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The Death of Lucrezia Noin, the Birth of

Luca Firoin Pt. 1

10:16 a.m. February 10, 200

Lady Une looked up from her desk as her door flew open and a furious Zechs Marquise burst in. 'So, he found her note. This is not going to be easy to explain.' She sighed and quickly pressed save on her laptop.

He stormed over and put his hands on the edge of the desk, gripping so hard his knuckles turned white. He leaned down so his face was only slightly above hers and gave her a death glare, a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

"Where is she?" He demanded with a growl.

'Play it cool, Une, you must not reveal anything on accident.' She reminded herself. Lady Une looked back calmly in to his ice blue eyes. "Would you care to inform me on exactly what in the world you are talking about? An also why you thought you had the right to just barge in to my office with out an appointment, Preventer Wind?"

"You know what I'm talking about. Where is Noin?" He said slowly, carefully, not letting his anger get the best of him.

* * * * *

- about 45 minutes ago-

Zechs left the cafeteria at headquarters with relief. He had just managed to sneak away from Marina, his self-imposed girlfriend. The girl just wouldn't shut up. Not that he minded people talking so long as they had something somewhat intelligent to say. Well Marina was about as boring and shallow as they came. *She had bleached hair and blue eye contacts if that says anything, but was nice. That and the fact that he just couldn't be bothered to pry her off himself all the time were the only reasons he put up with her.

Zechs walked quickly down the main hall to where it split into the two living quarter hallways and paused. On the left was the branch for single men, such as himself, where he could go to his own room and get a shower before Marina inevitably tracked him down. He groaned inwardly at the unwelcome thought. To his right, however, were the dormitories for single women. 'Maybe I had better visit Noin. She wasn't in the cafeteria for breakfast again, which is, or used to be, unusual, and she's been avoiding me for the last couple days. Actually, she's been acting strange for the last few weeks. I wonder what's wrong with her?' Still puzzling over what could be wrong with his best friend, Zechs turned right, also satisfied with the fact that Marina wouldn't follow him. Marina despised Noin for some reason that eluded him, although the feeling didn't seem to be mutual. Noin looked at her in much the same manner he did, as a necessary annoyance. Marina wouldn't be caught dead asking Noin if she knew where her own boyfriend was and was always smug when she knew where Zechs was when Noin asked. Zechs snorted in disgust. He knew that his relationship with Marina hurt Noin, but wasn't sure exactly what to do about it. She loved him, this he knew, but he really hadn't given much thought to his love life, concerned as he was with the war and then the terra-forming project from which they both had been recently reassigned for their turn at headquarters. When they got here, just under a year ago, Marina had been a new recruit and immediately latched on to Zechs, fancying herself a princess to be swept away by this handsome prince. He had heard her saying this himself to her giggling friends. He hadn't managed to get rid of her since.

Zechs reached Noin's door and slid his I.D. card through the slot that had long ago been programmed to accept his card along with her own. The door slid open with a quiet 'swoosh', revealing a small, dark room. Next to the door was a desk and chair, which was all you could fit along that wall, and in the corner behind that was a small couch and a mini refrigerator with a microwave on top. In the other corner was a bunk bed, the top one never in use. On the other side of the main entrance was yet another door, which led to a personal bathroom and closet.

"Noin?" Zechs inquired softly, thinking she might be still asleep. Getting no response he turned on the desk lamp next to him, noticing as he did that the desk was bare, save a couple chewed up pencils. He frowned when the lamp illuminated an equally empty room. The bed was neatly made and all signs of occupation had been removed from the small dormitory. Zechs quickly strode to the bathroom, opening the door in growing bewilderment, even a little panic. He flipped the light switch and took a moment to adjust his eyes to the bright glare. Nothing. He slammed open the closet only to find all the clothes and shoes and whatever else should have been there gone. All that was in there, hanging proudly, was Noin's Preventer's jacket. All hopes that she had been simply transferred to another room died as he took the identical, although much smaller version of his own jacket off the hanger and draped it across his arm. She would never leave it behind.

He left her bathroom. "Noin?" He called, much louder this time. Upon entering her room and taking another scrutinizing glance around, Zechs noticed an envelope on the bottom bunk, addressed to him in Noin's handwriting. He picked up the letter and sat on the velvet gray couch with building dread at what he would find inside. Zechs slowly tore the top of the envelope, so he wouldn't rip any part of the letter. He took it out and unfolded the paper.

1.1.1 February 9,200


By the time you read this me and Sally should be long gone. We have been reassigned, not only to a new place, but to new partners as well. Good luck with Wufei, according to Sally you will need it.

I promised you three and a half years ago that I would never leave your side but in my current situation I find that I can not live up to that promise. I can't explain to you why I'm leaving, or why Sally is coming with me, because I' d feel like I was betraying her if I did. Please know that we requested this assignment from Lady Une ourselves and were not influenced in any of our choices. Don't worry about Miss Relena, she will be disappearing from the eyes of the public soon, of her own accord. We will be there to protect her.

Zechs, you have been my best friend for the last seven years, my lover for the first two, and I could not have asked for more. I am sorry but I have to go without saying goodbye. I love you, Zechs, I always have but I have seen you with Marina and I truly hope you can find the happiness you have been looking for in her. You deserve to be happy. I don't think I will be able to contact you again so I suppose this is good-bye. Sally says farewell too. Good luck with Marina and please don't be angry with me for not telling you this sooner. I will always love you, for as long as I live.

2 Love,

2.1 Lucrezia Noin

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