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The weeks went by slowly and Legolas could not help but notice the lingering lack of his mother. True to Ren's commands, she had moved out of the palace and into a small cottage on the outskirts of Mirkwood with Traius. He had not seen her since.

Come to think about it, he had not seen Ren for about the same amount of time, give or take a few quick sightings in the corridors. Ren had taken to her room a lot of the time, going to such extremes as to have meals sent there so as to avoid her family even further. Legolas had tried knocking on her door a few times to get her to come out, but the response was always the same, always in the negative.

It was just Legolas and Thranduil at mealtimes now. It was also only them who ever presided over the council meetings; only them who had any real contact with the outside world. Legolas could tell, however, that his ada's heart was not in it. He was there strictly for other people, never for himself.

And thus, Legolas felt lonely. He had no contact with his sister or naneth, and what contact he had had with his ada might as well have been conducted with a brick wall. Even the trees seemed to be better formal conversationalists at the moment…

Legolas was still young, and he needed all the help, encouragement and love to grow. His elven spirit was slowly but surely being suppressed, dampened… He knew he could not last too much longer. He felt he would burst. It had been weeks. Weeks. Weeks in which he had heard nothing from his naneth, nothing from his sister and next to nothing from his ada. He was wise enough to know that Thranduil was sinking into a depression after losing his wife, and he knew he should not be forced to bear all the responsibilities for helping him back out. He could not. Thranduil did not only need his son; he needed his daughter as well.

Legolas swung easily off the tree branch he had been perched on and landed on the ground, perfectly balanced. He set off at a fast walk back towards the interior of the palace, intent upon finding Rem.


Where did I go? I don't know where I am… get me out of here… anywhere, any way… just get me out…


The first person Legolas came across was one of the servants who took care of the laundry. Her name was Authiel, and Legolas liked her quite a bit. She always had time for his questions, from the elfling questions of what colour did she think Thranduil's hair would look good dyed as to the student questions of just how exactly is learning about smelly edain going to help a prince who may as well have been last in line for the throne. He walked up to her now as she carried a large basket of dirty clothing and sheets.

"Authiel?" he called. "Ren hasn't come out, has she?"

Authiel stopped and turned to face Legolas. "No, princeling, she hasn't," she said softly. "I went in to collect her clothes about an hour ago… she wasn't in the best of moods. I suppose I shoud caution you not to go near her."

Legolas frowned. "She has been avoiding me for a while now," he said. "I wanted to… I wanted to play with her." He didn't think it was a particularly good idea to tell the palace staff about the Royal Family's problems. They had enough of a bad reputation as it was.

"Hm. There's nobody else you can play with?"


Authiel nodded slowly. "Perhaps it is better if you go and see her after all…" She trailed off, looking through a window. "If you'll excuse me," she said, suddenly all business once more, "I must be getting to work. I shall see you later, Prince Legolas."

Legolas nodded and watched as Authiel walked away, the basket of clothes held securely in front of her.


Why did she have to do it? Does she not love me? Nana…


Legolas stopped outside the door to Ren's chambers. He didn't want to knock – he was angry at her – but neither did he want to simply burst in on her. They respected each others' privacy. It had always been like that, and Legolas would not ruin his relationship with his sister any further than it had already been damaged. He resolved to simply wait, wait until Ren's meal was brought, or something else she may have ordered. Yes. That seemed a good plan.

Legolas did not realize, at that moment, just how much he would come to regret his decision during all of the remaining years of his life.


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