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" So you think that by emitting this will make you stronger and be able to defeat me." Neji said his face never faultering from that smile of his. But that little commit really didn't faze Naruto one bit as he stared at the Hyuuga genius with nothing but pure hatred.

" I should kill you for what you have down Hyuuga. Unfortuantely I know that if I do, I will be scorned by Hinata as she would hate me for hurting you and I will be in a world of hurt for doing something against orders." Naruto said his eyes not wavering for one second. Even with the man creeping up towards him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

" I don't really know about that Naruto. Having seen and been keeping an eye on you ever since that little incident with the elders, we can actually understand why you would act this way. But we have also noticed that you are doing more than we have told you to do. Which makes us wonder why? " Seeing the glare that Naruto directed his way however change his mind. " You may not be able to tell me boy but tenshi-chan however you won't be able to get away from." The man said his voice extremely offended.

" I already know that, sensei. However, she happens to be the one I am not afraid of at this very moment." Naruto said looking towards the angel like lady hovering over the now more healthier Hinata that looked as peaceful as ever in her sleeping spell. His eyes no longer holding that icy glare that everybody has seen with nothing but fear in their eyes " I am afraid of what she will do. Will she forgive me or will she shun me out just like the rest of the village has all of these years?" Naruto said as everybody in the room was now more insignificant than anything else at this moment in time.

" I really don't have the answer for that one Naruto-kun. Even after all of these years with being around my tenshi-chan. I am no expert on what a woman thinks than the next man is. I for one see it as almost impossible to tell as it is for you humans to realize how you first had gotten your bloodlines and are able to do some of the things that you do while in some other dimension or even in the some different countries of this world seem almost impossible to them. So you will have to figure out that one on your own." the man said looking towards the two but the one he was most worried about was his tenshi-chan. ' Please be alright tenshi-chan.'

" I was afraid you would say that." Naruto responded as he finally looked away from the sleeping girl who some how seemed even more important than the promise/deal he just made a minute ago specifically to make sure that Hinata was safe.


Just because all anybody could see was a flash of lightening that would sooner kill you rather than become friends with you, didn't mean a thing to Naruto as he staed at the people who have been the only ones beside Iruka and Sarutobi that truly cared for him. They were none other than Akira also known as Kami-sama by the general public and his first true sensei before Iruka became one of his most precious person: Matoka-sensei. They each looked at him with curious looks as it wasn't often that Naruto would summon them for any thing different than just giving a monthly report and telling them any kind of information that would be beneficary in the future.

" Namikaze Naruto, son of the Yondiame Hokage Namikaze Minato, you have summoned us at the most strangest of times. Especially with other eye's near by, to what do we owe the pleasure in this time and place." Akira said formally as is normal when talking about business instead of the more relaxed tone that they would share with each other whenever it was time for training with Naruto.

" I have a request to ask of you Kami-sama as you are the only one I trust with as any one else would rather kill me than help me." Naruto started off as he bowed deeply inside of the dome that entraps them inside while the whole world sees a bolt of lightening to where it almost looks holy even though they believe that the person is dying as they speak. Which only gives Naruto an edge for when the villagers try to attack him on one of the nights they have had to much to drink or the village has it's annual festival to celebrate the supposed "death" of Kyuubi.

" What would that be Naruto-kun? As you have done much for us over these past years in informing us about your village." Akira said her eyes shining as a moisture slightly gathered up in her eyes but never blinking as that give her away to easily.

" I wish for you to heal the girl Hyuuga HInata and in return I will serve you for all eternity." Naruto said his face in the same blank stare that a person has after seeing so many things in their life, things in a person's life that Naruto should not have seen at such a young age. But with the likes of people who treat Naruto the way they do, it was inevitable that he would see things like that.

' You have no back bone kit. You are just another weak ittle human who will just not admit defeat when they know that one way or another you will disintergrate by your own down falls.' Kyuubi laughed as everybody in the other realms of darkness and light knew that humans were probably the most selfish beings that it made the others sick to having to even be compared closely to these beings who say they have more sophisticated morals than a demon.

' I will not comment on that but I will say that some humans don't have it in their thick skull that being respected and becoming the most powerful by taking short cuts is the only way to go.' Naruto thought bitterly sending an image of Lee and Hinata having fought all of their lives for what they have believed in no matter what everybody has thought about them.

" Alright Naruto we will save her from death's door. Is there any other requests you have before embarking your eternity of repayment for this shall seal your fate. Are you sure that you wish to go through with this all for a simple girl?" Akira asked looking at the blonde boy who was more than likely sealing his fate with the devil rather than the creator of all life on earth.

" Yes, I am sure about this deal for I now have nothing left in this village for they don't deserve anything from me. I also do have one more request: Would you please tell Hinata-chan everything about me: Kyuubi, my parents, the villager's hatre, and my encounters with you and sensei. That is all I ask for." Naruto said his eyes down cast after repeating everything that has make his life in to one hell feast in the short time that he has lived.

' Not everything you mentioned is evil for you got to know some of the most important life questions that you have been asking the Hokage for years which he still hasn't really answered you.' Naruto's subconcious scold he for always being his world's worst critic about everything. Which wouold shock most as his "mask" is always one who looks on the finer points in life and takes every chance he can to grow to become stronger so everybody would respect him as not just a Hokage but a human being.

' Yet no matter what they still saw you as an inferior little bug that deserves to be squashed and what will happen once that girl finds out. She will see you the same way the villagers see you as: a demon and a failure on life itself, kit.' Kyuubi laughed just sending one image after another of Hinata having those same eyes as the villagers have whenever he would pass by the market to go the to Hokage Tower or just meeting his team for a so called "training exercise".

' Can it you fur ball. Hinata-chan is not like that one bit and she would refuse to see anybody as somebody below her even if she is the Hyuuga heir.' Naruto said to the great demon fox. Yet despite his bravodo, Naruot was still nervous as these were the same images that kept Naruto awake in the middle of the night when he had an especially bad day.

" Naruto are you with us?" his sensei called breaking Naruto out of his revenue of thought.

" Yes sensei I am sorry for daydreaming." Naruto said his head bowing done fully to show deep respect to the two higher beings in front of him. The ones that have and will continue to be his support through out hard ships.

* End of Flashback*

His daydream ended when an questioning Kurenia became brave enough and started to approach the godlike man with extreme caution written in everysingle one of her steps. The action of Hinata's sensei around his sensei was quite amusing as it was rare sight to see the person who is suppose to be the husband of the creator of all life. Seeing Naruto's eyes never leaving the red eyed woman made the godlike man to look at her with wide eyes. Wondering how her exsistance was related to Naruto in any way possible, however not having much time to contimplate on the matter. Kurenia bowed down as the aura of life energy seemed to much for her frail body.

' Then again having the lord of all demons who is used to dealling with the gods on a regular basis does help. Though she is taking this very well especially having seen them for the first time as most would have been shivering in frieght or awe depending on how Akira-sama feels towards a specific being.' Naruto thought as he observed the interaction while Kurenia tried to get some information about her student whom she seems quite fond of.

" What have you done to Hinata-chan, sir?" Kurenia asked her breath coming out in short pants thinking that she couldn't be this exhausted after just walking a couple of steps to get information about the girl she sees as a sister more than a student.

Looking at the woman with a speculating gaze, the man decided to put the woman's mind at ease as they were dealing with one of her precious people especially since that person was on the brink of death in itself. " Myself and my tenshi-chan healed that child you call 'Hinata'. I will admit that the boy had put some significant damage to her internal organs that would have killed her and be beyond human's knowledge to fix if not treated immediately. Though even if that happened, which I seriously doubt it would have since I can sense the medical staff not to far from here. It wouldn't have mattered as we have healed worse injuries that would make this one look like a slap to the face than something say like a lightning strike that could burn you immediately." the man replied his face and voice void of emotion. Yet his eyes couldn't help but show the signs of amusement as the woman face turn to shock at the knowledge of their true powers. For to be able to heal something of that magnitude would mean that the person has great chakra control and an enormous amount of stamina. But that is not what shocked Kurenia the most: it was the fact that this man, this godlike man whom she had just met the first time in her life, had saved her student from certain death and is now watching over Naruto as if he was the only reason that Neji was not a mear heap of flesh on the floor right now. This man knew and comfirmed that the lightening bolt that happened what now seemed like an eternity ago was not just a figment of their imaginations. What they saw some how couldn't have been possible until this man had confirmed it.

" Sensei what do you think I should do now as it appears we could be here a while?" Naruto asked now eyeing everybody else's reactions. Yet none of them seemed to amuse him in the least. Well except for Shino's, cause even though his expression was the same since the academy days but the feel of his chakra was that of one who is curious only not about the unknown man that he has no information about yet about the well being of his teammate that was unconcious next to the woman who he (Naruto) sees as a mother figure.

" I think you should go talk to your Hokage and tell him what is going on. I take it that some of the council members are there." the man asked looking towards the floor balcony where all of the higher officials were standing to observe the actions of the chuunin-to-be candidates.

" Hai, that they are sensei." Naruto growled out having remembered all of the times that they had tried to execute him and tried to get rid of him the first moments of his life. ' Funny how they tried to keep everything guarded by a chuunin standing by the door along with a simple alarm seal that surrounded the entire room. You think it would be a whole lot more complicated as that storage room holds to many important documents especially the architects for the village and their blue prints.' Naruto thought

" If you have any trouble, either call me over or use any other alternative in getting them to shut up." the man said his eyes shined with the same malicious look that the second proctor, Anko had when she first introduced herself to the genin for the second part of the exam.

" I intend to do just that sensei but don't get your hopes up that I will actually try to kill anybody sensei." Hearing this the man looked up at Naruto as if he was crazy. Seeing the man's confusion only made Naruto smirk in reply adding to the man's curiosity as Naruto knew he would look into the matter anyhow. " As you and Akira-sama have said before: ' I have been doing to much in the past years that I have served you.' But what you both don't know is I have been keeping an especially close eye on the ones who want me dead, Dai-sensei. Amazing how you two both prize yourselves in knowing everything. But as I have learned frome a very very old friend, Dai-sensei. That hardly anybody knows everything there is to life as at certain points in time. Other aspects become more important than what you have worked on for a half a day ago or even a decade ago, or even longer: but it always happens. Why else would you need me to supervise this village for you and giving you frequant updates of what the villagers are doing? Though you are basing things on the villagers as they are the majority and all you care about is destroying the ones who have taint inside their hearts. While I don't care for that, for I am human and not one who cares about what happens to the people in this village. But I am more interested in what shall be done in the present which means looking in a political sense. For the villagers are like children following their parents orders, they do the right thing. The children get rewarded or praised for being such a good little follower. So I plan on manipulating that adult to my advantage." Naruto said his eyes glimmering into satifying sparks of firecrackers showing their bright colors after planning much to get the final product. ( In case you are wondering, I was writing this while watching Code Geass. That anime is kind of dark.)

" Are you planning to betray us, Naruto?" the man named Dai yelled out after hearing this new secret from his students. His face was twisted in anger hearing this little fact made his blood boil more than the time somebody had almost destroyed everything that made his life worth a purpose all for some stupid bits of money.

" No but I do intend to get some revenge on this village before you and Akira-sama have decide what to do with this village once and for all. Who knows maybe you can just try to change their attitude rather than killing them?" Naruto smiled extremely sweet, his smile ear to ear, looking like plastic was stuck on.

' What are you planning Naruto-kun?' Dai thought to himself watching the boy who is now a mystery to him even after these past couple of years of being in contact.

However before Dai could even think of a way on how Naruto could get around that from just the few times that they have actually given him information. A spike of chakra rained supreme to all of the shinobi's senses. They were all taken back by the amount of force generating from such a compressed area. Not to long later, a small whirl wind started to generate up to winds that were almost unnatural when living in a village whose summers were nothing but clear blue skys. Small pieces of debris were getting caught in the wind maing the leaf shinobi cover their eyes as they were not used to seeing in these winds. However, the other chuunin-to-be weren't even bothered by the prospect of a little wind just passing through. (Remember the Sand shinobi and the Kumo shinobi live in places to were 50 mph winds were the normal as they live in deserts for Suna and having to deal with giant lightning storms in Kumo. So this will seem like a mere fly passing through their sight. Annoying!) Looking towards the two unconcious females that have stolen the hearts of both Naruto and Dai ( Hinata for Naruto and Akira for Dai). But the strangest thing was happening to ... Hinata! The thing is the chakra around her was blue but a very light... PURPLE!

' What is goin on here? How can this much chakra becoming from one person who doesn't have a demon sealed inside of them.' Naruto thought covering his eyes from the particles that were to small to block.

" Kit do you even know what is going on here!"

' What are you talking about Kyuubi?' Naruto wanted to glare at the fur ball as Naruto was not one to like being kept in the dark. However just like always getting any kind of information from the thousand year old fox was as usual a challenge.

" You will have to find out for yourself, boy." ' But things will be very interesting in the next few moments' Kyuubi thought as he planned on what to do next, while also wondering if Akira and Dai will tell Naruto just the amount of importance that one girl now holds.


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Kyuubi said almost in disbelief at seeing the purple chakra after so long. Almost since the beginning of time.