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From the Previous Chapter...

"Kit do you even know what is going on here!" Kyuubi said almost in disbelief at seeing the purple chakra after so long. Almost since the beginning of time.

'What are you talking about Kyuubi?' Naruto wanted to glare at the fur ball as Naruto was not one to like being kept in the dark. However just like always getting any kind of information from the thousand year old fox was as usual a challenge.

"You will have to find out for yourself, boy." ' But things will be very interesting in the next few moments' Kyuubi thought as he planned on what to do next, while also wondering if Akira and Dai will tell Naruto just the amount of importance that one girl now holds.

Now the new chapter...


There they were, just standing there. Nothing could be said at that moment in time for there was nothing to be said about what had just transpired before my eyes. These eyes have seen much in the many years I have been. Much sorrow, much death, and much chaos. But in light of those cruelties that are part of human nature. I have seen much birth, joy, and happiness in those that I hold dear too. However, there are those times in life that you truly see there are more mysteries and unknowns in the world. For with each passing discovery, I feel two things acquiring at those precious moments: I feel as if our world is a lot bigger than most can even realize and the most important fact that we, humans, are just insignificant beings in life who have no clue of how many wonders on in the world. One of these great wonders is happening right now in front of my eyes: a girl who is suppose to be the Hyuuga Heir is emitting the most unusual chakra that anybody has ever seen. It seemed to first start out as a small pale violet flame and just like if a tornado of wind had gushed through by some hidden signal. The flame had grown twice as much emitting an aura unfamiliar to most of the jounin. This feeling was not one of anger or sorrow, this feeling was one of deep regret. Yet how can the feeling of regret was quite puzzling to most of the shinobi.

'How can one person generate this much chakra with just the feeling of regret floating about them?' Kakashi thought to himself. However the only clues that all was not as it seems were the looks held by Dai and Naruto as both seemed extremely concerned by the volume size of the chakra flames growing around Hinata. The great fire of chakra continued to grow and grow. When it got a capacity that it looked like Naruto (who was the closest to Hinata) was going to be in danger, the chakra pulsed around him as if some invisible force had made the chakra swarm him in a perfect circle.

'What is going one here?' Naruto thought as the chakra kept pulsing around him. However as the chakra kept increasing a strange smell was gradually wafting into Naruto's extremely sensitive nose that was enhanced by Kyuubi at the age of 3 along with other improvements that were extremely useful when having to deal with a mob of villagers whose stench was intensified by sake and the amount of rage flowing through their veins that seemed to beat a rhythm all on their own which always gave Naruto an edge to hiding from them at the dead of night.

Now realizing that the chakra is not only increasing by the second, the unusual chakra was burning everything in its path with an acidic atmosphere to where he knew if you were tortured with this stuff you have the victim talking in a matter of a few minutes while they were begging for the pain to stop quicker. Quickly thinking, Naruto tried to think of every possibility that he could think of in order for this incredible phenomenon to halt. However all options seemed to disappear from his mind as a voice from the outside world had entered his subconscious.

"AKIRA" Dai-sensei had yelled out with the wild hysteria. Whipping his (Naruto's) head around, Naruto saw his sensei, the one who actually teaches him instead being ignored, almost run into the purple chakra….

" SENSEI WAIT!" Naruto half yelled as he knew that not only could Dai hear a single pin drop from 50 meters away even in a room full of people screaming across to relay their messages on the other side of the room and also not get hurt by a simple acidic base of any kind. But Naruto did not want to go into a very detailed conversation of how in the world Dai couldn't get hurt by these circumstances. Yet Naruto had no intention of revealing who Akira and Dai were at the moment nor did he want to explain everything to them ( the Konoha Shinobi) just yet.

" But Akira…" Dai-sensei started at first but stopped at Naruto's headshack.

" You will only get burned by the acidic acids being given off by the amount of chakra" Naruto explained while giving a glare to his sensei that translated only one thing. ' Keep your mouth shut.' Not completely understanding, Naruto shifted his gaze the slightest to direct something behind him. Looking around he finds the entire Konoha 12 (even though Neji isn't nice during this time I would rather write since it is easiest). They all look towards the unconscious girl, yet he knew that even through all of their smarts that their academy teacher says they supposedly have, neither one of the genin nor their jounin senseis would understand that these things that have been going on for so long right under their noses.

' He is right no simplistic human being should have to go through what Naruto and soon Hinata go through all of a sudden. ' Dai thought quite sadly as he imagined all of the up coming hardships those two where going to go through together in the next few weeks.

As Dai is thinking these thoughts, Naruto decides to head into the chakra despite the complaints of Konoha's jounin senseis. Unbeknown to them, Naruto had flashed through a set of hand signs to activate the jutsu known as Hikari no Purotekushon (Protection of Light…. I think). The effects of this jutsu literally protects him from anything and everything.

' I hope this works.' Naruto thought as he runs at full speed towards the one person who has always been kind to him no matter whomever tried to sway her decision. Just thinking of those time Naruto had secretly spied on Hinata to make sure everything was okay as he knew exactly how her family has treated her over the years. It had always made his blood boil to no end that if he wasn't suppose to keep up the idiotic mask that had the reputation of dead last then they all would have been dead as of 5 years ago.

Flashback….( 5 years ago in Hyuuga Manor in Naruto's POV)

" You shouldn't be with that boy Lady Hinata, he is very dangerous and will attack you without a seconds thought." One of the maids said while helping the young heir get ready for a formal dinner that was suppose to bring in a new ally for the leaf and hopefully for the Hyuuga family.

" If he wanted to have attacked me then he would have already along with the other class mates since hardly any of them ever treat him nicely. As the old saying goes ' Never judge a book by its cover'." Hinata replied as she continued working on her hair never one to actually take advantage of the so called servants in her household who were just really people part of her very large family.

Seeing the Hyuuga that tried to convince Hinata to try to stay away from him, made his blood boil. However hearing Hinata stick up for him made Naruto's heart warm up. Deciding to leave as the idea of politics not being one of his favorite subjects started to creep up closer became a great idea at the moment. That is until the words "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu" were whispered so softly into the night. There right beside Naruto was a double of himself on the clone didn't have the orange jumpsuit that he was known for through out the entire village. Instead it was black pants with a tight black muscle shirt that seemed to slightly put pressure on every single part of his upper body. (We will get back to this part later) A black bandana has completely covered his unusually bright blonde hair.

'With the copy keeping an eye on Hinata-chan, I can plan for the end of this village.' Naruto thought as he silently swooped away from the supposedly highest security that Konoha has ever seen. Off to do his bidding for those that have earned his respect.

End of Flashback

Taking a deep break to clear all other thoughts out of his mind, Naruto sole concentration was on Hinata's body. " Alright Hinata-chan," Naruto said out loud as his eyes seemed to glaze over " time to wake up and face the …" But it went unfinished as he forced all of his will power inside of the chakra control to get inside of her head. But somehow Naruto's body unconsciously walked towards Hinata's body. His hands started to glow in the same violet color as Hinata's so as to not be repelled from her body in case her chakra has some kind of defense mechanism. But all of Naruto's thoughts were on Hinata as his heart had taken over him on one of the most unexpected times that he can think of.

' Then again my heart always seemed to betray me whenever it came to her.' Naruto thought as his eyes came to focus again but this time they held a clear vision of Hinata's pale face.


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