Sonic (sweat drop) - what she is trying to say. You loyal fans cheered her up after her grandpa's death so she wrote this story, which by the way I am dead in this

Shiranei- okay. I wrote this story after seeing the part in the sonic the hedgehog game (2006) where sonic dies and IS KISSED BY ELISE. WHY DID SHE KISS HIM? IT HAD NO AFFECT SONIC! WHERES MY RIFLE

Tails- Shiranei owns nothing and if she owns something, she will put it in bold.

Shiranei (muttering) god I hate Elise….

Sonic- I miss you written by Miley Cyrus

6 years later after sonic died

Amy Rose was walking down to her favorite place that cheered her up. A sakura tree by a beautiful waterfall. The clear water was neither hot nor cold and had Koi fish in it. Amy loved this place for a reason. Sonic and she had their love nights there. The sakura garden was surrounded by mountains and the lake had a beautifully formed arch where in a boat goes to the other side of the lake. In the other side of the lake, there was a Japanese styled palace on stilts. Amy has been inside and she loved it. She had chosen it to be her new home. She wore the kimonos especially a white one with light pink petals on the bottom half with beautiful light green slippers. She only wore that on specially occasions. The one she wore around her little palace was light green, with red flowers with a dark green sash with red slippers. The palace was large with 15 bedrooms and room with a spring. It has had a small waterfall as it dropped warm water in to the spring. It is waist deep so Amy could wash her waist long hair. Today she thought about looking out the waterfall house. The waterfall house was a small room built next to the waterfall. It was built on a small cliff with stone-carved stairs. Amy used the waterfall house as a tearoom. There was a small table with a fireplace at the end of the room. When ever she looked out at the forest so would always imagine sonic's face in the sky. God she missed him dearly. Tails too. Every one told t move and try to forget him but they were not as close to him as her and tails. Rouge even tried to set her up on a blind date with some guy named Aaron. He even tried to kiss her. God if sonic was there. He Would have beaten that guy in seconds. "I miss you… I miss your smile. And I still shed a tear every once in a while" Amy sang. Just after the song she felt strong arms wrapped around her waist and someone nibbling on her neck. Before she even turned, someone kissed her fully on the lips. Amy realized it was sonic's ghost so she returned the kiss. 5 minutes later, Amy cut him off, hugged him, and buried her face on his shoulder. "I missed you" Amy whispered "I missed you too" sonic whispered in her ear.

Shiranei- Okay I'll leave it their and write the next chapter when I get a lot of reviews. At least 10 reviews for each chapter. AND sorry for that cliffhanger. Next chapter will be a little naughtier. They make out in the hot spring.



They hug each other.