Claire sat on a bench, letting the sunlight warm her skin as a cool breeze drifted by. The only sounds were of children playing and laughing and she found herself laughing with them, smiling as a small boy with black hair and blue eyes ran toward her.

She scooped him easily, cradling his four year old body to her chest. It still amazed her how something so small could inspire such massive feelings within her. This child, her son, was all that mattered in the world. Even after she thought her world had been destroyed, along with the Company that had tormented her for so long, one look at her son's small face and she had never felt so much love.

Though, it still pained her at times to see her son. His face, so much like that of his father's. It hurt, reminding of her what she lost to get where she was, but then he smiled and all the pain melted away.

Sylar had accomplished everything he gave his life for. She and her son were safe, happy even. The Company had been rebuilt, with her father and uncle in charge, and it had become a place of hope and acceptance. No longer an organization that captured and studied the different, but one that accepted them with open arms and gave them guidance. Though, it was still necessary to house the villains somewhere they could no longer hurt anyone.

Claire's thoughts once again returned to her son. To the rest of the evolved population, he was the chosen one. The source of hope and peace and new beginnings. Being the first child with active abilities at birth and the only one among them to have multiple natural abilities, he was known worldwide. To them, he was a hero before the age of four. To her, he was her life.

He looked up at his mother, his little forehead creased and a pout on the lips that reminded her so much of his. "Mommy, Daniella said I was bad, like my daddy. She said he was a bad guy."

Claire's expression softened as she gazed lovingly at her son, marveling in how much he mirrored his father when he was angry. "Don't listen to Daniella, she's just trying to make you mad."

"But was she right? Was my daddy bad?" His eyes were a mirror of her own and they were pleading with her for answers.

"Your father was a hero. He made this a better place just for you. He loved you that much," Claire assured her son, her voice heavy with sadness. A sharp pain stabbed at her chest as she talked about him. It was the only pain she could feel.

"You miss him, mommy?" he asked as he rested his head against her shoulder, his short black hair brushing against her cheek.

"Every day."

"I miss him, too. Is that okay? Can I miss him even though I never met him?"

"Of course, baby. You can miss him all you want and always remember how much he loved you." She smoothed his spiky hair as she spoke, comforting him the way she had since he was first born.

Claire looked up to see her grandmother watching her and her son. She smiled and the older woman returned the gesture. They had become closer since that day, the now elderly woman trying to spend as much time with her grandchildren as she could.

Angela had another dream just after the baby was born. In this one, Claire's son was the voice of peace and hope, leading them all into an era of happiness and acceptance, bridging the gap between themselves and those without special abilities.

It was a bittersweet irony, Claire often thought. The most feared man at the time had ensured their salvation. The villain had become the hero and most didn't even remember Sylar. They remembered Gabriel, the man who gave his life and helped form a better world.

And when the time came, Gabriel Gray would save them all.

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