you. When the Dark Master tainted me I just let my wanting for vengeance out. I killed him out of pure rage. I felt the same thing when I fought the Dark Master. I focused all my hate, anger, and rage onto him. I lost all control…" Spyro stopped remembering that day three months ago.


Spyro landed in the Dark Master's new fortress. The sky and ground was dark. No plant or animal life could be found. He approached the fortress when two large apes, fully armored came out of the gates. One had a bow and the other carried a large mace and a shield.

He charged at them and fired a stream of fire at the one with the bow. The ape caught on fire and rushed to put out the flames. Spyro dove at the other one. He tackled the large creature to the ground knocking the shield away from him. Spyro dug his claws into the ape's hide and the ape howled in pain. The ape elbowed Spyro in the face knocking him off. The ape stood up and swung its mace at Spyro who was standing back up. The mace hit his side and sent him flying into the wall of the fortress. Spyro slid to the ground and slowly looked up. The ape walked over and shook his head as he raised the mace for the deathblow. The first thing that went through his mind was that he failed Cynder. He saw her face and he shed a tear knowing that he had failed her and left her a situation were it would be better to be dead. In the back of his mind something clicked and he felt strength. He couldn't let Cynder down. She needed him and he needed her. His eyes started to glow purple and the ape took a step back before he swung the mace. Spyro's mouth opened and a blast of Convexity rocketed out and incinerated the mace head. The beam continued as Spyro directed towards the ape. The beam ripped right through its body and the corpse fell over. An arrow sank into Spyro's right shoulder. He turned and saw the other ape drawing the bow back ready to fire. He released an arrow the same time Spyro fired another beam of Convexity, which destroyed the arrow and the ape's head.

Spyro continued his way deeper into the Dark Master's fortress. He came to the throne room doors where five black dragons were keeping guard. One he could make out as the leader of the guards. He fired a ball of Convexity at the leader. The ball ripped through his skull and exited the other side hitting the wall behind him. The four guards looked at Spyro and growled. Spyro charged at them unleashing a savage roar that sounded years old then he was. His horns, claws, and tail glowed with the same energy and he attacked the guards. The first guard was stabbed through the chest by Spyro's tail. He fired a beam of Convexity at the second guard. The other two backed off. One of them fired a jet of fire. Spyro fired a blast of purple flames that quickly overpowered the dark dragon's flames and killed him. The last guard dove at Spyro. Spyro ducked out of the way and knocked the dragon to the ground. He sunk his teeth into the dragon's neck and ripped the flesh away. He spat out the flesh and took another chunk. He found the windpipe and crushed with his claws. The dragon stopped struggling and went limp.

Spyro threw the body aside and blast open the doors with his Convexity beam. The room was poorly lit. The only light was from a beam of Convexity like the one from the Well of Souls that was in the back of the chamber. Spyro's glowing eyes gave him some light to see. He walked down the massive room quietly and warily.

He was about a hundred feet from the beam of purple energy when the Dark Master's voice boomed through the room, "I see you have come to meet your destiny, Spyro."

"Yes I have come to fulfill my destiny, destroying you," Spyro said, his voice distorted by the power of Convexity flowing through him, "Where is Cynder?"

"She is here," the Dark Master replied. He looked towards the beam and there was Cynder in chains. "I was going to turn her back to her old self, but I would rather have her watch her love be defeated and die so miserably."

Spyro looked at Cynder. She struggled to get free, but got nowhere with it. She looked at Spyro and yelled, "Spyro, I'm sorry for this."

"Don't be Cynder," Spyro replied his tone still distorted, "I got you into this I'm going to get you out of this, even if it costs my death. I love you Cynder."

"I love you too Spyro," she responded, "Spyro look out!"

The Dark Master swung his tail at Spyro knocking him into the wall fifty feet away. Spyro got up and fired a beam of Convexity at the Dark Master. The Dark Master fired his own beam of Convexity. The beam was more powerful than Spyro's. The beam pushed back towards Spyro and finally hit him, throwing him into the wall behind him. A loud roar of pain could be heard from the massive amounts of dust and other debris knocked up by the attack. The dust cleared and Spyro slowly got up. Spyro's eyes glowed brighter and he charged forwards at the Dark Master. He slashed at his chest cutting open the black-scaled chest. The Dark Master roared and knocked Spyro aside. Spyro quickly recovered and fired a Convexity Earth Shot. The purple blast hit the Dark Master in the chest and broke several rips. The Dark Master swung his long tail at Spyro. Spyro tried to dodge the lethal tail weapon, but was hit. The sharp weapon cut into his lower right back. Spyro howled and bit the Dark Master's tail. He bit down hard and crushed the bones in his tail. He charged a powerful blast of Convexity energy and unleashed it when he was lined up with the Dark Master. The burst of purple energy separated the tail from the rest of the body. The tail flailed around on the ground until Spyro stepped on it digging his claws into it. The Dark Master gave Spyro a glare and attacked Spyro. He slashed out at Spyro's right leg making only contact with one claw as it cut through the purple scales from Spyro's shoulder to his wrist. Spyro staggered backwards and waited for the Dark Master's next move. The Dark Master stepped forward and Spyro fired a current of purple lightning at him. The Dark Master didn't have time to react as the purple bolts struck him paralyzing his muscles. He fell to his knees, but was able to recover from the attack. The Dark Master pounced at Spyro and grabbed him by the throat. He raised one claw and swiped at the left side of the face. The claw cut from the top of the eye to the jawbone. Spyro's temper flared and his eyes glowed more intensely. He fired a blast of Convexity at the Dark Master catching the side of his face. The beam blasted through the right cheek, exposing the inside of his mouth. The Dark Master roared louder than before as blood splattered over Spyro and the area around him.

As the Dark Master howled in rage and pain Spyro looked over to Cynder and said, "Cynder I'm sorry if I die, I love you, more than anything else."

Cynder started to cry and answered, "I love you too Spyro, you are everything to me."

Spyro nodded as a single tear ran down his face. He turned towards the Dark Master and gathered all his strength and focused on his inner being the raging dragon inside that was more powerful than anything this world has ever seen since the beginning of time. His body began to glow purple as purple fire gathered around him along with purple bolts of lightning. Bits of the earth below him were ripped from the floor and hovered around him as purple ice crystals formed around him also. The Dark Master recovered and noticed Spyro; his eyes went wide with horror as Spyro unleashed the attack. Purple fire rushed out first burning the Dark Master, followed by purple bolts of electricity that sent his muscles into spasms. The crystals and bits of earth hit him with tremendous strength. Last was a shockwave of Convexitial energy with seven purple energy dragons raced out of Spyro. The shockwave knocked the Dark Master into the air and the dragons intercepted him punched through his dark and evil body, ripping large holes in him. The dragons faded and Spyro fell to his knees next to Cynder. Cynder lay down next to him so he could see her face.

She gave him a kiss and said, "Thank you Spyro."

Spyro smiled and said, "Your welcome."

"Spyro your shoulder," Cynder said with concern.

"Oh yeah," Spyro replied, "I got hit."

Cynder had enough slack on the chains to pull the arrow out. She placed it next to him.

The Dark Master laughed and said, "You real thought that would kill me?" Spyro and Cynder looked in horror to see the Dark Master. He was badly injured and covered in blood. "Now that you have pist me off I'm going to kill your love." The Dark Master fired a beam of Convexity at Cynder.

"NO!" Spyro shouted as he used his Dragon Time power. He stood up and moved so that he was in front of Cynder. He released time and the beam hit him on the left side of his chest throwing him against the wall with tremendous strength.

"SPYRO!" Cynder screamed. Spyro's form made little movement. Cynder wept uncontrollably knowing that her love Spyro was dead, but she stopped as she noticed him slowly getting up.

The Dark Master laughed and walked over to him, "You are one tough little bastard I'll tell you that. Now I'll give you a quick death." The Dark Master reached down towards Spyro's neck when Spyro threw something at the Dark Master. It buried itself deep within the skull and entered the brain, killing the Dark Master. Cynder looked over at the arrow and saw that the arrowhead was broken off. The Dark Master's body fell on top of Spyro. Spyro blasted the Dark Master's body apart with his Convexity blasts. The body disappeared into ashes and Spyro slowly stood up groaning as he did so.

Spyro limped over to her and broke the locks on the chains. Cynder didn't even wait to get the chains off and leapt onto Spyro, locking lips with him. Her momentum made them roll for a second until they stopped. Cynder broke and laid her head on Spyro's chest. She felt something a little out of place on Spyro's chest. The scale was disformed and dented in.

"Spyro your chest is…" Cynder tried to think of a word that would describe it but nothing came into mind.

"Damaged," Spyro simple said as his voice started to return to normal. Cynder nodded and Spyro continued saying, "Yes, it will be like that for the rest of my life. A reminder of the Dark Master's cowardliness."

"Oh my god your eye," Cynder said.

"I know, it's just a scratch though," Spyro replied.

"No it's turning black," Cynder pointed out, "It's infected by something."

"What?" Spyro asked. He looked at Cynder who was talking, but he couldn't hear her. His vision started to black out and he fell unconscious.

The Dark Master's voice filled his head and said, "I will never die as long as you live. I will torture you night and day for the rest of your pitiful life."

He remembered waking up after that and seeing Cynder crying hysterically. He reached up with his left arm and stroked the back of her head and asked, "What is wrong Cynder?"

She immediately looked at him and stopped crying not believing that he was alive. "Spyro?" she asked.

"Yes?" Spyro answered, "I'm here."

She touched his face to make sure he was really there. "Oh Spyro, don't you ever do that again."

"What? Not black out again?" Spyro asked.

"Yes," Cynder responded, "You nearly scared me half to death."

"I'm sorry that I can't control things that just happen," Spyro said jokingly.

"Well you better learn to or something might happen," Cynder said slyly as she locked lips with him. They broke and they both smiled at each other. "Well now that you're awake, why don't we get going?"

"I can't because I'm still so tired," Spyro said adding in a fake yawn, "And your chains are under my back and I have no energy to do anything."

Cynder smiled and said, "So I guess you don't have energy to give me a kiss then?"

Spyro shook his and replied, "I would love to, but I can't."

"Why not?" Cynder asked, "Can the savior of the realm that just defeated the Dark Master not even reach up and give his love a kiss?"

Spyro sighed and tried as hard as he could to lift his head up. His neck strained, but he was able to get his head high enough. Right when he was going to kiss Cynder, she raised her head higher. She smiled and Spyro's head fell back down and he groaned, "Thanks a lot."

"Your welcome, now come on, I'm waiting for you," Cynder said mockingly. Spyro forced himself high and he quickly locked lips with her before she could move her head any higher. They broke and Cynder giggled.

"What?" Spyro asked.

Cynder smiled and showed him the chains that he was laying on. "So now we can leave," Cynder commented.

Spyro rolled over and trapped Cynder under him and laughed, "I guess I get the last laugh."

"You said you had no energy a few seconds ago," Cynder said, "I guess you have recovered your strength."

"Nope," Spyro replied, "I just used it all up."

She smiled and said, "If it wasn't for that last comment, I would have asked you to get up again, but I don't mind this at all, especially since it's you who is on top of me," Cynder said almost as if she was inferring something.

"Really?" Spyro asked in a fake surprise.

"Oh yes," Cynder replied in a seducing voice, putting her arms around his neck, "I fact you are the only one I want to have on top of me." She ran a claw along the back of his neck and Spyro shivered.

"I love you," Spyro said.

"I love you too," Cynder replied.

End of Flashback…

"Spyro?" Cynder asked.

Spyro snapped back to the present and looked at Cynder, "Yeah?"

"Are you ok?" asked Cynder.

Spyro nodded and said, "Yeah, I just remembered back to that day. I never really thought about that day until now and I remembered when I blacked out I heard the Dark Master's voice telling me 'I will never die as long as you live. I will torture you night and day for the rest of your pitiful life.' Cynder if you don't want to be with me because of this I'll understand."

Cynder gave him an appalled look. "Spyro don't you ever say something like that again," Cynder said harshly, "I love you no matter what happens to you. I will never leave you because you are the dragon of my dreams. I would never be able to find someone to replace you. You are unique to me and I will always be there with you."

"Well I'm unique to everyone you know," Spyro argued jokingly, "I'm the only purple dragon alive."

"That's not what I meant," Cynder sighed.

"I know Cynder," Spyro said, "I'm just messing with you."

He licked her cheek and she giggled.

Ignitus barged in and said, "They are here."

Cynder said, "Ok we will be there in a second."

Ignitus left and Spyro sighed, "Great."

Cynder locked lips with him and said, "We'll have to continue this later."

The grotto was filled with warriors. There were at least fifty humans all dressed in the same clothing that Shadedulath wore and carried the same weapons. They all had either long hair or had their heads shaved. The Guardians were already armored when Spyro and Cynder came in.

Ignitus walked over towards them and told them, "Follow me, I'll help armor you up."

The entered a room that Spyro and Cynder had never been in before. Shadedulath was in there armoring up as well. He had heavy scale and chain mail on. The armor was all dyed black. He put on two black steel gauntlets and placed his shin plates on his shins. Last piece of armor he put on were shoulder plates that protected his upper arm and elbow. He grabbed a six and a half foot tall bow and a quiver full of arrows. One of his swords was strapped onto the quiver. A normal sized katana was on his belt on the left side and a large dagger with a dragon as the handle on his right side. He bowed and exited.

"Why does he always bow?" Spyro asked.

"It's part of their customs. It is politeness and showing respect. It is the third standard of Bushido," Ignitus replied.

"Bushido?" asked Cynder.

"Yes, Bushido is a code of morals that the Shadows of Katsumoto live by. They took it from the ancient warriors from their old homeland called Samurai," Ignitus answered.

"Where did they come from?" asked Spyro.

"They came from a different realm that is unknown to us," Ignitus replied, "Originally they were here because they were criminals, lawbreakers, and murders. The fortress to the north that belongs to them was once their prison. A single man named Katsumoto wished to make peace to the ones who placed him their. He spread his idea through the prison and soon gained followers in his ideals."

"They were criminals?" Cynder asked.

"Yes, but Katsumoto began to respect the guards and his followers did also. The guards were stunned and began giving them more rights. Those who didn't want to be part of making peace like Katsumoto's group set up a rebellion. They planned a prison break and an attack on the realm that they came from. The plan was executed and they took their prison fortress. Katsumoto's followers were tempted with freedom, but they refusing knowing that they would be rewarded if they stayed. A few guards survived and found the followers of Katsumoto and knew that they wanted only peace. The guards brought the followers and Katsumoto to the chapel and barred the doors. They explained that there was going to be a counter attack to kill the criminals. They would safe under the protection of the guards though. The time came and the criminals were killed. They strike force came to the chapel and the guards opened the doors telling the commander what had happened."

"What happened to them?" Cynder asked.

The strike force gave them the fortress to live in and learned that Katsumoto was formed a order that would protect those who needed it in this realm. They allowed them to live freely. They were able to grow in size since their race would send orphans to grow up and succeed them. Shadedulath was the first orphan to be brought to the realm. The orphan is then given to an experienced warrior to train and serve. Katsumoto took Shadedulath as his adopted son."

"Wow," Spyro said.

"Ok let's armor you two up. Spyro I'll do your armor and you can get Cynder's when I'm done with you."

Ignitus brought a stash of armor. All the pieces were a deep purple and gold colored. Ignitus picked out leg guards and put them on. Next came a suit of chain mail that covered Spyro's body. Over that was placed a purple cloak. Ignitus placed a large plate that covered his chest and torso. It was beautifully decorated with many gold details and purple jewels. Ignitus placed several plate pieces that fit on his tail covering the top and sides, but left the underside of the tail exposed. Last was a great helm, beautiful and strong. It was truly a work of art. The details were extremely detailed and must have taken a master some lengthy amount of time to create. Spyro placed the helmet aside as he started to get Cynder's armor ready. Ignitus left them and headed back to the grotto.

Cynder walked over to him and looked him over. Spyro noticed and smiled as Cynder finished saying, "My purple boy is now a purple knight."

"I really look that good?" Spyro asked.

"You always look good, but you look professional and extremely handsome," Cynder said putting emphasis on the last two words, "I really like this side of you."

"Well thank you," Spyro replied leaning in giving her few licks, "Now let's get you ready."

"Ok," Cynder said as she raised her tail to his chin and flicked it flirtingly.

Spyro chuckled and grabbed some leg guards and put them on. Cynder's armor was black and deep pink colored. He placed the chain mail on along with a black and pink colored cloak. He then placed the chest plate on her. He placed the tail armor on and pulled the helmet out of the pile. It like Spyro's was beautifully decorated. He gently placed it on her head. He stepped back and checked her out.

"You look beautiful and stunning," Spyro complimented.

"Thank you, you're so sweet," she kissed him, "Now let's get your helmet on." She picked it up and placed it on his head. "A great touch."

They entered the grotto and Ignitus spoke up, "Now that we are all here. We have to make sure none of the shadow spawn get into the temple. We will need a few warriors guarding the interior while the others defend it from outside and the entrances. We Guardians will be protecting the gate. If you need one of us you will be able to tell who is who based on the color armor. I have red armor, Volteer has the yellow, Cyril has the blue, and Terrador has the green armor. Spyro, Cynder, and Chromius will also be in the battle. Spyro has purple armor, Cynder has black and pink, and Chromius was silver. Shadedulath if you would be able to gather a few warriors to protect the interior that would be great."

Shadedulath gathered volunteers, there were probably a group of eight warriors. Two to protect each main interior room. Spyro, Cynder, Chromius were given the task of guarding the balcony with fifteen warriors. Another fifteen were to help the Guardians and the rest went with Shadedulath at the secret entrance.

Night approached and clouds rolled in blocking the moon and stars. Spyro and Cynder sat on the balcony. Cynder was next to Spyro, laying her head on his armored shoulder as they talked.

"If you need anything just call my name and I'll help you. I'll protect from whatever comes against us," Spyro said.

"Thank you," Cynder said as she kissed him.

They were interrupted when one of the humans sighted the creatures.

"How many?" asked another human.

"About a thousand, from the looks of it," replied the first human.

"A thousand!?" the second yelled. He cursed and drew his bow. Everyone on the balcony got ready. All fifteen men had their bows ready.

Black shapes appeared on the edge of the balcony. Their forms were revealed, as they grew closer. They were grotesque creatures, mutated into horrors from Hell.

Several humans fired their arrows. The projectiles hit the shadow spawn and killed them. More came over the edge and the rest of the humans fired their arrows. The creatures fell to the missiles as more came over the edges. The humans started to pick targets and continued to fire. Spyro, Cynder, and Chromius fired their elemental attacks at the dark creatures. One of the shadow spawn got past the attacks and assaulted Spyro.

The creature was large, probably eight feet tall. It had large fangs, claws, and horns. Its eyes were blood red and radiated with evil energy. It raised a shadowy claw and swung at Spyro yelling, "Purple one dies!"

Spyro dove out of the way as the claws sunk into the balcony. Spyro fired a blast of flames that burned the shadow spawn. The creature roared as the fire burned it. Shadows grew around it and covered the fire, putting it out. Spyro fired a stream of ice on the creature. The ice cover the right half of the body, but the shadow spawn seemed to change its form and separated itself from the wall of ice. Spyro dived at it stabbing his horns into the creature's black hide. The shadow spawn screeched and picked Spyro up. It threw him across the balcony and charged at Spyro. Spyro got up and saw the attack, but was too late. The claws entered his chest. The armor prevented the claws from hitting any important body organs, but the claws dug into his flesh under his scales. Spyro roared in pain and bit down on the hand that was stabbing him. The creature threw his arm back throwing Spyro to the other side of the balcony, knocking off his helmet, in front of Cynder who just killed a Shadow spawn.

"Spyro!" she cried looking at the wounds, "What happened?"

Spyro was still winded from the blow and couldn't talk yet. The shadow spawn raced towards Spyro again. It grabbed Cynder and threw her aside. The shadow spawn readied itself for another strike, but stopped as Cynder jumped onto its neck and slashed at it. The shadow spawn cried out and grabbed Cynder and began to choke her. Cynder stabbed her tail blade into the creature, but the hold only tightened. Spyro's anger flared as he saw this. His eyes started to glow purple and he fired a beam of Convexity at the shadow spawn, blasting a hole through its head. Spyro didn't stop there he fired several more beams into the creature, punching massive holes through its body. The body fell to the ground and Spyro was breathing deeply as he began to fire at other shadow spawn. He was going wild as he destroyed spawn after spawn. When the last one on the balcony was obliterated Spyro stopped firing.

The men all cheered, "Haza!"

But not all were celebrating, Cynder went over to Spyro. She placed a claw on his shoulder and Spyro turned around sharply ready to fight. Cynder took a step backward as Spyro glared at her with empty, glowing eyes.

"Spyro it's me, Cynder," Cynder said.

Spyro seemed to relax, but his eyes remained enveloped in the Convexitial energy. Cynder wondered if he might go off again. She hoped that he would be normal soon. She hated seeing him like this since every time he entered this stage he seemed in pain and angry.

"Spyro?" she whispered. Spyro merely stood there as if he was frozen in time. "Spyro, come back, come to me. Don't leave me without your touch," she whispered as she started to break up and cried.

Spyro started to move a little, but stopped.

"Damn it, move," Spyro thought, fighting against his body, trying to move it.

He pushed all of his energy into moving and his body began to move, slowly though. He got over to Cynder and wrapped his wings around her. Cynder looked up at his still glowing eyes.

"He looks so sad," Cynder thought. "Spyro? Is it you?" she asked.

"Yes it is, my love," Spyro's voice returned to normal as he said this. Cynder buried her head into his armored chest and wept. "Cynder," Spyro asked, "What's wrong?" He placed a finger under her chin and raised it, looking her straight in the eye.

"You," Cynder replied, "You're hurting, I see it in you, you're in so much pain and have so much anger when using Convexity. I hate seeing you like that. It's not who you are."

"But it is who I am," Spyro argued, "Convexity has become a part of me and I can't stop it."

"No, that's not true," Cynder said quickly, "I know you better than anyone else and I know you don't have that much anger and you aren't in that much pain."

Spyro couldn't argue with her because he knew she was right to some degree.

He held her close and comforted her, "I'm here for you and that's all that matters right now."

All the humans ran past the couple, shouting orders and advice.

"Where are they going?" asked Cynder.

"To help finish the battle," Spyro replied as he started to pull away from her.

She stopped him and pulled him back into the embrace pleading, "Spyro, stay with me, don't leave me, they can handle the battle. You need to rest."

Spyro held her and knew that she was right again, but he hated leaving the battle incomplete. He realized the best thing to do was help his love. They headed towards the temple.

A roar sounded as Cyril fell to the ground with a small black dagger sticking out of his side.

Ignitus blasted a shadow spawn with a storm of fire and yelled, "Volteer get Cyril inside."

Volteer nodded and dragged Cyril into the temple. Several of the humans were dead and another two were badly injured, but continued to fight. A volley of arrows fell from the sky and skewered most of the shadow spawn. Ignitus looked back as Shadedulath, his group and the balcony group, descended and joined battle.

Shadedulath dove into a group of shadow spawn and fought them alone. The group consisted of five creatures. The first one swung and Shadedulath ducked as he swung his sword low, cutting the legs off of two spawn. He turned and slashed upwards catching another spawn, splitting it in two. He kicked another in the face knocking it to the ground; he finished it off by drawing his large dragon dagger and stabbed it into the spawn. He prepared both blades as the last spawn attacked. Shadedulath cut off the hand of the shadow spawn. It howled and swung with its other hand. Shadedulath intercepted the arm with his other blade and cut through the shadowy flesh. He rammed his sword into its gut and cut off the head with the dagger.

The other warriors that took to close combat were holding up very well. Shadedulath's second in command, Captain Jack Walker swung both of his bladed whips. He used them with deadly efficiency. He caught one's hand in one whip and lashed out at its face with the second. The whip ripped through its head, leaving a trail of black mist in the air.

Volteer returned to the battle and assisted the Guardians. The three elderly dragons were surrounded, but fought on. Terrador fell to the ground as another shadowy dagger pierced his chest. Volteer turned and tried to assist the earth guardian, but was stabbed in the back a black dagger. He fell to the ground next to Terrador. Ignitus continued to fight, blasting them with fireballs and jets of flames, but a shadowy figure came from the enemy ranks and threw a black dagger at the red dragon, punching a hole in the red chest armor. Several men guarded the Guardians' bodies until the battle was over. Chromius charged into the fray enraged by what had happened. He unleashed blasts of silver flames over the enemy, but was quickly surrounded by the massive number of shadow spawn. He kept them back for a short time by killing many. Finally the same shadowy figure knocked him unconscious and carried him away. Several spawn escorted him.

Shadedulath saw this and charged through the few remaining shadow spawn killing them. He ran after the ones that kidnapped Chromius. Several of the escorts turned and attacked Shadedulath.

He ran full speed towards them, ready to kill every last one shouting, "For Katsumoto!" as he attacked them.

Spyro could hear the battle outside and desired to join it. Cynder knew he was thinking about the battle and decided to take his mind off of it. Spyro was looking at the window. She ran her claw under his chin. Spyro snapped to attention and Cynder laughed.

"What?" Spyro asked, failing to see the humor in her actions.

"Oh nothing," she replied innocently, "You told me it's a lot of fun tickling someone so I thought I might try it." She tickled his sides and he squirmed. He fought back by tickling her. They both continued until Spyro pulled her in and locked lips with her. Cynder stopped and brought her hands up to his face. They continued for another minute until they broke. Spyro looked into her emerald eyes and whispered, "I love you."

Shadedulath walked towards the temple with a frown on his face. The six men that waited outside for him bowed their heads and followed Shadedulath in.

Shadedulath stopped in the grotto and asked his healers, "How are they doing?"

"They have been poisoned, but we were able to neutralize it," one of the healers answered, "Did you find the young ones?"

"No, they escaped with Chromius. I couldn't catch them," Shadedulath said shaking his head.

"What about the other two?" asked the healer.

"Spyro and Cynder?" he asked. The healer nodded. "You haven't seen them?" he asked.

The healer replied, "No, I was told by some of the men who fought with them that they were injured. No one has seen them."

Shadedulath ran out of the room and searched every room for them. He burst into the armory and saw Cynder talking Spyro in the corner of the room. They both looked over at him and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Shadedulath said, "No one saw where you two went so I thought you were captured like Chromius."

"Chromius was captured?" asked Spyro.

"Yes," he answered, "I tried to save him but the shadow spawn got way."

"Other than Chromius, how is everyone?" asked Cynder.

"Seven of my men are dead, three are injured, and the Guardians were poisoned, but are expected to make a full recovery. I see you both were injured a little."

"Yeah," Spyro said, "I fought the biggest shadow spawn out there and got these as a prize for taking out the big guy." Spyro showed the four large gashes in his chest from the claws of the shadow spawn.

"Well get some rest, we will deal with our new problems tomorrow morning," Shadedulath said as he left. Spyro and Cynder got up and went to Spyro's room for the night.

It was midnight and a shadow moved in the dark temple. The men all took the night off due to the battle. The shadow made its way into the grotto where the injured were at. There were three injured men sleeping with their swords in hand and the guardians. The shadow passed by them and headed for the Guardians. It stood over Ignitus and raised its hand placing it on Ignitus' heart and killed him with dark energy. He moved to Volteer and did the same. He repeated this process with Cyril and finally came to Terrador and ceased the beating of his heart.

The shadow smiled and mental said, "Master it is completed. They will be lost without their Guardians."

A whisper carried through the air with a supernatural and dark tone saying, "Well done, Delrothban. Finish the others off silently."

"Will be done, master," Delrothban thought. He approached one of the humans. He stepped down and a clump of hard dirt. It made a small crumbling noise. The three injured humans woke up with their blades drawn. Delrothban growled at his foolishness and swung at the humans.

The three shouted, "Haza!" as they blocked the attacks, waking up the warriors in the next room. The warriors grabbed their swords and weapons and charged into the grotto.

They surrounded the shadowy creature and Delrothban growled, "I can take all ten of you down."

"How about all forty three of us and me?" Shadedulath said as he approached Delrothban as torches were lit lighting up the shadowy figure. He was gray colored in the skin like stone. "I see you haven't change one bit since you left."

"Neither have you Shadedulath," Delrothban replied, "Your still Katsumoto's little pupil."

"Not any longer," Shadedulath said quickly, "He died fighting your master. Didn't he tell you that?"

"Katsumoto, my brother, why were you so foolish?" asked Delrothban who looked at the ground, "You should have been at my side not against me."

"You should have been at his side, helping him defeat the darkness that you swore to help destroy," Shadedulath yelled.

"It matters not," Delrothban replied, "That means there is no one who can stop me." He vanished into smoke and Shadedulath cursed.

"Find him and kill him," he ordered.

Everyone rushed out of the room and searched for the creature of shadow.

Spyro and Cynder were asleep in Spyro's room. Cynder lay on Spyro's chest while he held her. Her head was next to his on the pillow. Cynder was sleeping peacefully while Spyro had the exact opposite.

"Spyro…" a dark and menacing voice filled his mind.

"Spyro…" the voice said louder.

Spyro found himself in darkness. He looked around, but saw nothing. "Who is there?" he asked.

"It's me Spyro, don't you remember?" the voice said, "You killed me three months ago. I have been haunting your dreams as often as I could. You know who I am."

"The Dark Master," Spyro spat, "What are you doing?"

A large black-scaled dragon with red eyes came from the shadows and grabbed him by the throat. "Very good. I'm here to make you miserable since you killed me."

"Let me go you devil," Spyro yelled.

"Fine," the Dark Master said dropping Spyro, "I'll torture you in a different way." He pointed to the ground behind him. Spyro wearily walked around him and saw the most horrifying thing in his life.

Cynder laid on the ground beaten and cut, bleeding from numerous wounds from what looked like a fierce battle.

"What did you do to her?" he shouted as he was ready to use every ounce of energy on him.

"I did nothing, look down at yourself and you will find who did this," the Dark Master answered.

Spyro looked down and noticed several injures, which he didn't remember having. What made his blood turn to ice was that his claws were covered in the blood of his love. He fell to his knees and his eyes began to glow purple as his instincts took over. He roared was wild and shook the shadows away from him.

The Dark Master smiled and began to laugh. "Feel the pain purple wretch. For there will be much more to come," he yelled.

Spyro glared at him and fired a blast of Convexity, ripping a hole in the Dark Master. The black dragon staggered backwards. "His powers have increased," the Dark Master thought, looking down at the hole in his chest. He didn't care though because he was a part of Spyro now. Spyro could try all he wanted to harm him in his dreams, but it would prove worthless.

"NO!" Spyro yelled eyes glowing brighter.

Spyro shot up and was breathing heavily. He was covered in sweat from the dream. He bowed his head and looked at the floor closing his eyes.

"It's just a dream," he whispered to himself. He placed his left claw on his forehead and tried to clear his mind. Cynder was awake and placed her claws on his shoulders. Spyro jumped as he felt her. He turned around and saw her and let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh Cynder, it's you," Spyro said still breathing heavily.

"Well of course it's me," Cynder replied, "Who else is sleeping with you?"

Spyro gave a weak smile and said, "I just wasn't sure…"

"Sure of what?" Cynder asked, trying to help Spyro.

"I…I thought at first that you were…the Dark Master," he said.

"Spyro he is dead, you killed him three months ago," Cynder reminded him.

"He isn't completely dead," Spyro replied.

"What do you mean?" Cynder asked.

"He is part of me ever since the Night of Eternal Darkness. Ever since his spirit escaped he has been in my mind surfacing every once and a while haunting me with horrible dreams," Spyro explained.

"What happens in these dreams?" Cynder asked.

The one question he really wished she didn't ask just came out. He wanted to tell her that it wasn't important, but he didn't want to lie to her and push her away. But also at the same time didn't want her to worry and be scared.

"He shows me…" Spyro started before he started to break up and tears began to roll from his eyes. Cynder held him as he continued, "You, but you were…dead," the last word was a whisper that pained him even to think about.

"No, I'm here Spyro, I'm not dead," Cynder said quickly assuring him that it was all a dream.

"But the worst thing is that I…I…caused…it," Spyro said as he wept harder trying to push the thought from his mind.

"No, Spyro, you would hurt anyone, you know that. It's all a dream and dreams aren't real," Cynder said comfortingly, "Let's get back to sleep. They say you never have two nightmares in one night."

They lay down next to each other. Spyro wrapped his arms around her, protecting her from some unknown threat. Cynder fell asleep quickly, but Spyro remained awake, unable to fall back asleep. He heard a small noise at the entrance of his room. He looked towards it, but found nothing but darkness. He quickly dismissed it and tried to fall asleep. He heard the same noise again, but it came from above him. He looked straight up and noticed that it was unnaturally dark. He realized what it was and threw Cynder aside as it descended with a sword ready. Cynder woke up and saw Spyro get out of the way just in time. The figure stood to its full height about six and a half feet tall. The figure raised the blade and swung it at Spyro. Spyro dodged the blow and fired a stream of flames. The fire hit the figure's head and knocked back its hood. Under the hood was a grotesque human head. It shocked Spyro since the creature was dead looking.

The creature laughed as asked, "What purple dragon, have you never seen a Dark One before?"

"No and I won't ever be seeing you again," Spyro fired an earth shot at the man.

The creature fell back and laughed, "Is that the best you got? That would never be able to kill me."

"Who are you and what do you want?" Spyro asked.

"I'm Delrothban and I'm here to collect your heads," he answered. Delrothban swung the blade again at Spyro but missed. He quickly threw a dagger at Spyro. The black blade hit his upper right shoulder as he tried to dodge it. He yelled out in pain as the blade's poisonous features started to eat at the skin around in the blade. He quickly felt his strength flee him and he fell to his knees. Delrothban turned towards Cynder and was ready to swing his blade. Spyro felt his energy soar as his eyes glowed purple. He got up and fired a beam of Convexity that hit Delrothban's shoulder.

"You touch her and you die," Spyro threatened, his voice distorted as always when he was using Convexity.

Delrothban laughed as said, "The only who could kill was my brother, now that he is dead, I can't be killed. He was the only one who knew the secret." He turned towards Cynder again and ball of Convexity smashed into his back. Delrothban fell to the ground and Spyro ran up to him and whipped his tail against the back of Delrothban's head. He fell unconscious and Spyro was ready to fire a beam of Convexity into his head when Cynder stopped him. Spyro had so much Convexitial energy surging through him that the dagger in his shoulder was slowly being dissolved away.

"Spyro, don't do this, it isn't you," Cynder said hoping he would stop.

Spyro let the Convexity die down and fade into nothing. He looked down at Cynder with his empty purple, glowing eyes and said, "He was going to kill you, he only deserves the same punishment."

"But not from you," Cynder replied pushing herself into his chest, "I know you're a warrior Spyro, but your not an executioner."

Four humans burst into the room with their weapons ready. They saw Delrothban on the ground and immediately surrounded him weapons pointed at him. They noticed he was unconscious and took him away.

Spyro started to follow them, but Cynder held him back and said, "You don't need to see it Spyro."

"I want to though," Spyro replied, his voice gave Cynder shivers. It was so different from the one she loved. "I want to see him be punished for his dark deeds."

"No, no you don't," Cynder argued, "Hold me like you did after that night at the Well of Souls. After we were free from the crystal."

"I'm incapable of that," Spyro said, "I'm not the one that you remember from years ago. I have changed too much Cynder, I'm only causing you pain."

"No," she quickly said, "It's just a different side of you. You are still the one I fell in love with many years ago. You are just showing a dark side right now."

"It's not a dark side," Spyro disagreed, "It's my only side."

"No it's not," she replied, "You are not like this all the time."

"But it is becoming me," Spyro countered, "It may not be entirely me, but it soon will be. Day by day it clams more of me and destroys my free will."

Cynder started to shed tears, "No, I refuse to believe it. It will never take over this kind, brave, courageous, strong, and loving soul. It could do that to anyone else, but not yours. Your soul is the purest I have ever seen. You only want to do good for others and that is why you are strong and can over come great trials, it's what I love the most about you." The last phrase was a whisper and Spyro returned to normal. His eyes stopped glowing and tears started to roll down his face.

"Oh Cynder," he cried, "Thank you, thank you for not giving up on me. I'm sorry for disagreeing with you. That wasn't me though. I'm losing myself to the power inside of me. It's taking me over slowly. I don't know how much long I can last."

"No, no Spyro, you aren't going to be lost. I'll always be here for you, like you are for me. I won't let you go without fighting for you," Cynder said comfortingly, "I love you Spyro."

"I love you too Cynder," Spyro returned.

They held each other there letting each other know that they wouldn't leave one another.

Shadedulath was standing by Delrothban who was still unconscious.

"How do we kill him, my lord?" asked one of the humans.

"Katsumoto was the only one to know, but he passed that knowledge down to me encase he died," Shadedulath said, "I can't share it, but I will kill him when the time comes."

"What do you mean?" asked a man.

"I mean that I will not kill him now since it's not his time. His death will come at a later when the shadow darkens the most. He will pose a small threat though in the future. Drug him. I want him unconscious while we move him," instructed Shadedulath, "If we kill him Marthaeter will know and he will make a new leader for his forces. With Delrothban still alive, Marthaeter will wait for his return and that will give us several weeks of additional time."

"Where are we heading my lord," asked another man.

"East," Shadedulath answered, "We will head east for a few days and then head north, back to base."