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The Death of Lucrezia Noin, the Birth of

Luca Firoin Pt. 7

Sally looked at the test results in shock. She had given them to Noin without her knowledge, planning on not telling her about them at all. She glanced out of the glass panel inset in the wooden doorway that separated the gurneys from the lab. Noin was lying down on one of them, her arms behind her head, and one leg swinging from its position of crossing the other. Her eyes were closed and she was lip-singing the song playing on the radio.

Sally took a deep breath and joined her 'patient' outside. Noin grinned when she saw her friend come out and sat up. When she saw the look on the doctor's face her own immediately became serious again. "Sally? What's wrong? What did the results say?"

Sally was looking intently at her, with a mixture of expressions that didn't make sense to her. She looked curious, confused, worried, stunned and more than a little apprehensive.

A little half-smile was attempted on Sally's part but she really wasn't sure whether to be concerned or happy for Noin. She had no idea how to tell her this news, certainly. Finally she went into 'doctor mode' and told her outright what the results said.

"Noin, please forgive me for taking these tests without your knowledge but I had my suspicions on what it was." The raven-haired woman nodded for her to continue. "Lucrezia Noin, you're pregnant." Sally let out in a rush. She looked expectantly into those dark eyes for a negative or positive reaction. It seemed to be leaning toward the former.

Noin's eyes widened and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "What?! I can't be! I mean, how could I? Is this some kind of joke?" Her gaze flickered from one sorrow-filled blue eye to another, seeing her answer. She let her head fall into her hands in despair. "Oh no. this can't be happening." Noin whispered. She thought back to what she had said to Sally before. 'That's all that matters to me Sally, that he is happy.' 'How can he be happy now? Oh God, how will Zechs react when he finds out his best friend is having his baby from a night he doesn't even remember? Will he even believe me when I tell him it's his? There go the efforts to ensure he doesn't remember and screw up with Marina.' She gave a dry chuckle at that. 'Marina. she'll never forgive him for cheating on her. No, I can't let this happen. Not when he's finally gotten past the grief of the wars. What if he feels obligated to stay with me because of this baby?' She felt her heart swell at the thought of him spending the rest of his life with her. It immediately dropped twice as fast and twice as low. 'No, I wouldn't want that. I couldn't live like that knowing that he doesn't want to be with me, that he had no choice. Besides, he would hate me forever after for ruining his life. I'd die if he hated me. He can't' find out.'

Sally watched, evidently forgotten, as Noin was absorbed in her thoughts. Sympathy for the abused soul in front of her washed over her. 'Zechs, you've really done it this time.' Her attention snapped back to Noin as she heard her give a quiet, humorless laugh at something only she could hear in her mind. Her inner struggle right now was what was going to determine the future of both, no, all three of them.

Noin pondered the possibilities. A conversation with Relena found it's way into her searching mind.

"Miss Noin? I have an idea," came her voice at the other end of the receiver.

"I'm listening."

"Well, I've decided that, with the recent announcement of my position as Vice

Foreign Minister being interminably postponed or retracted, I should do

something else with my life."

"Alright, that's a good idea until the council decides you're of age to take on the

responsibilities again. Although why age would make a difference, I don't know."

"Yes, well, obviously it does now. Anyway, I was thinking that, well.I want to get away from the political scene for a while. To live a new life. And I want to do it with all my friends. Some of the others are in their lives and want to come with me. Hilde is already on her way. It's just a break. Please, won't you come Miss Noin?" She talked fast and hopefully.

"Oh, Miss Relena. you know I can't. I have my job and."

"My brother. Please, think about it anyway, Noin. I will be contacting Miss

Sally, too. I wasn't planning on leaving until late February, when my contract

is up, so give me a call if you change your mind. I have to go. Give Milliardo

my love. Bye Miss Noin."

"Miss Relena! Wait!" It was too late; the girl had already hung up.

At the time, Lucrezia had thought that the former Queen of the World had lost it. Very likely she had gotten frustrated with Heero's games that he was constantly, if unintentionally, playing with her heart. Still, it was an irrational decision even if her political peers had deemed that she should be of the legal age before she took office again and she was soon to be unemployed.

It had started as a stress relief, a girls' night out. The seven of them, all associated in some way or another, had gotten together at Relena's request. Their odd group consisted of herself, Sally Po, Relena Peacecraft, Hilde Schbieker, Dorothy Catolonia, Catherine Bloom, (perhaps the only one of the group with a semi-stable background); Midii Une.

A very strange combination indeed, but with several things in common. They had all been entangled in the war in one way or another and they all were related to or involved with a gundam pilot. They certainly had the most interesting conversations that night. It had been so much fun that they did it when ever they could. They didn't live near each other, Hilde and Dorothy being on the colonies and Relena, Catherine and Midii where ever their jobs took them, but money was no problem and it was some how arranged for them to meet at least once every couple months. They had developed fake I.D.s so the media wouldn't get a hold of the information that many famous people were congregating and doing 'normal', 'every-day' activities.

Now Relena wanted to make it semi-permanent, casting aside her name, title, reputation and identity to become something completely new and different. It was childish, perhaps, and yet. it was the perfect way to escape. Noin knew that she would have to be willing to let go of the past entirely and possibly lower her standards of living. But, yes, this was the only solution. No one would put two and two together. No one would suspect a small, middle-of-nowhere town and it would be the last place Heero would look for Relena. And Zechs would never look there either, should he start searching for his sister. That way he'd also never find out about their, no, her baby, either. She made her decision.

Sally started when Lucrezia looked up. She had been dozing, contemplating her own problems with her love life, or rather, lack of. She was surprised by the look of determination in her friend's eyes.

"Sally, get me a line through to Vice Foreign Minister Dorlain. Not urgent if she's busy." Noin stated with conviction. Sally's blue orbs widened with realization of why this request was made.

"You can't be serious Noin."

"It's the only way, Sally. I don't want him to know. Please understand." She pleaded.

Sally was quiet for a moment. "Alright, but remember to schedule a meeting with Lady Une before you leave, okay?" She got up to make the connection.

-end flashback-

* * * * *

Noin sat back as the lights of headquarters disappeared in the clouds. She glanced at her co-pilot, grateful although not exactly sure why Sally had decided to come with her on this wild adventure. With their experience they could easily get high tech jobs though, and it would be nice to have a routine job. Yes, they would be fine.

'Good grief,' she thought. 'This isn't at all like me.' Lucrezia Noin was used to living for Zechs Marquise. Now she was planning her life with out him, which she hadn't done for eight years. She had worked so hard to be with him, lived the last few years as she assumed he wanted her to. Her entire being was 100% dedicated to him. But now she had her baby and future to think about. One that didn't include the young prince. Yes, Lucrezia Noin lived for Zechs Marquise or the Lightning Count or Milliardo Peacecraft or Preventer Wind or whatever he was called that day. But she couldn't anymore. So Lucrezia Noin would be no more. Deep in her heart the memory of Lucrezia Noin would reside. But Lucrezia Noin was dead. She died the moment she stepped aboard the plane now carrying her farther and farther away from where her heart would always remain. Her new name (originally her fake I.D.) was the start of a new life for a new person.

And thus was the tragic death of Lucrezia Noin, her love unrequitted and, from her tears, the birth of Luca Firoin, who was never to love at all.

.The End? ^_^;;