A/N: A Katara centric piece.

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Katara was a hopeful child, that was for sure.

In the water tribe, there had always been stories. One of the most popular ones was the one where a water nymph came from the sea. The water nymph was loving and kind. She would take care of everything and everyone. So of course, as a young child, Katara thought Kaya was a lot like a water nymph.

Kaya was her mother, her idol. And she was pretty nice too.

Yes, she was a lot like the water nymph.

She was also the wife of the chief. So it was hard on the tribe when she died. But it was especially hard for her children. Katara specifically.

The eight-year old little waterbender couldn't believe her mother was dead. Mothers don't just go away that. How ridiculous! Katara had seen her dead body, and been to the funeral. But she couldn't believe her mother was dead. Kaya wouldn't just leave the tribe like that.

Obviously, her spirit was resting.

At the end of the water nymph story, the nymph had seen too much cruelty. So her spirit left her body for a while, and decided to rest back in the sea, but came back when she was happy again.

Katara was a hopeful child, and she still believed that her mother's spirit was just resting in the sea.

So she sits on the jagged coastline every day for an hour before bedtime. Just in case her water nymph mother feels like coming back.

And she waits.

A/N: This was mostly just practice so I could write Katara better.