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Kakashi had a dream. He never did tell anyone about this dream because:

1. It sounded ridiculous

2. Because it sounded ridiculous people would laugh at him

3. Or scorn Kakashi for having such an un-Kakashi like attitude

4. Or think he was high and watched too much Austin Powers. He didn't even know what that was.

Ever since Kakashi became the leader of team 7 he began to daydream more and more about it. And as Kakashi saw Guy and Rock-lee walk by he sighed. "Guy I truly envy you." He muttered under his breath. That's right, Kakashi wanted a Mini-Me.

He wanted one of his students or all of his students to worship him like a god. He wanted to mean the world to someone. He wanted someone to imitate everything he did, from the clothes, to facial expressions, even read the same books! But of course he would have to steal those so that he could read them. As he thought and compared all 3 of his charges, Sakura would never do those things, not unless Sasuke did, and it'd be a cold day in hell when that would happen. So Naruto was his only option. He could see it now! Him and his mini self walking down the street, Naruto with his hair gelled and ninja mask reading an orange book with a bored look on his face. And teaching little Kakashuto (Kakashi+Naruto) everything he knew. A smile went on his face.

But…that daydream was interrupted when a fight broke out amongst his charges, "Guys! Settle down or it'll be laps!"

"Yes Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura answered.

"Sensei…" He liked the sound of that. But how would he get Naruto to do it…he thought for a minute… 'Yes! Tell Naruto it'll help him become Hokage!'

So after training Kakashi pulled Naruto aside.

"Naruto, I have a shortcut for you to become Hokage!" Kakashi announced.


"Well, follow everything I do, listen to everything I say, do everything I do without question. Starting tomorrow I want you to wear a ninja mask and spike your hair differently, maybe throw in an orange book…"

"Okay!" Naruto answered then left.

And Kakashi's dream came true.


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