A/N: This is my second fic, and it's also taang. I'm surprised, because when my sister let me use her old account, I was more exited about finally writing zutara.

Fandom: Avatar:the last airbender Pairing: Toph/Aang Words:541 Disclaimer: Bryke own Avatar, not me. If I did then the animation wouldn't be as amazing.

"Do you really think friendship can trancsend lifetimes?"

"I don't see why not."

Aang was sure he had seen her before somewhere. Even at that swamp, where he had first spotted her, she had seemed so familiar.

How did he know her?

Back at the airtemple, someone would visit him in his dreams. Even as a small child, he would sometimes here a gentle whisper or the echo of a laugh and swear it was real. Someone would smile at him when he closed his eyes and he would smile back, as if to say "Hi. How are you? What have you been up to?"

He clung to these memories, he wasn't sure why he did. There was just something alluring about the sweet humming he sometimes heard when he was peaceful, content. (Or maybe he was peaceful and content in those moments because of the humming)

Aang sometimes wondered if he was crazy.

The young air nomad spoke to Gyatso about it, of course. The old monk just smiled in that way that made his wrinkled face seem young. He simply told him that life, death, and reincarnation were a repetitive cycle, and in our lifetimes, if someone was close enough to you, you remember them.

So that was what it was? A memory? But he never met anyone like that before.

Later, in a more complicated time, he sees her at a swamp. Something tugs at him, and he remembers the echo of a laugh ringing down the air temples, the golden memory he had clung to.

Eventually, he got to know the laughing girl. He grew to become close friends with her ,as he got older.

Aang finally understands what Gyatso meant now. He could never forget her, even if he tried.

Even now, he is eighteen years old, he's still fairly certain he loves Katara (things can change, a voice whispers...) but sometimes he's still hit with serious dejavu when he talks to her, or earthbends with her.

Sometimes he wakes up in the morning and sees the blue eyes of a familiar woman, the teasing smile on the face of someone he might have loved once.

He doesn't know where he's seen her. All he knows is that he never forgot her.

A/N: Um yeah, I don't know where this came from. The women he saw were Ummi(the blue eyes) and Ta Min( the teasing smile). And the girl Aang remembered was Toph, of course.