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Chapter One

Allegra wanted to scream.

Who had insisted on having this party? She vowed she would find out, and once she did she would personally wring that person's neck. This was just horrendous. First of all, they'd let Mac bring all his DJ equipment so they could dance. Come on now. Her, dance? Yeah, sure, that'll happen in about a million years. Number two, no one else had been invited except the SSX riders and DJ Atomicka. What kind of lameo would make a party exclusive to the SSX riders? How in the world was she supposed to have friends outside of the circuit if they were the only people she ever saw? And number three…well, Elise was there. And if that bitchy blonde was anywhere within a two-mile radius of her, it was literally impossible to have a good time.

I mean just look at her, she thought in disgust. First she flirts with Nate, then she turns around to flirt with Moby for as long as she can until Zoe tries to kill her. She's such a slut-

"Allegra! Allegra!" a tiny voice shouted from behind.

Allegra looked up. Just as she'd thought, it was Griff. Who else would be so excited at an event like this?

"Dance with me! Dance with me!" he exclaimed as he grabbed both her hands and attempted to pull her out of her chair.

Allegra didn't even budge; she was practically glued to the seat. "Sorry, little guy, but I'm not in the mood."

"Aww, why not?" he whined. "Mac says he's gonna play Smashmouth first, and they're my favorite!"

"I know," Allegra said, dropping her hands onto her lap. "You've only told me that like a million times."

Griff stared at her for a long moment. Then seeming to lose all his energy, he sat down in the seat next to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Somethin' bothering you?"

Allegra couldn't believe it. How many times had she been over this with the kid? Probably already a dozen, but he just never could seem to get it.

"You know I can't stand to be around Elise for too long," she told him, casting the blonde across the room a nasty look. "Her mere presence pisses me off. And tonight it's worse than usual."

Griff sighed, shaking his head. "You've got anger issues, man."

"Oh I do not!" Allegra snapped. "She's the problem, not me."

Griff shrugged. "Whatever you say. Just don't let it bother you. In fact, I know something that would make you feel a lot better!"

Allegra sighed in annoyance. She loved the kid. Really, she did, but at times like this she wanted nothing more than to swing him over her shoulder and throw him out the nearest window. Or into a garbage can.

"I don't even wanna hear it," she told him.

Griff jumped out of his seat, his energy seeming to have suddenly returned, and grabbed her hands again. "You could come out onto the dance floor!"

"Nooooo," Allegra groaned.

Griff pulled. "Please?"



Just then, Mac got onto the intercom. Apparently he'd finished setting up all his equipment. Allegra rolled her eyes. Great. She had secretly been hoping he'd break something on the way in. Not that she didn't like Mac, but if there was no music, then there certainly couldn't be any dancing either.

"Yo! How ya'll doin' tonight my fellow SSXers?"

A couple people cheered. Elise was especially loud and obnoxious, of course, and almost everyone in the room turned to look at her.

Omigod, just shut up, Allegra thought, finally taking her hands out of Griff's so she wouldn't look like such an idiot. We all know she wants to be the center of attention, but it really gets old after a while. I hate her.

"I've gotta say I'm more than excited to be startin' another season here on this circuit…"

"…blah, blah, blah." Zoe wished Mac would just shut up already. No one cared about what that little punk had to say. Everyone knew the season started next month. No need to talk about it. He wasn't even that great of a DJ, and here he was standing at the front of the room, acting like he was the shit. She made a mental note to have Psymon steal all his underwear from his drawers when the season started. That would teach him a lesson.

"Seriously, mate, just get on with it," Moby muttered in agreement. "And when's Atomicka gonna get here?"

Zoe shrugged, not really caring. "I dunno. He's late for everything."

"Which I think is really tacky," Elise said, putting her elbows on the table. "I mean he's the one who insisted we have this party in the first place. I wasn't going to come at first, but when I heard he had an important announcement to make, I decided I'd better."

For once, Zoe actually agreed with the skank.

"I wasn't goin' to come either," Moby also agreed. "But since I knew all my mates were gonna be here, I figured what the hell? And speakin of mates, where is Psymon?"

Zoe snickered. "He's gonna be a bit late."

Elise arched an eyebrow. "Oh God. Do I even want to know?

Before Zoe could answer, Mac suddenly finished his mindless babbling and exclaimed, "This first song is goin' out to my buddy Griff, who, I might mention, turned 13 last Friday!"

Zoe was actually interested in this bit of information. She searched the room for the little blonde mop, and finally found him in a corner with Allegra. Allegra was sitting in a chair sulking (no surprise), and he was standing over her. He smiled shyly after Mac announced his birthday, and Zoe couldn't resist. She had to humiliate him even more.

"Woohoo! Who's your girlfriend?" she shouted over the slight applause. "Don't hide it I KNOW you have one!"

Griff's face turned beet red, and before Zoe could add another comment, Mac said, "Congratulations, man! Anyway, this first song's goin' out to Griff. It's by his favorite band of all time: Smashmouth!"

To Zoe's disappointment, Griff quickly got over his embarrassment and jumped out onto the dance floor. Allegra stayed in her seat.

The music started, and what happened next made Zoe feel the need to cover her own eyes.

As Viggo stepped into the party room, he swore his gut was going to bust. He was laughing so hard that he had to lean against the wall in order to keep himself from falling over. He looked over at Allegra in the corner, and found that even she was smiling. This was just too hilarious. You couldn't not laugh at this. Well, Zoe wasn't laughing. He'd seen her roll her eyes, and now she was banging her head on the table. But other than her, everyone in the room was getting a kick out of this.

Griff was dancing. Alone, out on the dance floor in the center of the room. The song playing was 'Can't Get Enough of You, Baby'. Viggo recognized the tune from the Pizza Hut commercials on TV.

Just then, Allegra turned around in her seat, and her eyes met his instantly. She'd obviously heard him laughing.

"Viggo! Get your butt over here and sit with me," she said just loud enough so that he would hear.

Viggo immediately grabbed another chair and began dragging it over to the corner. All summer he'd promised himself over and over again that this season he would tell her how he felt. He was very well aware that this was a perfect opportunity, but…naah, it could wait a little longer. Besides, the season technically hadn't started yet.

"What's up?" he asked after sitting down. "How was your summer?"

Not that they hadn't text messaged each other almost every single day, but who knew? Something else could've happened recently that she hadn't told him yet.

"Oh the usual," she replied. "Skateboarding 'til dark, guitar, having to spend every living, breathing moment with Griff because his parents don't want to deal with him. Not that I blame them, of course."

Viggo shrugged, looking out onto the dance floor at Griff. He was still jamming. "Not my fault he's your cousin."

Allegra rolled her eyes, although there was still a bit of amusement in her expression. "We're not cousins; we're distant relatives. But still. It is no picnic having that little squirt in your house with you for an entire summer. Seriously, his parents just called me up and were all like, 'Can Griff stay with you this summer? Since you're both going back to SSX in the fall anyway, it would be more convenient.' Pfff, yeah, for them."

"I know, you told me all that," Viggo said, grinning. "And I still find it hilarious."

Allegra rolled her eyes again. "Let's change the subject." She looked in Elise's direction, and cast her another dirty look. "Well, Miss Riggs never ceases to piss me off. You know what she did tonight?"

Viggo sighed. Not this again. "Al, you really need to get off Elise's case. Don't let her bother you. It's just who she is."

After he'd said that, Allegra looked so murderous that Viggo actually got scared. But before she could say one word, the doors to the room burst open, and in stepped the one and only DJ Atomicka.

'Bout time he got here, Moby thought, watching as Atomicka scrambled across the room and to the front where Mac was standing. I don' know how much more of this I could've sat through.

The music stopped, and Moby heard Griff exclaim, "Hey!" His song hadn't quite ended yet.

"Sorry, dawg, but Atomicka's here," Mac said to Griff. But he had to say it through the microphone, of course. "And from what I understand he's got a very important announcement for everyone."

"He'd sure as hell better," Zoe muttered. "I mean I flew all the way out here just for this. I should've stayed home like Kaori."

Moby nodded in agreement, and turned his attention back to Atomicka. The 35-year-old DJ practically shoved Mac out of the way as he grabbed the microphone from him. Unfortunately, he had an all too familiar expression set on his face.

Aw no, Moby thought, shaking his head. Here we go again…

"Yeah, yeah, you all know the drill. I love you guys, you're the shit, yada-yada, now let's get down to business."

Elise rolled her eyes. "And this is the Atomicka we all know and love," she muttered to Nate.

Atomicka snapped his head in her direction. "What the hell did you just say Elise?"

Elise shrugged her shoulders casually. "Nothing, nothing."

"That's what I thought. Now as I was saying…" He stopped, eyeing Allegra and Viggo toward the back of the room. "Would you two lovebirds get out of that corner? You can make out and do whatever the fuck you want after I'm done talking-GRIFF! Sit your little ass still before I nail you to a chair!"

Griff instantly stopped jumping up and down, his freckled face turning slightly pale. "O-okay."

"NOW. If everyone is finally ready to listen to what I have to say-," He stopped again, scanning the room. "All right, where the hell is Sketchy?"

Zoe let out an evil chuckle. "Don't worry, Psymon'll be here," she assured him. "He'll just be…running late, if you get the gist."

Atomicka screwed up his face. "Uhh, yeah-,"

"And Kaori's still in Japan," Mac spoke. "She'll probably get here tomorrow around-,"

"Yeah, don't care," Atomicka quickly cut him off. "I was only concerned about Psymon because I don't wanna be held responsible for any damage he might cause at this joint. Anyway, here's the deal, people; I've got good news and bad news. Which do you wanna hear first?"

"The bad news, mate!" Moby exclaimed enthusiastically. "That way after we hear the bad news, the good news'll cheer us up."

Atomicka rolled his eyes. "Yeah, just for that I'm tellin' you in reverse order," he muttered, although the microphone picked up his deep voice, and everyone heard him.

"Oi that ain't fair!" Moby shouted. "You asked us which one we wanted to hear first-,"

"ANYWAY. The good news is you're all goin' on a two-week vacation before the season starts. Full expenses paid, courtesy of the event organizers. The bad news is, I'm coming with you."

The quickest to react was Elise.

"A vacation?! Where to?"

"You really expect me to spend two weeks with this bitch?" Allegra demanded, jabbing a finger at Elise.

"Who the hell are you calling a bitch?" Elise spat, her eyes seeming to flare with rage.

"There goes our plans to go dirt biking," Zoe said to Moby, who sighed in disappointment.

"I'm sorry; I should say 'skank'".

"That's it, redhead! You and me. Right here, right now. LET'S GO!"

"Yo, girls, simmer" Mac tried to calm them down.

"Al, relax," Viggo added.

"Bring it!" Allegra challenged, ignoring them both. "You're goin' down, skank!"

"Elise," Nate said, putting a hand on Elise's shoulder, but the blonde was already out of her chair.

"Call me a skank ONE more time-,"

"Hey, Allegra, do you think we could run back to the lodge so I can pick up my video game? Cuz I'm getting kinda bored-,"

"Everybody SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Atomicka screamed.

The room fell dead silent. Griff didn't dare ask about his video game again. Even Allegra and Elise sat back down in their seats.

"Now, before I was rudely interrupted by Elise-,"

"Rude?" Elise snorted. "Who are you calling rude?"

"Hey. I said SHUT UP."

"Umm, excuse, but no, I won't shut up," Elise said firmly. "You have no right to blow up at me. I asked a simple question."

"Yes, but you interrupted what I was saying my dear," Atomicka said in a mock polite tone. "But since you asked where we're going, I guess I'll just go ahead and tell you. It was supposed to be a surprise, but screw it."

"Jamaica!" Moby exclaimed before Atomicka could continue.

The DJ sighed in irritation. "Okay, new rule. Jones doesn't speak unless he's spoken to first. Understood?"

"Yo, A-bomb, quit bein' a bastard and get on with it," Mac said seriously. "I swear to God, dawg."

Atomicka shot him one of his death glares. "I'll deal with you later. Oh, and don't ever call me whatever it was you just said again."

Back in the corner, Allegra and Viggo were starting to get mad at him too.

"Hey, A-bomb, I agree with Mac," Allegra shouted so that he would hear her. "Stop being a jackass and just tell us where we're going,"

Atomicka narrowed his eyes at her, grinning slightly. "You, on the other hand, can call me whatever you like, whenever you like."

Allegra cringed. "Eww."

"Anyway. Since you all are just so anxious to know where we're going, I'll tell you this much: it's gonna be in a hot climate, so you sure as hell better have summer clothes back at the lodge-,"

"So it is in Jamaica?" Moby was quick to shout.

Atomicka sighed again. "No you idiot."

Moby considered. "Cancun?"



"NO! For God's sake. Disney World. We're all going to DISNEY WORLD."

Before anyone could say a word, the doors to the room burst open, and in stepped Psymon with a fire extinguisher in hand.

"STAND BACK! I'LL SHOOT! Waaaaaahahahaha…"