candy: Oh yeah, betcha didn't think that I'd update and start my new story so soon ;D

Ran: Good Job Candy! We didn't doubt you for a moment!

Miki: Maybe you didn't, but I sure did (-,-) Actually, didn't you too?

Suu: That is a LIE desuuu, we never doubted Candy desu! Well, maybe desu...

Yoru: Candy doesn't even own us da nya. Candys just a sweet anyways!

Miki: SO COOL (o'.'o)

Candy: Um...I'm still here...guys? GUYS? Whatever...

Suu is probably the most helpful of Amu's chara's. Miki, the most straightforward. Ran...the most destructive and annoying. So when Suu makes Amu a nice chocolate shake and Ran accidentally leaves it where it shouldn't be, it turns into a what potion?! You can probably guess. Miki does everything she can to stay out of trouble, even if it does mean ratting out Ran. Oh well. AMUTO, (a new name) NIKAISUU, MIRU, and DAIRA 3

BEEP BEEP BEEP "Amu-chan! Turn it off!" "Amu-chan's getting up early! YAY!" "Amu-chan desu!"

"FINE! god..." Hinamori Amu, now age fifteen, stomped out of her bed and turned off the alarm clock. It was an unbelievably hot day and seeing as she'd only gotten about six hours of sleep thanks to a certain perverted cat, she was not in the best mood. "There, it's off. I'm taking a shower now."

-skipping the shower, I'm no super perv-

"Ahh, nothing like a cold glass of milk after a shower..." Amu sighed.

"Ya know, I think that Ran chara was right. You are like an old man. And drinking milk! Honestly!" Ikuto smirked as he flipped down from the roof. "Yo. Kid."

"I am NOT a kid!" Amu shrieked. "I'm fifteen!" she screamed. "And I'm not an old man! there's nothing wrong with drinking milk after a shower!"

"And I'm seventeen. Kid. by the way, never said there was. You know, if you're dying for milk so badly, then you can have some of mine..." (a/n: O.O if you don't get it, I'm thinking you should close the story or be scarred for life)


Ikuto hit her head. "Baka. You'll wake the neighborhood. Do you really want your parents to know that I'm up here? Or even AMI for that matter?" Amu froze.

Amu's Imagination (You can guess who's who)

"My sparrow is leaving the nest! And that means eggs! Nooooo...You, there, my sparrows boyfriend! Take care of my sparrow! Ammuuuuu~~~"

"Ahh, Amu, you're boyfriend is so KAWAIIII –pinches Ikuto's cheeks (A/N wth?)- You said Tsukimiyomi? Ahh, Tsukimiyomi-san, you're son is so handsome, let's engage him to Amu! Yes, arranged marriages are the way to go according to the poles in "Housewives Knowledge" Ah, yes, I write it! blah blah blah blah

"Onee-chan, you're boyfriends a cat! I saw him before! Oh yeah, Ami just learned how babies come, are your babies gonna be cat babies? Cat Babies! Eh? Oh, I learned if from Cat Man Amu's Boyfriend-nii!"

"Hinamori-san?! Why is that thieving cat here?"

"Hinamori Amu...I will not lose to you! Never! -pounces on Ikuto and (CENSORED)-


End Amu's Imagination

"Definitely not," Amu said with a shudder. No way is that ever happening. EVER. "Hey...where are the charas ?!" Amu half-shouted.

"Tch, you should control them bet—YORU?!" Ikuto cursed.

"No, Yoru and Miki are outside...Hey...OMG!...IKUTO, YAMETE, LEAVE THEM ALONE!" Amu dragged Ikuto away from the window while Ikuto tried to grab Yoru away. While this happened, Ran and Suu came in, struggling with a heavy platter. On it were...CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKES!

Amu ran to get one, almost turning around, but then grabbing one for Ikuto too. She passed it to him after she took a big sip of hers. Suddenly, things felt a little weird.

"Oi, chibi hentai, you've got some on your lips..." He began to approach her. Amu closed her eyes and blushed a brand new shade of red. "Tch, what'd you think I was gonna do, perverted kid?" Ikuto eyed Amu stragely.

"Oh...I thought you were gonna do this!" Amu grabbed Ikuto and kissed him with all the passion she had. Ikuto was in too much shock to do anything. Amu was now staring at him with literal hearts in her eyes. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS IN THAT SHAKE? Ikuto thought.

Candy: Ohh, a cliffy! LOL

Amu: I'm not cool and spicy enough.

Candy: You're with Ikuto, it doesn't matter

Ikuto: I'm offended, are you saying I don't matter?

Candy: No, I mean you'd see through her disguise.

Ikuto: Yeah, I guess. I read her mind and we haven't even been married for twenty years yet!