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Title: A Page Out of Rumpleskiltskin

Summary: The new recruits try and figure out Rogue's name.

Words: 1,352

"So, what is your real name Rogue?" Tabitha questioned, earning a few yeahs from all those who were gathered in the rec room. Everybody else had actual names and codenames, the only exception being Jean for the later.

"What are yah talking about mah name is Rogue?" Rogue defiantly replied, glaring at everyone in the room.

"For real." Tabby persisted.

"Yea what is your name Rogue?" Bobby spoke up curiosity getting the best of him.

"It can't be that bad." Jubilee nodded her head.

"Yea mon cher. Y' don't look like no scoundrel." Gambit sent her a wink

"What makes y'all think ah'm gonna tell yah if ah haven't told the others." Rogue spoke glaring at all the occupants in the room, mainly Gambit.

"Yea leave her alone guys. If she doesn't want to tell us, she doesn't have to." Scott defended, though unlike the others he knew Rogue's actual name. "And if you don't stop bugging her, there's gonna be extra danger room session for everybody."

"Ja if she does not wish to tell us we should not pressure her." Piotr said, sending a supportive nod to the goth.

"Thanks Scott, Piotr." Rogue smiled.

"But Scott, as her teammates, Rogue should be able to trust us with this kind of stuff." Jean argued.

"Take all the fun out of things will ya." Bobby grumbled.

Smirking, Tabby sent a wink to the others and began to speak, "Yea guys, it's probably something like Gertrude."

"Or Bertha."

"What about Mildred." Jubilee shuddered.

"Or Helga."

"Yah guys are nowhere near close." Rogue growled out.

Smiling, Kitty played along, "I bet it's something like Ashley."

"Yea could be why she chose Rogue instead. Ashley is such a valley girl's name. No offence Kitty." Bobby grinned.

"Could be Wilma."

"Mebbe it's Brittany." Gambit shrugged.

"Or Cynthia."

"She kinda looks like ah Serenity to meh y'all."

"No I say more of a Renée."

"Ohh, ohh maybe it's Mai."

"Yah guys aren't goin ta stop this anytime soon are yah?" Rogue sighed, losing her glare more out of tiredness than anything else.

"Nope." They all chorused.

Sighing, Rogue leaned against the wall and spoke, "Ah'll make yah a deal. Ah'll give yah three guesses. If one of yah gets it, ah'll let yah know."

"Ripping off Rumpleskiltskin?" Scott raised an eyebrow.

"Yep." Rogue nodded her head, giving him a faint smile.

"Oh come on Rogue." Bobby complained.

"Take it or leave it ice prick."


Smirking Rogue asked, "So what are yah three guesses?"

Instantly arguing broke out over whose or what guesses should be made.

"Everybody quiet." Jean yelled. "We need to do this in an organized fashion. I know we'll make a list of names and then vote of the top three names to guess."

"Sounds okay to me." Bobby shrugged, the others agreeing.

"Ah'm gonna go get a soda. Let meh know when yah ready ta guess." Rogue smirked exiting the room.

"I'm gonna go with her." Scott said, inching his way out the door.

"You're staying behind." Jean telekinetically pulled him back. "I know you know her name. Tell us Scott."

"No way. I promised her I wouldn't tell." Scott argued.

"Fine, but can you at least tell us what it starts with." Jean asked, giving him the "puppy dog" eyes.

Finding it hard to resist the pretty emeralds of the girl he was crazy over, Scott let out a defeated sigh. "I will only tell you this. It starts and ends with a vowel." And with that he promptly left the room, knowing that should Jean ask him again, he would cave.

"Begins and starts with a vowel." Jean repeated.

"Oh, I know, it's Amie." Bobby grinned.

Hitting him on his head, Tabby snapped, "He said it ends with a vowel."

"Not if you spell it with an e at the ends. Besides, y is sometimes counted as a vowel." Bobby countered.

"Olivia." Jubilee stated.

"Adele." Gambit guessed.

"No, Isabella." Amara replied.

"I say it's Emma." Roberto voiced.

For some odd reason, Jean felt like hurling the younger mutant across the room for saying that name. Confused, she shook it off and began to jot down the names, adding a few of her own.

"Naw, she looks more like an Eva." Evan guessed, ignoring the looks he received.

"I betcha her name is Alora. It suits her persona if ye ask me." Rahne added.

"Yea but she had to have chosen Rogue for a reason. I mean, what name is worse than Rogue." Tabby argued.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Tabby's right." Ray said.

"I know." Kitty smiled knowingly. "It's Alexandra."

"No vay, it's gotta be Olga." Kurt claimed.

Nodding her head, Tabitha agreed, "Could be."

"I don't think so." Kitty disagreed.

"Well what do you have in mind?"

"Well, like, let's think about we know about Rogue. She's from the south and…" She trailed off, thinking about all she knew of Rogue's upbringing.

"You're her roommate and that's all you know." Jubilee stared unbelievingly at the valley girl.

"She vas adopted like me." Kurt added.

"So she was adopted and born in the south." Roberto listed. "You guys have been living with her how long now?"

"Hey don't look at us like that man." Evan tried to defend. "That girl's one private person."

"She told me she's Baptist." Sam contributed.

"Rogue's a Baptist?" Kitty said questioningly. "How come she's never told one of us?"

"Ah asked her." Sam deadpanned.

"Ve're getting off focus, ve need to think of more names." Kurt steered the conversation.

"What oh yea right." Kitty said.

"What about Izzie?" Jamie suggested.

"Doubt it. Izzie's more of a nick name." Ray replied.

"I still think it's Emma." Roberto spoke, instantly a pillow hit him in the back of the head. "Hey, who threw that?"

"Who knows, let's just come up with more names." Jean tried to cover up. "I think it's Irene. It was the name of her foster mother, could be why she chose to go with Rogue."

"What about you tin-man? Got any suggestions." Tabitha smiled seductively, earning a glare from Kitty.

"Not really." Piotr stuttered.


Two Hours and Fifty Guesses Later


"Okay Rogue, we narrowed down our top three choices." Jean announced, looking down at her notebook.

"'Bout time Jeannie, ah was starting ta hope yah had just forgotten 'bout it." Rogue replied, her arms folded, waiting for them to continue.

"Ohhh." Tabby raised her hand. "I wanna make the first guess."

"Okay." Jean looked at the younger girl like she was crazy.

Doing a small victory dance, Tabitha soon composed herself and asked, "Is it…Ursula?"

Rogue let out a snort. "Not even close."

"I told you that was a bad choice." Jubilee glared.

Rolling her eyes, Tabby continued, "Fine, what about…?"

"Olga." Kurt finished.

"Hey that wasn't the guess we voted for blue boy." Roberto glared.

"Nope." Rogue replied.

"That doesn't count." Roberto bristled.

"Yes it does, now make yah final guess so ah can go back ta mah room." Rogue snapped.

Rolling her eyes, Tabitha inquired "Fine, is it Anastasia."

When Tabitha started saying the name, Rogue held her breath, only to let out a sigh of relief. "Wrong again."

"Told you those were lame names to use." Bobby yelled.

Rolling his eyes, Roberto responded, "Oh like your guesses were any better."

Soon a fight broke out. Jubilee and Bobby were having a screaming match with Amara and Ray with Sam adding his input every now and then. Tabitha and Kitty had ganged up on Kurt and Jean was repeatedly hitting Roberto with a pillow, who kept insisting they should have guessed Emma. Jamie and Rahne were also arguing. Piotr was sighing demurely as Gambit was talking to him.

"You planned this didn't you?" Scott asked Rogue.

"Prove it." Rogue smirked wickedly.

"I don't get it, why not just tell them?"

"Now where's the fun in that."