" Once a failure always a failure and Hinata-sama was the lowest of failures." Neji said his smirk never once wavered at vocally degrading his opponent who also happen to be his cousin. All were shocked at the public display. Most (mainly jounins) were furious that this little round had also almost killed a fellow shinobi. But non could be prepared for what happened next.

" You bastard how could you do this to your own family." Naruto yelled out his nothing more but mear slits of their former selves. His fists clenched to where you could see his major blood vessels were visible but just barely noticeable under that perfect tan from endless days training in the sun. Unnoticeable to all of the genin but was clear to all of the jounins, as red chakra faintly circulated around his entire frame.

" This is Hyuuga business. So stay out of it loser." Neji said becoming quickly annoyed at the blond boy who is classified as a failure in the past graduating class from the academy.

" Why YOU?" Naruto yelled out as he charged towards the Hyuuga prodigy his anger was the only thing that seem to be in control. All you could hear and see was the agony in his voice, the anger that seemed to be pierced into his eyes as they only showed long winters were none survive instead of the normal spring that brings life to even the most loniest hearts in the world. Yet as he neared to Hyuuga boy in the next meters, a bolt of lightening hit him full forced.

It burned for quite sometime, no matter how the jounins looked at the bolt of lightening, how they knew it would burn and kill Naruto instantly, how it could be fatal to everybody near them, the jounins could not make the sutle movements towards the helpless boy that they have either hated or loved all of his life. The Hokage as well did not make a move towards the helpless boy, yet as he continued to see the lightening bolt burn with a certain glow that both scared him and made him want to touch the glow that seemed eternal to even time itself. During that moment of fear and awe, time seemed as irrelevant as the way Kakashi always seems to ignore Gai in anything he does. There seemed to only be one thought in the Hokage's head as he watched the boy who seemed more like a grandson to him than just some other genin taking the test to become a chuunin in the shinobi world. Only a thought that should have come up as the thunder bolt immediately came down on Naruot instead of the fear and awe inspiring stare that he was sure to have.

' But why? Why do I feel this way?' Sarutobi asked himself. Then a dark chuckle seem to spread through out the entire room. Looking over you will see that the Hyuuga prodige had a wild grin on his face and an maniac glint in his pupil less eyes.

" The baka has gone and gotten himself killed all over a weakling. He should be a lot more careful that is if he ever survives this little burn. But I am sure that the fucking villagers will most likely kill him. Then he could run home to his family. Oh yeah! That baka has no family he is just a pathetic loser whom will always be alone in this world and will most likely die alone." Neji finished off laughing like a serial killer that just got his first taste of blood in a long time.

" Why you bastard!" a voice growled out from where the lightening strike had just ended and there Naruto was standing his eyes blazing in anger. Unnoticeable by everybody else as they were extremely captivated by the amount of anger turned to killer intent directed at Neji, there were two figures whom glowed with a blaze that would have captivated anybody's sight if their minds were in the right place.

" He seems to be taking this extremely hard don't you think, tenshi-chan." One of the figures said his masculine voice whispered like an earthquake that could encourage many souls from the fear of death itself. His face was not that of a model nor was it a poor man's look who is normally shunned from the entire world just because they could not or wished not to have a life of security and stability. His high cheek bones and full lips would attract any girl's attention no matter how they looked or what kind of lifestyle they lived. His clothing was not that of a shinobi's normal wear but that of shinobi who wishes to not stick out like a sore thumb in a world were you don't know who or what you will run into as your missions give you a vage description of what your goal is and what you may come across. But that is it. You never know if an old enemy from a mission that happened a year ago shall come by wishing to enact revenge on your ass for killing one of their most precious people. Yet they have no idea that you were only doing your job as a shinobi of the village you were born in and hopefully will spend the rest of your old age in as time passes on. The man only looked remotely like a shinobi because of the weapons pouch tied to his right leg and with a sort of simple katana on the left side of his hip sheathed in a normal all black sheath were he left his arm hanging there in a extremely relaxed position. There appeared to be no headband on any of his person identifying which Hidden Village the unnoticable man came from. The rest of his outfit was just black pants and a white muscle shirt with blue netting underneath showing off all of the "essentials" as the fangirls like to call whenever they lay their eyes on these kind of " specimen" also known as gentlemen. All of this seemded to be hidden from the public's eye with a red and black flamed jacket that had a blazing skull on the back whose eyes had a mind of its own always seeing a person's true nature as time can slip away with the slowness of a plant growing.

" Well yes after all Naruto-kun does hate it when anybody calls or degrades others ' failures'. He has always been extremely sensitive about that subject in general. Though you are correct, he did act a little ill-rational towards this little argument." the other figure said her feminine voice sound like a waterfall combined with the light shower of droplets whose beautiful sound could sooth the soul of a savage beast into submission. ( Not like she can't take care of herself unlike some females that we know of.) Her hair seemed to flow down like a river, curvy and never knowing where it will end; it was a shiny chocolate brown that slightly glinted in the electrical light shinning from up above them. Her outfit was like the ceremonious kimonos that the higher clans wear during an important event or that little girls wear when the new year festivals take place. It was decorated in beautiful colors of blue with a splash of sakura blossoms sprinkling across the front in an intricate design that seems to make a different pattern as you move making it look like the entire bundle of fabric could be put in the ground and a sakura tree would be in its place after a few years. The fit would make any man drool as they coudl see all of her curves that seemed to fit her body making any other girl feel extremely awkward in their own body. Her hazel eyes passed over the entire group of humans that were in the designated room. Looking at their surprised faces and seeing the look of terror created by Naruto's killer intent seemed to amuse her to no end.

" Though I would also like to point out nobody has seemed to take notice in us. Which is a certain aspect that I am not sure about? Should I be happy nobody is looking at us with a glare or gawking as they fear or respect us? Or am I sad that nobody has even noticed us? Oh well that is not what is important now." the feminine figure said shruging her shoulders as if the physical movement had wiped away the confusing emotions raging inside her head.

" Yes tenshi-chan now the only question is how in the world can we heal her with so many people by as they continue to stare at Naruto-kun. Not even realizing that the human girl is dying as we speak and soon shall be in the heavans along with her mother never to see her abusive father and way to stuck up of a sister who only thinks about becoming the head of their clan. Clearly not seeing that in order to become a true head of the clan you can't just think about one part of the clan but you must listen to all of the clans requests and also realize that you are hurting your own daughter instead of helping her." The man said as he walked away from the woman he keeps calling "tenshi-chan" but not by her real name. Looking at the pale Hyuuga Hinata on the ground with blood spilled on the side of her mouth seemed so fragile, the man's face softened considerably as he saw the weakness in her. Picking up the girl gently as he knew that Naruto would be extremely unhappy if she was beyond repair. ' Like that will ever happen.' the man thought as he passed the unmoving figures still entraped in Naruto's glow of leadership of unexplainable power.

" This child has defiantly been through a lot hasn't she." the lady said as she kneeled down to the pale face that was more like ice to the touch.

" Yes, now we need to do what we have promised." the male figure said as they both set their hands on the Hinata which started to glow with the brightest light like the sun. As it started to grow, everybody finally looked towards the figures with awed eyes as Hinata's face started to look a lot healthier than the ghost like transparent white.

" Okay it is time." The woman had said as she looked into the worried eyes of her lover for so many years. " Don't worry I will be all right." she said as she slumped over the woman's weight completely not crushing the Hyuuga girl that they had just healed. The man looked at them both hoping that everything will turn out for the best for Naruto's sake at least.

Inside of Hinata's Mindscape

" What is going on?" said to herself as the area around her turned was a really bright light that was more white than the yellow that is normally shone when dealing with any kind of light she was familiar with.

" You are in a dimension that is between what you know as 'heaven' and 'earth'. Most really don't even know about this world cause it is extremely difficult to get to. Besides I doubt anybody would have the strength to fight death when they have experienced as much pain to actually get here. But because of your Naruto-kun, he made a death defying deal with us. He also told us to tell you something that you should be great full for as this is not something he would tell everybody nor just anybody." A woman said who comes out of the light in a glory that makes the Hyuuga girl even more scared than normal.

" What are you talking about?" Hinata said backing up awhile never meeting a wall but instead just tripped on her own two feet. Looking up her eyes wide in fright at the intimidating women ( in Hinata's eyes). The woman looks at the girl with wide curious eyes as she sees the frighten girl seem to curl up on herself.

" I am not going to hurt you girl." the lady whose voice that could calm somebody seemed to have the opposite effect on the Hyuuga girl. ' This is strange. How can she not realize I won't hurt her.'

" What do you want with me?" Hinata finally resolved in her mind that there really was nothing she could do about it what with being surrounded by nothing but white light.

" It is not what I want with you. It is more what Naruto-kun wants with you." the woman said bending down in front of the Hinata but far away enough to not scare her.

" What is that?" Hinata asked completely confused about this. As he normally ignores her or acts as if she doesn't exist for some unknown reason.

" *Sigh* He wants you to know the truth that has been plaguing his mind for the past 5 years trying to figure out whether or not others should know about the torture that happens in plain sight every single day of his life and seeing as you are about the same age. I could say that it has happen every single day of your life however you have never felt the true anger of these villagers as they would beat Naruto-kun to a single inch of his life until Kyuubi would use his chakra to heal him up again. " The woman said narrowing her eyes at the ground as she thought of all of those times that Naruto would ever show any weakness in the his life.

" Why do the villager's hate Naruto-kun so much? I have known that they have hated him for quite sometime." What Hinata said shocked the woman to no end as she figured everybody quite naive whenever it comes to Naruto. " But that is also why I admire him so much. Cause even in the heat of battle or when facing the shunned faces of the 'them' " she spat out as if saying the word would bring her death in itself. Not even realizing that she had just come so close to death as the people around her weren't even paying attention for all they cared about was if Naruto would try to kill a fellow comrad and get killed himself in the process. " Naruto-kun would never let anybody get to him so far to were he would do nothing else but try to make them realize what kind of a mistake they have come to know and see that things are not always as they seem." Hinata said looking down as well her eyes glazed over as if reliving a memory that was very precious to her or that showed proof to what she has said.

' Maybe it is time somebody realizes what Naruto-kun has been through and this way they could help him get through all of the struggles that will surely come to him in the near future as the Akatsuki were still after him and Kyuubi.' the woman thought now finally making up her mind.

" Very well I will tell you what Naruto-kun has asked me to tell you. But first my name is Akira, but what you know me as is Kami-sama." the angelic woman said making Hinata gasp and quickly bow down as if a servant who is terrified of their masters. " Don't start with me girl. Like Naruto-kun, I hate it when people do that to me. It makes feel like nobody could even look at me as a human being even though I am not really human doesn't mean I want to be treated as a precious jewel who should never be able to touch a sword." Akira said her face all contorted thinking of all of the times that she has revealed herself only to earse those memories from the person's mind as they thought her fragile.

" Yes Akira-sama" Hinata said her stuttering almost non-exsistant to the most important person in front of her.

" Now do you know the story of how Kyuubi was killed." Akira asked resting her elbow on her knee and had the most bored expression on her face. (AN: I am not going to go through the entire story as I find it a pain to write and whenever I read it. Half the time I just skip over it. So that is what I am going to do.)

" Yes I remember as we learned it in the academy and everybody in the village keeps repeating the story whenever October the 10th comes around. We always have a huge festival during that time because of what Yondiame sacraficed to save us." Hinata said as the entire village had that story memorized by heart and would tell anybody else who was crazy enough to not know about the accomplishments that the Fourth has done.

" Well everything you know about that is a lie. Kyuubi was not killed he merely got sealed into the Yondiame's son who has lived a life of lonlieness his entire life. Always thinking that a good day has past whenever he recieves a beating that was light enough to allow him to walk home into a dump of an apartment that he has to call home. Naruto-kun has been through more things than any other adult jounin in this entire village. " Akira finished looking into the girl's eyes expecting to see the hatred like she normally sees of every villager when they realize that Naruto holds a demon. Yet all she saw were tears of sadness in the girl's pupil less eyes.

" How could they do that to Naruto-kun?" Hinata sobbed out her tears making her choke and cough at the same time. Her eyes held no pity towards him, but an unexplainable amount of anger took hold of those tear stained eyes. " Why would they do that to my NARUTO-KUN?" she yelled out pulling her head down as blue chakra started to swirl around her and expand by the second almost crashing into the boundries of the pure white light. As she continued to scream in anger at the world for doing the most horrible thing in the world. Akira couldn't help but back up and away looking at Hinata with wide eyes and witnessing the change of her chakra from the color blue to the color light lavender.

Seeing this, Akira had to ask herself the one question that could make her plans turn from fantasy to a reality. ' Is she the one who has the power that has been long gone since the time of the Great Shinobi Wars?'


Well this is my second fanfic and I really hope you like it. I have actually been thinking about this one for quite some time.